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natalinaa  Married to the Handsome @josemlopezjr • Mommy of Boys 💙 • Grateful to Serve as Worship Leader @gracebic • Middle School ELA Teacher • Jesus has my ❤️

Monday Mood: gimme the beach and some Cheetos. 👌🏽👆🏽 #josiahaidenlopez #heatwave #dreamingofthebeachtoday

DREAMS COME TRUE! 💫✨⭐️There aren’t even words that can describe how much FUN and how AMAZING @taylorswift #reputationtour was!!!! Not kidding when I say a complete dream come true for me and a night I will NEVER EVER forget! AHHHHHHHH! #stillexcited #swiftie #nighttoremember #amazinglyamazing

Marriage is waking up every day and saying “I choose you” despite your flaws and imperfections. Marriage is saying, “I’m going to give you grace” even when it’s undeserved. It’s choosing a kind word when it might be more satisfying to say a mean one. •

In marriage you never “arrive.” You are constantly growing and learning! Marriage is recognizing that good marriages don’t “just happen” but are the result of hard work and constant fine tuning! So as we celebrate 9 years, we celebrate saying “yes” each day in a world that doesn’t seem to value commitment as much anymore. And guess what?! That IS something to celebrate! Love you Jose! YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME FOR LIFE❤️

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

#9years #marriage #Christianmarriage #Jesusfirst #christianblogger

“I have come to the conclusion that you are a significantly better spouse than I am...” that’s how Jose started his card to me this morning. My response was, “FINALLY! I’VE WON! YOu ADMITTED IT!” 😂 ◾️
Love you babe! Don’t forget it okay?! 👆🏽😝 #9years #anniversary #marriedlife #Christianmarriage #Jesusfirst #christianblogger

So happy to celebrate 9 YEARS of being married to my person! Here’s 9 Things I love about Being Married...
I love laughing with him about everything and anything (and usually things we shouldn’t be laughing about!) ❤️
I love that I can count on him to love me at my best days and worst days. ❤️
I love that we’ve celebrated mountaintop victories together and encouraged each other through the valleys!
I love raising our boys and firmly believe we will be those embarrassing parents and honestly I can’t wait (sorry Micah and Josiah!)
I love serving Jesus alongside of him.
I love building church and doing ministry together! As unpredictable as it can all be, I love learning and growing with him every step of the way!
❤️ I love dreaming big unrestrained, out there, wild God dreams and setting crazy goals together!
I love reflecting on our life together and remembering the faithfulness of God in the different parts of our story.
Most of all, I love that as imperfect as marriage can be so many times, he shows me so much grace every day! Jose, l love you!
#9years #anniversary #marriage #Christianmarriage #Jesusfirst #christianblogger

Enjoyed a beautiful beach day with lovely friends and my boys! Glad my peanuts take after their Mama when it comes to their skin tone! Sorry Jose! 😜🇺🇸 #fourth #lopeztwinsies #beachlife #oceancitynj

We aren’t mad about how we’ve been spending our summer days! 🏖🌊☀️ #oceancitynj #lopeztwinsies #beachbabes #twinmom #fraternaltwins

What do these three pics have in common? Huge grins from two adults who had the chance to go on a trip without the kiddos! Granted, the first pic we didn’t even have kids yet. 😜 Tonight’s blog post I hesitated sharing because I thought, “man some people are really going to judge me!” I’ve had fellow moms try to “Mom guilt” me into thinking I was doing something wrong taking a few days away with my husband without my boys. “How can you leave them?” people have asked us. Tonight’s blog post explains why we make it a point to take a trip on our own each year and why we think it’s important for us! We are gearing up for our annual anniversary trip in a few weeks and I can’t wait! Link in bio ❤️ #weloveeachother #weloveourboys #marriagemondays

Josiah’s expression captures how I feel about today! “It’s a beautiful day!” he said before I took this picture. Couldn’t agree more! ❤️ #familytime #faveplace #josiahaidenlopez

Today’s #tbt is dedicated to an era of my life where apparently hairbrushes did NOT exist in my world! 🙈 90s Natalie was living her best life rocking a crop top and big hair! But for reals though, WHY did my mom think it was okay to let me out and about like this?! 😂 That’s right - because she had big hair too! #tbt #90sNat #Jesustakethewheel

Summer days with sweet friends. Not a bad way to kickstart our first day off from school! 💙☀️ #summerhangs #crew

Ever had a week, month, (year?!) that KNOCKED the life out of you? 🙋🏾‍♀️ I have been there. If we are being honest, most of you have too! I hope tonight’s blog post is encouraging for you! I want you to know:
You’re not alone.
You can make it through. ◾️
There is a hope!
And mostly I want to share some practical things you can do if you find yourself in the middle of chaos and aren’t sure where to begin. You can experience peace in the middle of life’s crazy. Link in bio!

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