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Natalie D. Tate  Sneak peek @yourinnerfatgirl

One word to describe this day: EMOTIONAL—We laughed, we cried (a couple times), we fought (watch out), we danced (don’t know how to secondline but it happened on an extreme level), we ate (everything), we drank (everything). The best freaking day ever!! Yay for our #SundayFundayKrewe⚜️ #grownwomen #tatesisters #missingafew #yestheresmore #fqf2018 #wasnotfun #buteverythinelsewas #yum #fatgirlstastebetter #turnup

Hi hatas. Bye hatas 📈🥶 #biteme

My lil babies that don’t listen <3 #GdUp #ifyouknoyouKNOW #thetwinsplusone

How she 22 and she a savage

wining down on my off day with my new & favorite glasses. How grand is this shape😍 <33— plz be sure to follow @yourinnerfatgirl for a special giveaway starting tomorrow + updates on “Fatgirls Taste Better” tees & more! #yum

Highlight + cellulite. Gotta <3 it

Look in your eyes, it’s dangerous #low #keylol

What Happened to Monday? thank you, Shaun 🥇

I fall more & more in love w/her every day❤️...the coolest little lady I know. I remember being younger & being annoyyedddd @ what I viewed as her being tacky lol. I couldn’t figure out why she drove a chromed out Escalade, why she paints her property pastel colors & whyyy she only wore moomoos😂 but how CUTE! She’s the neighborhood candy lady, the most popular lady at the Napoleon Room& that nagging land lord haha. TLady, TGlo and Mrs. Glo to many, but Noonie to me🥰Wishing her a glorious 82nd year 💟 Bingo lit all weekend #hustlerhoney

A subtle power, a tough love #superpower 🍋

Everywhere else it’s just Tuesday #HappyMardiGras 💜💚💛

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