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Natalie Norton  Showing up for life; committed to helping you do the same! Author, speaker, life coach. North Shore, Oahu. Mom to 4 rad boys—1 now lives in heaven.❤️


I read something the other day about how when it comes to friendship, it’s better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies. This got me thinking....am I doing what’s necessary to BE a quarter friend? Because as much as I want quarter friendships in my life, I want to BE that kind of friend even more! // I’ve noticed something over the years. The most successful people I know, the people who I respect most tremendously for the example they have set for me and the impact they have made in my life ALL have something very significant in common. They don’t waste energy or conversation on other people’s garbage. In short, they refrain from gossip. One of my highest priorities is to be kind and generous in thought and in deed, but especially in speech. There is no reason I can think of—I literally stopped and tried—to allow gossip into our lives...I can’t think of a single way gossip blesses my life, your life or the world. And yet we can all immediately rattle off a dozen ways gossip causes hurt, insecurity and pain! So let’s cut the crap, shall we? Let’s stop justifying ourselves for the bad things we say about the good people all around us who are genuinely doing the best they know how. Let’s remember how little we really know about one another, and let’s be more quick to offer love (or at the very least, the benefit of the doubt). This is one of the best ways I know to be a quarter and to have quarter friendships in our lives. (Side note: look at this cute little Mara face 👆🏼 and tell me, what kinds of conversations are we modeling for the little people around us every day? Gossipy parents raise gossipy kids. Want your kids to have quarter friends?? You’ve GOT to show them how to BE ONE.)

In case you haven’t heard, @raleighnorton started selling prints of a couple of his most popular photos! Use the code alohatoyou and receive 20% off through Saturday! Link in profile. (Thank you so much to everyone who has placed an order! We’re so proud of our boy, and your support means the world to him—and to us!!!!)

Something so terrible, unspeakable even, happened in our community yesterday afternoon. My sleep last night was fitful, and I woke with a heaviness in my chest, the depth of which I haven’t experienced since the morning after my own son died in my arms. A beautiful, kind, generous, tender woman mercilessly lost her life. A radiant, compassionate, innocent 8 year old girl experienced unspeakable trauma. A brave, solid, good hearted man lost his wife. That same sweet little girl lost her mom... And an entire community weeps. I don’t know where we go from here. The evil that happened yesterday can’t be undone—despite our most desperate petitions to heaven. We will likely never understand why or HOW something so dark and terrible could have been done to anyone so very full of light... There is so little we know, but one thing we absolutely DO. We KNOW our North Shore community will rise up in love and support for Makana and her father, Kevin. Because that’s what this community does. ALWAYS. And in inexplicably beautiful ways. Makana and Kevin will not walk a step of this horrifying journey alone. THAT I know for sure, because I know our people.... and we KNOW how to show up in absolute love. Aloha knows—we rise by lifting others. // May that message and example of what it means to live aloha spread across the planet at this dark and trying time in the history of the world. And may Makana and Kevin feel cradled by the collective aloha coming at them from our North Shore community....and hearts all over the world. What’s one thing you believe about the power of service and love? Will you share your thoughts or a favorite quote in the comments below? Let’s share some light with each other right now... let’s give some hope. Let’s rise as we lift each other. (To donate to Makana and Kevin, click the link in my profile. For further details on the story, see my Instagram story.) #supportmakana

Remember, for every beautiful moment of absolute joy and astonishing success, there are a bazillion catrillon gazillion more that look like this. So if you’re sweaty and messy, with the grime of life all up in your face, good for you! You’re on the right track! From the trenches, N (PS did you see my most recent car wash debacle on my Instagram story? What is wrong with me? How am I allowed to adult in the real world??! 😂🤸🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️💦)

This picture was not taken to be posted. It was taken so I could get a visual of this artwork I made a while back without having to trust one of the kids to hold it in place. Ha! I’m working tirelessly over here to make this new house our home, and I’m pushing a quick pause on all that joyful work to remind you that love wins. Forever and always, amen. //Make it a great day, friend! Because you CAN. xx, Me (PS I’ve got an exciting surprise headed your way on Thursday! Stay tuned!!!)

Sometimes people suck, and I want to respond with anger and hate. But instead, I respond with love and grace. How? Well, I’ll tell you how! I try to remind myself that we’re all in this together, and usually, we really are all doing our very best. I also try to remember that while yes, sometimes people do, in fact, suck... soooo completely...I, on the other hand, do not! And that’s the whole trick! That’s how I remember to respond with love—by reminding myself that I don’t suck. (Psst you don’t suck either. Show up with love today! Comment below if you’re committed to doing ONE THING to make someone else’s day a little brighter... it could be as simple as eye contact and a smile for a grouchy neighbor, or getting off your phone and making small talk with a teller... or sitting down on the dirty floor to give some real attention to a crabby toddler. Whatever you choose, do it with your whole heart. Because love is the thing people who don’t suck, people like you and like me, do.)

Just a quick reminder for your weekend. You are so very loved. You are MORE THAN enough, just as you are. You matter! Not just to the people in your immediate life, but to the world. We all need YOUR light. Xo little sister and me (and Lou Lou, wherever you are.... please know that not a day goes by where daddy and I and your big brothers don’t ache for you and get on our knees and pray for your life to be filled with safety and joy and LOVE. Mommy loves you, baby girl. With all of me.) #wefosteredlove

Our dreams are the bridge from where we are to where we have the potential to be! Take the first step, friends!! Truly believe you can!! And you will!! // “Dream it up.” I heard this phrase constantly throughout my childhood. Example: Me: “Mom, I want a new bike.” Mom: “ooh! Exciting! Dream it up!” From as early as I can remember, my parents instilled in me the power of my intention and focused desire (coupled with faith, prayer and hard work) to bring miracles, great and small, into my life. “Anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve” was another variation we heard so often that even now, nearly 20 years after leaving home, the words still dance their way through my head whenever doubt or discouragement loom near. We’re coming out of a season of life thick with disappointment and pain, and I’ll be honest, it has been hard to be enthusiastic about the idea of “dream it achieve it” when the recent evidence of our life has strongly suggested that perhaps the opposite is true. But faith proceeds the miracle, right? I reluctantly put this practice to the test (at the encouragement of my momma) about a month ago as I dreamed up the PERFECT living situation for our family during his phase of our lives, and I’m thrilled (and genuinely surprised) to report, we miraculously found a home that meets every.single.criteria I dreamed up, and more! (For those of you who are unaware of what the housing situation is like on the North Shore of Oahu, let me just emphasize what a miracle this really is!!) We started moving in today! 👉🏼So let me ask you this... what would YOU attempt to dream up, if you knew you could not fail? 💥 PLEASE answer in the comments below! I want to add my faith and passion to yours and help you create the life of your wildest dreams! Namaste, y’all. I sure love having you in my world!!!!

Every morning, you wake up and you breathe in and out, all day long.
Every day, you have 24 hours at your disposal. That's 24 hours that are inherently subject to your every whim. .

You have clothes on your back and a belly filled with food. You have clean drinking water, people to laugh with and a roof over your head. .
You have love in your heart and forgiveness in your soul. And at the touch of your hand, you have a world of information and resources at your fingertips.
What are you really waiting for, friend? What else could you possibly need to get out there and be who you know you TRULY want to be? What is keeping you from getting out there and doing what you know you TRULY want to do...from building what you know ONLY YOU have the unique capacity to build?
No one is holding you back. (Only you.) And I want to see you fly. I KNOW that you can.
Start today. This minute. You've waited long enough.
Namaste, beautiful you. 📷 @_jillthomas

In a world rampant with photoshopped images and posts—with everything and everyone—styled to perfection, man-o-my! It can feel almost impossible to live with a sense of real contentment and peace. We're constantly told that we need to change—our clothes, our hair, our eyelashes, our noses, our boobs, our minds—to feel happy in our own lives and beautiful in our own skin. Well this is the real me, looking at the real you, telling you you’re beautiful, just the way you are! You are not only enough, you’re MORE THAN ENOUGH, just the way you are. Namaste, beautiful you. Get out there and SHINE. // What’s your favorite physical feature? Gah! It’s hard to “go there,” isn’t it?! I GET IT!!! So... I’ll go first. Eek! Mine is my eyes, because they’re kind. Ok people, don’t leave me hanging out here all by myself! Tell me your favorite thing about your appearance in the comments below! #beautythatsreal #youareenough #iseriouslyloveyou

Hey, YOU. Pssst ... It’s never to late to change your ways, to heal what you’ve broken, to try again.
When you feel as though you're at the end of the path, keep going! When the traveler is ready, new road will appear! I've proved this to be true so many times in my own life! It's the MIDDLE of the journey that makes or breaks us friends! When we've reached the end of our map and truly cannot imagine how to press forward from here, we too often sit down in defeat. .
Get up, beautiful you!!! Take my hand, and get.back.up. We need you out here in the world, braving it all, right by our side. We need YOUR light to combine with our own, illuminating the path ahead and reminding us we are not all alone! .
One step, and then the next. A dose of determination, a pinch of grit, and a bucket full of faith! I believe in you!!! Make.in.happen, baby. The universe is on your side! (And so am I!) .
PS that's a lot of !!!!!!, I'm feeling it, y'all. No one can ever accuse me of not saying what I mean and meaning what I say, with ENTHUSIASM! 🙌🏼❤️

My greatest joy comes from helping others realize their highest potential. I used to feel too silly to say that out loud. Like maybe I would be perceived as being self important or __________. (👈🏼Insert other shameful adjective here.) But I'm so very done playing small. It doesn't serve me, it doesn't serve you, and it certainly doesn't bless the world when we're all camped out in our shells, hiding our gifts, supressing our goals, and trying not to make waves! SO LETS MAKE SOME FREAKING WAVES!!!! I'm dedicating 2018 to giving and serving and using my unique gifts to make this world a better, brighter, more joyful place! .
What about YOU? 2018 is right around the corner, and I want nothing more than to support you in hitting the ground steady and able to plow your way towards your very best self/life! (Supporting you in fulfilling your dreams simultaneously fulfills mine, see?!) So, what is your number one hope/goal/dream for 2018? What do you hope to do/create/become in the coming year? And if applicable, how can I best support you in achieving?! Share in the comments below!!!! .
📷 @_jillthomas

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