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Natalia  Tiny woman on a mission 📍Stockholm

#throwback to this July day when I packed up and said goodbye to the place that has, for the most part of the last 8 years, been my safe haven. Thousands of selfies were taken in front of this mirror, it has witnessed numerous outfit changes and spontaneous dances💃🏼 This apartment has watched me grow, gain and lose friends, be immensely lucky to get jobs that I couldn’t even dream of as a teenager, fall madly in love, experience heartbreak and at times loneliness, have parties and get drunk, make plans, become a (somewhat) tidy person, watch all of the detective TV shows on planet Earth, cook sometimes and so many more important experiences that turned a 20 year-old girl into a young woman.
#imisswalkingaroundinmyunderwear #thiswaskindofsad #onelastselfiefortheroad

Favorite bits. “The Love of My Life” by Cheryl Strayed. #whatiread

#completelyrandomselfie with a bike wheel, because, why not?! 💁🏼

Scandi magic🍁 #Stockholm

Nasty women: a collection of essays and accounts on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century #whatiread

First month in Stockholm:
#Fika might be the greatest idea anyone has ever had.
Thank God (or actually, people who invented it) for the Internet and subsequently, for Facetime and whatsapp🙌🏻 (and sometimes, Tinder😬)
Randomly saw the Queen of Sweden on my second day here. Of course, I took this as a sign of me making a good choice.
In Sweden people hug as a form of greeting someone. Must admit, it's a pretty nice way of saying "hi", even for a strong supporter of personal space and a healthy handshake like me🙅🏼
Systembolaget. Still amazed by the concept. Also, really happy when the cashiers ask for my ID. Every. Single. Time.
Still not a fan of liquorice candy. But a huge fan of #kanelbulle
I loooove public transportation that runs on time and tap water you can drink👌🏻
Sweden might be babyland. #allofthebabies #lattepappaeverywhere
I have missed my mum in this last month more than I have ever missed her in the 9 years since I moved away from home.
A day in Stockholm can take you on a journey through all four seasons. Just one day = 4 seasons🙄
Swedes have an innate sense of style. Also, alllll the black outfits.
Artsy subway stations. Because why not?!
Podcasts are really amazing!
It is definitely easier to make new friends at 23 than at 28. So, lots of me, myself & I days (Hello, self-reflection!)
When she was pregnant, (hi, @danadanalachi 🙋🏼) my best friend told me that she had dreams about her skiing, well, I have been having dreams about me driving, lately. I guess that's a thing I miss.
I really should have appreciated more the simple things, such as walking around in my apartment wearing only underwear. Not really appropriate to do that in a flatshare, apparently.
Always bring your sunglasses and a sweater with you. You never know when the sun might come out or rain might start.
This city is truly postcard-beautiful!
And yes, I really do love colder weather #sweaterweatherforever

Take a seat

Best day ever


A hand is not enough to count his age anymore (...what?) The sweetest, funniest little boy and the best LEGO buddy an aunt could ever ask for is 6 today! #canyoupleasestopgrowingup

Subway #art 🌳

"This old man", by Roger Aldell for @newyorkermag #morevenery #morelove

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