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Pickles is my real name ✌🏻娜塔莉  🇹🇼🇬🇧 Eurasian/ Happy Hapa 🎥Former Contestant of #AsNTM 📍Taipei, Taiwan


It's the last day of #singaporemotorshow2018 ! We had so much fun! I'll be heading back to Taiwan tomorrow. Will miss everyone! 終於到最後一天在新加坡車展 ,時間真的過得好快,又留下了很多很棒的回憶。真的很感謝速霸陸給我這麼多的機會,可以幫它們代言是我的榮幸。還有謝謝所有來找我們的粉絲、愛你們哦!明天台灣見!#subaru #subaruambassadors #速霸陸

My Subaru family is getting bigger! Welcome @mauwrob from #asntm5 and @misterlance_ @mildnawin from #bolttalent to join us at Singapore Motor Show! I love the new team! We have launched the new Subaru Eyesight and will be my last day at Suntec City tomorrow! 非常開心可以跟其他速霸陸大使從不同的國家各自飛來參加新加坡車展,速霸陸大使軍團跟車真是越來越威了,非常歡迎我們新的成員,學姐我會好好照顧你們的 哈哈 #夠格當學姐了 #只差第一季 #asntm #速霸陸大使 #subaruambassadors #shouldersdance

TGIF! Countdown for the last two days of #taipeiinternationalautoshow ! I've received so many great photos from photographers. Thank you 🤗💕 Hope I'll get to see everyone over the weekend! 昨天才說天氣好,今天就變天了!話真的不能說的太早,不過再過兩天車展就要結束了~謝謝攝影大哥們寄了這麼多漂亮的照片給我,還有好吃的零食~非常的感謝! 車展結束後近期不想再看到高跟鞋了~~哈哈 #腳在抗議 🙇🏻‍♀️ #自我加油 #keepsmiling #subaru #台北世界新車大展

Beautiful weather theses days! Can't wait to take Kevin out after the #taipeiinternationalautoshow #tbt to our little trip together. 這幾天天氣超好!台北世界新車大展倒數第四天,活動結束我就要跟Kevin出去玩郊遊~來一張我們之前拍的照片!這隻柯基看到鏡頭就撇頭 哈哈 真大牌🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ #subaru #世界新車大展 #速霸陸

Spending my last day of 2017 with #subaru . This year have been unforgettable. I started my year in Sydney. First time doing countdown oversea and watched the fire work over the famous Sydney harbour. Went travel with my besties in Europe and we had a blast at Tomorrowland. Travelled all over Asia with @subaruasia for the third( and fourth) year being their brand ambassador. One of the big achievement this year is to become the host for @natgeotv.tw . I couldn't ask for a better year! 2018 will be another exciting year as there are many new projects and I am getting married in April! I hope everyone will have an adventurous and exciting year! And thank you to those who have been supporting and rooting for me since @asntm . It means a lot to me. I will keep up the hard work and make you guys proud. Love you all xxx 2017年的最後一天跟著速霸陸一起過了,感謝來南港展覽館看我們的觀眾們。今年又是一個很豐富的一年,從雪梨看煙火到歐洲跟好姊妹們到處奔跑,也持續的幫速霸陸代言在亞洲各國到處飛翔,也有機會幫國家地理頻道當主持人。真的很感謝一直支持我的粉絲們。我相信明年會是一個更精彩的一年,祝大家新年快樂,每年都要過得很精彩幸福哦!#happynewyear2018 #subaru

Taipei international motor show 2018! Come find us at Subaru! We will be here until the 7th Jan! 台北世界新車大展開始囉!大家可以來南港展覽館的速霸陸展區找我們喔!笑了一天臉都僵了、但很開心看到有這麼多的人來觀展、 謝謝大家的支持~ #世界新車大展 #速霸陸 #車模

Wishing everyday can be like Christmas! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 聖誕節應該是我最喜歡的節日了,台北街上的大街充滿著聖誕的氣息,回家跟家人過節也跟朋友慶祝,火雞都吃到怕了!希望大家也過得很愉快,因為時間真的過得好快,不知不覺已經到年尾了!祝大家Christmas and Happy New Year! #tbt #christmas #reddress #happyholidays

Always a happy time with @akemibkatsuki 💕 can't believe we get to work together as model and host. It's nice to have friend around. Thank you @wengcollectionofficial for having us! Beautiful jewellery collection. 今天主持#byfanny 記者會,可以跟好朋友Akemi一起出席好開心,工作場合有認識的人感覺就是不一樣~ #開心小38 #models #emcee #jewerly #pressevent #放大來看鞋子 #手指那邊是有原因的 哈哈

🖤FREE GIVE AWAY🖤 I got some extra freebie from this magazine event as their beauty model. I'm giving away @cledepeaubeaute makeup and bag. ( swap left to see the product) I love this brand and use their concealer for many years. Who's going to be the lucky one to walk away with this #cledepeau goodies bag? To win simply follow my acc, leave a comment and let us know what's your must have makeup product, and tag your friend! One winner will be picked by this Sunday! Good luck ❤️ #loveissharing #giveaway #freestuff

Michael Bolton "The Asian Dream Tour " Taipei concert tickets GIVE AWAY!
Please write down what is your favourite Subaru's car and tell us the reason. Tag a friend you want to bring to Michael Bolton concert. You and your friend will have the chance to win a pair of free ticket to the concert together! It is worth NT$5600! Hurry and comment below! We will pick ONE winner with the best answer! Don't miss out!
錯過昨天FB 麥可波頓送獎活動的粉絲們快來快來!娜塔莉今天要送Ig粉絲們Michael Bolton演唱會票! 感謝速霸陸的贊助~ 只要您寫下你最喜歡的速霸陸車款跟原因,然後標誌一位你想一起帶去聽Michael Bolton11月8號台北「 亞洲夢想巡迴演唱會」的朋友,您就有機會得到一套第二區的雙人票!想要得到價值$5600免費票的動作要快喔!Natalie只剩一組的票送給一位幸運兒喔~
Ps you have to be living in Taiwan to participate in this event. 此活動只限於台灣居民哦~

This is my 4th years coming back to Singapore as Subaru Ambassador. Every year around this time I'll be here for Subaru Car Challenge. I love the spirits from each contestants and the supports from friends, family and audiences. Everyone did a great job! If you think you can win the Car Challenge then come join us next year! You might be the the winner to bring back the brand new Subaru XV ! Ps what's your favourite car's colour? This is my personal favourite #red
連續第四年以速霸陸大使的身分來到新加坡參與#subarucarchallenge (#palmchallenge )每年都很佩服參賽者可以站在原地四天三夜不眠不睡也不能坐下,就為了贏得全新的速霸陸車!這個比賽真的是不只靠體力更要靠意志力!今年2017年獲勝的參賽者是個58歲參加此活動第10次的新加坡人。他的意志力跟絕不放棄的精神真讓人敬佩!如果你覺得你也可以就來挑戰明年吧!或許你就是下一個抱走速霸陸車的獲勝者呦~順便問問你們最喜歡哪個顏色的車?Nana我很愛這個紅色~🚗#subarucarchallenge2017 #subaruambassador #subiestyle #subiegirl

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