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Natalie Lopez  • Married to the Handsome @josemlopezjr • Mommy of Boys 💙 • Worship Leader @gracebic 🎤 • Middle School ELA Teacher 📚 • Jesus has my ❤️ • Blogger ⬇️


This is the song we will continue to sing over our church. In the midst of every trial, every sickness, every struggle we CLING to the promises of God! The struggle is real at times, but His promises are even more real. No exceptions!

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“I don’t follow dreams. I follow Jesus. And dreams follow me.” 💥

Came to @gracebic a few years ago looking for a local church to serve in. Instead I found a church that became like family. 🖤 Grateful to serve alongside the people in this pic and so many more not pictured who give their best on the regular! AND WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED. So if you’re looking for a local church, I know a place. 💁🏾‍♀️👌🏽

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Love this life with you. 🖤 #tbt #throwbackthursday

#MarriageMondays Your marriage is worth the investment! I firmly believe in order to have a healthy marriage you have to be PROACTIVE. Many times it’s not one major thing that contributes to the failure of a marriage, but it’s often the small things that add up over time. We live in a culture that promotes investing in ourselves, believing in ourselves, and while those things are great, it’s important to prioritize investing in our relationship with our spouse too! •

So today on the blog I wanted to share three things Jose and I personally do to invest in our relationship. They are not hard, complex, or something wildly mind blowing. They’re honestly three simple things that help us stay connected. So give it a read and feel free to drop below some of the ways you invest in your relationship with your spouse! I love to learn and hear from other couples too! Link in bio! ❤️

Today I am thankful for:

My husband improving his Instagram Husband skills day by day. I see you Jose. 👋🏽📸😂 #instagramhusband

Fall weather which allows for leggings, boots, jackets, and pumpkin maple smoothies!😜

Sundays which happen to be my favorite day of the week! Love my @gracebic fam and thankful that I get to live life with this group! 🖤 Yes, it’s hard to know Monday is next but I def live for my Sundays! •

The fact that none of the pain I go through in this lifetime is wasted in Jesus 🙌🏽 This morning’s sermon had me wanting to SHOUT, so much of it resonated in my heart!

Snuggles with my boys (all THREE of them) and quality time with my squad this weekend.

Warm socks, the fact that I didn’t have to cook today, having half the laundry done, the fact that everyone napped today, and clean-shaven husbands also make the list today! •

What are you thankful for on this fall-ish Sunday?!

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Micah Bean, my “twin” whose favorite line is, “Mom can you watch this with me?” and then snuggles across my lap and watches ME the whole time to make sure I’m laughing at all of the right parts in his favorite movies or shows. My shy boy has come out of his shell quite a bit. Love this kiddo even though I’m pretty sure dad is a higher priority on his snuggle list. 😜 #micaheliud #mybaby #sweetieface

Whether we are out and about or being super lazy and watching movies while eating popcorn (our fave) I’m thankful for this little life. This is the stuff dreams are made of. #thisisthedream #lopezsquadstrong #family

Josiah a few weeks ago at the Pumpkin patch. 🧡 I love how the smallest things make this boy happy. Made his favorite for lunch today (hotdogs) and he made me feel like I made a five course meal 🤣 “Mom you always make the best foods EVER!” 🙈 Love how kind my Josiah is and how he always picks me first for a snuggle! #josiahaidenlopez #myboy #mysweetiepie

#teacherfeetupfriday and I’m grateful for FRIDAY and for fall weather! 🍁 Also, this is the first year I’ve ever had to teach eighth graders before and I wasn’t sure about it but I’m pleasantly surprised over how drastic the jump is between seventh and eighth grade maturity wise 😱 Today I was thoroughly entertained by a vocab assignment a student completed (swipe). Students could use the words to create an advertisement and one of my students created an ad called “Get Yo Edge” for anyone who is looking to have their edges on point. Nope I’m not talking about hedges 🌳, I’m talking about edges. I had no idea what “edges” were but apparently they are the baby hairs located around your actual head of hair and to have your edges on point you need to use gel to to accentuate them in a certain way? And also have them shaped right? Apparently because I wear my hair down I don’t have to worry about my edges so thank the good Lord for that! And that’s my Friday. 🙈🤣✌🏽👋🏽 #teacherlife #elateacher #middleschool #teachersofinstagram #getyoedge

Throwback Thursday to two sixteen year old girls who are making God knows what kind of faces 🤣 teen years with this girl and I think of sleepovers and long conversations and mall walks and Ocean City. So. Many. Fond. Memories. And flash forward and we have faced what seems like the world together at 31: heartache, joys, triumphs. Many many tears. SO MUCH LAUGHTER. And it all goes back to these years here! So glad I met a girl who had a cute sweater and the voice of an angel and it brought us to this ZONE 4 😂🙌🏽 type of ride or die friendship. I love that we’ve weathered the good, the bad, the ugly, and it still brought us to this solid place of beautiful friendship. Love you ❤️ #tbt #whenwewereyoung #teens #tryingsohard

It’s wildly freeing to refuse to live a life trying to earn approval from different people. Find out who the “they” in your life are. You know, those random people who seem to matter so much! If I do ______ they will be offended, if I say ______ people might not like it... and determine whose approval REALLY matters to you. Some of us work our wholes lives trying to impress people who don’t even care or aren’t even watching or we live our lives on eggshells tiptoeing around people. We currently live in a culture that thrives on validation (hey there social media!) Don’t live for the approval of others. 💥 Pastor Steven Furtick shared recently about this and it impacted me a ton because I thought of how many times I’ve done this at different points in my life. Real talk! But not anymore. 👋🏽 #bye

Determine your why. Determine whose approval REALLY matters. For me, it’s God obviously and my little family. I want my decisions and choices to make them proud! Here’s what the Bible says about it: ⬇️

“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.” Galatians‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭NLT‬‬


When I started my blog it originally started out as a place I wrote about our journey to becoming parents as we struggled with infertility. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, and it soon became a place where I connected with a really amazing community of women who were walking through similar things. Then we became pregnant with twins 🎉 and my blog focused more on our pregnancy and motherhood. 🤰🏾👶🏽👶🏽 Now I write a lot about my faith, marriage, and life in general!

My blog morphed through the years depending on the season we were in! Tonight I just wanted to share the WHY behind my blog 🖤 One of my goals during the #last90days has been to write more and blog more consistently, so you will definitely see more posts! •

There’s something really powerful about reflecting and seeing where God has brought you over the years and how many times He’s brought us THROUGH whether it was infertility or Micah’s RSV or so many other trials. And tonight I wanted to share my why. So please check out my latest post and if you enjoy reading feel free to subscribe! 🌸 Link in bio!

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