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When we are stressed we often have a million and one things happening at once and our mind feels like it’s spiraling out of control. I believe it’s very important to be able to dedicate some time to relax, put things in context and to let go. To do this I find it helpful to spend time alone, disconnect, in a quiet place, burn some sage or candles, watch the flames flicker, go for a swim in a lake or in the ocean or have a bath watch the tiny droplets of water roll down your skin. Journal - make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Create - take a picture, paint, draw, make something. Read a book, meditate, practice breathing. Eventually your perspective will change, you will be able to think rationally and things will feel calmer and clearer 💛💛💛

One day we will have equality, one day we will have freedom 💛

Reposting after this was flagged by someone in this community and removed. This time with a scribble on our nipples so it isn’t deemed pornographic by this app. What are your thoughts?

Life has been a bit of a bumpy road this past month but I sure am grateful to be here, in this moment, on location working on a very exciting shoot 💙
One of my favorite places on earth is being on set, working with a creative team, making art. Grateful for this experience, grateful for this opportunity, grateful for this life, even if it’s bumpy time to time 💙

The marine plastic pollution epidemic has reached Australian shores and it is not too late to take action! You can:

o AVOID single use plastic +
o INTERCEPT plastic that’s made its way into our beaches and waterways.

Did you know @coronaextra_au and have committed to protecting 100 islands around the world by 2020?
They have collected more than 3 million pounds of plastic waste to date with clean ups in over 15 countries!
Who will join me and become a Volunteer for the Ocean by registering to participate in Corona x Parley coastal clean ups all around Australia between January and April?
YOU CAN make a difference!
#100islandsprotected #coronaxparley

If you’re ever stressed or sad, anxious or worried, or your head is racing with thoughts and you feel like it’s going to explode, just stop, breath, put down your phone and take a big walk in nature, at your local park, by a lake or if you’re living coastal by the beach. Stop those thoughts that aren’t serving you in their tracks by being aware of the present moment. Observe the nature around you, the way the wind blows through the trees, the way the ocean ebs and flows. Breathe. Things will start to fall into place, you will realize that everything is going to be alright, you can handle anything, it’s ok 💙💙

Today I had to remind myself to just breathe.
Picked up so many pieces of trash on the Bondi - Bronte coastal walk. Even if it feels like you’re not making a difference YOU ARE! If everyone picked up one piece of rubbish imagine the impact that would make!
Don’t underestimate the example you give, the awareness you create and the difference you can do!

Remember your innate creative intelligence.
Reawaken your truth, love and wisdom within.
Reclaim your voice & sovereign self.
Release old beliefs & stories they hold you back.
Re-establish trust, faith & confidence in yourself & in life.
Respond to life with empowered choices.
Re-attune to natural rhythms of the earth, sun & moon.
Return home to yourself. - clothed in @yoli_and_otis captured by @isabelsasse

Repeat after me:
I open to the changes that are for my highest good.
I open my heart to courage and strength.
I know that things are always working out for me.
I put my focus on the good things that are coming.
I trust in the unfolding.
I am supported fully by the universe.
- Ara

1. Line drying saves the environment (dryers use precious fossil fuels, line drying uses nature) Air-drying clothes can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds a year!
3. Line Drying Clothes Saves Money - reduce your bills by ditching the dryer!
4. Your clothes last longer! High heat in a dryer can ruin fabrics and cause irreversible damage to your clothing. Line drying is gentle and harm free!
5. Line drying outside helps disinfect laundry: The ultra-violet rays in sunlight work as an antibacterial - hang outside in summer!
6. Line drying inside helps increase winter humidity: drying clothes inside can increase humidity in your home helping to prevent cold and flu viruses - hang inside in winter!
7. Line Drying Clothes Enhances Freshness and Helps Remove Odors without using chemicals!
8. Line drying is a great physical activity - it takes 10-15 min to hang up your laundry, it’s a great little exercise, especially enjoyable when you add music!

Spent the day showing my parents around this gorgeous little town, filled with books and homewares, dried flowers, historic buildings and heritage homes, surrounded by rolling hills 😍 quite ideal really! What’s your favorite place to visit? 💛

Self Portrait. 17.1.19
Every day I’m learning a little more and more to love and accept myself ♥️

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