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We've been going so hard at summer-ing! 🎉 I've got to tap out this weekend and catch up on being an adult. Work hard, play hard, right?! (Admittedly, it's easy for me to get really lopsided in this equation, because I'm kind of a party animal, especially in the summer. But one thing I've learned is that I enjoy my play so much more when there isn't an undercurrent of stress behind it. So taking a day or two off to reset and tackle some of those pesky grown up projects is worth the hassle. Right????? 🤷🏻‍♀️💋) #ruckuslist #nortonsdostuff 📸 of part of the quiver by @raleighnorton

Life is just so good lately, and I'm so thankful, I feel like my heart will explode. There's nothing like being HOME. Circumstantially, our family has had a pretty rough month with some scary transitions and unexpected challenges ... but I'm being reminded that there is nothing we can't weather, at home, together. #ruckuslist #gratefulpower #luckywelivehawaii

There is little in this world as beautiful or inspiring as real life joy. I worry we've (collectively) gotten so caught up in making sure other people PERCEIVE our lives as being healthy and joyful, that maybe we aren't focusing as much as we should be on actually doing the work to genuinely BE happy and healthy and to LIVE OUT our most joyful lives. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's there to hear it, does it still make a sound? If a smile happens without documented photographic evidence on Instagram, does it still fill your soul with joy? Just something to think about. (Along with a pretty picture of one of the happiest people I know. Not because her life is all daisies and unicorns all the time, but because she chooses joy, even if her flowers wilt or her unicorns poop on the carpet... ) #ruckuslist

And when you didn’t get dinner on the table, and your house is nearing disaster status, and your laundry is taking over the bathroom, and said bathroom smells like number one, and you are exhausted on a cellular level, and despite going a million miles an hour——you really aren’t sure what you even accomplished . . . remember, you have opposable thumbs, and that is neat. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 (Hang in there, you. Your life is beautiful, ESPECIALLY the messy parts.)

One more, because today was the stuff of dreams. #luckywelivehawaii #ruckuslist

This summer has been one for the books. My gosh, we're #luckywelivehawaii!

GIVEAWAY! Be sure to read to the end and enter to win a set of these stackable birthstone rings! I've got a ring for all 7 of my babies, and wearing them every day brings me // There shouldn't be anything standing in the way of whatever your crazy idea is. If you have an idea pressing on your heart and mind, it needs to get out there. What's standing in your way? We all have fears to overcome whenever we begin something new. If your fear is that you're not biz savvy and couldn't possibly bring your dream to fruition on your own, there's no better way to overcome that obstacle than to find a mentor to lead and guide you along! My friends at @charmedcollections brought a free business mentoring program (called @score_mentors) to my attention recently after winning a small business championship in their state. (So proud of you, friends!) They say finding a mentor is the #1 thing they wish they had done when they started their business a decade ago. To help them spread the word about this free service that has been helping them grow their company, I'm giving away a set of their birth stone rings! ⭐️⭐️Here's how to win: 1️⃣Like this post. 2️⃣Follow me and @charmedcollections. 3️⃣Tag a mom in the comments for additional entries. One friend per comment. No comment limit. Let's do this!⭐️⭐️

"If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts." Alan CohenI // I joined a few friends today and visited the North Shore Silent Meditation Garden. It was such a special experience. I meditate daily, but visiting this silent garden felt somehow more significant. The garden was cell phone and tablet free (devices are not permitted in the garden at all, even in silent/airplane mode), and complete silence is observed by all. I sat in perfect stillness and silence for nearly 45 minutes, something I wasn't sure I would be able to actually do... without, you know, accidentally rattling off Costco lists in my head instead of silently counting breaths. Despite daily meditation practice, I've gotten into the habit of relying on guided meditations... so doing something that was completely self directed (particularly for such a long period of time) felt a little intimidating. But to my great surprise, it was only challenging for the first 5 minutes or so... then I felt a significant level of relief wash over my body and mind. It really is something to give yourself permission to simply BE alive, without any stress or expectation or pressure or stimulation of any kind... Without exception, it is the surest way I have found to directly experience God... 📸 @wellwomenhawaii

We did a really, really, really good job summering this week.... July is SUCH a good month. 😍🇺🇸🎉

@merryandbright just sent me this from today, and it's pretty much perfect. #ruckuslist #july4th #sooooogoooooood

I took like 3 pictures today, and this was the best of the three. So... you're welcome? But I HAD to post SOMETHING to commemorate what was arguably the best 4th of July, ever. Thank you @merryandbright and @roxface for adding so much to the magic of this wonderful day! God bless the USA (but, like, fer real, dude. Because we be all like 🙄😵😳 up in here. 🙏🏻🇺🇸)

"It's a common stipulation that there ain't no hope, but there's a tire swing baby at the end of our rope." —Mason Jennings // This kid and I have been to hell and back again together over these last (almost) 15 years. And if there is anything I've learned, it's that there is DEFINITELY a tire swing at the end of our rope! 😂 Trust me, we've spent a LOT of time down there, and if it weren't for that tire swing, we'd both be bat 💩 crazy! (And maybe we still are! But at the very least, we're crazy together! And I wouldn't have it any other way.) #ruckuslist #richieandnatalie

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