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Natalie Norton  Totally committed to showing up for life; equally committed to helping you do the same! Life coach. Writer. Speaker. Photographer. Oahu, HI


Stoked about even the tiniest of summer swells... #lincolnjojo #ruckuslist

All day, every day. (Except for today, because there were SO.MANY.STUPID.WEEDS to whack.🤦🏻‍♀️) #lincolnjojo #ruckuslist #luckywelivehawaii

Summer be like 🦄🌊🌴🌺🐬 ❤️ #ruckuslist #nortonsdostuff

We have so many good, solid, inspiring people in our life! Here are 4 of the very best. (Still face palming over my silly faux pas of not thinking to wear my @Lularoe to dinner. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️)

People! Thank you for the love and support you offered me in response to yesterday's post. It's been amazing how speaking all of that out loud has drawn so much pressure and fear out of me. Then, to top it off, being reminded that when I own up to my own fear and frailty, it in some small way blesses others along their own winding roads...well, my cup runneth over. 😊I'm so grateful we don't have to do this whole "life thing" all alone. ❤️ From the bottom of my heart, my soul and the rest of me, N

One year ago. And still, I can hardly look at this image without racing heart and sweating palms...without a deep, visceral ache in the furthest region of my heart for the woman I was . . . before. So whole, so capable, so . . . sure. I long for her, desperate to find her again amid the rubble of what was. Desperate to hear her strong voice, feel her certainty, to bask in her wellness and light. It feels like someone grabbed me by the shoulders and shook so long and so hard that everything in my mind came tumbling down. I've clawed my way out from under the debris, dug and sorted through most of that mess, but I just can't quite get these final pieces back into place. Nothing seems to fit right. Not the way it did before. And yes, it's discouraging—actually "discouraging" doesn't even touch it, if I'm talking straight. But all I can do is reach as far and as hard and as passionately as I can for healthy perspective—one year ago, I didn't know my name. My salvation is a conscious focus on THAT—how far I've come—rather than on how long and winding (and wretched) the path ahead may appear. // One truth I've somehow held on to amid the confusion and chaos is this: I can do hard things. Drummed into me from my infancy by a loving mother who raised one of the most courageous women I know. (And I won't even apologize for the blatant arrogance, because it's a testament to HER, my angel mother. And she deserves that praise, 1000%.) I hold on to that truth, as tightly as I can. I can do hard things. And even though this particular hard thing feels impossible, and even though I sometimes doubt that full recovery is written in the stars for me...I believe that, through hard work and all the faith I can find, I have the power to reach up there and write my wellness in those stars myself. (And I believe that's true of you, too. Whatever your hard is, let's get up there and change those stars around, together. Because I can do hard things, and so, my beautiful friend, can you.)

My 13 year old son, @raleighnorton, took this incredible photo. I posted it on my Instagram story a couple of days ago, and in my decade plus as a professional photographer, I've never had more requests for prints from any single image, EVER. So yes! Raleigh will be offering prints, soon! Details to come! (And thanks, people. Truly. It means everything the way y'all love and support my kids. 😍💋❤️🎉)

My handsome graduate. And now, I have a 7th grader! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Say whaaaaaaat????

Felling all kinds of nostalgic tonight after sending him off to his 6th grade dance. 💔❤️

We said goodbye on May 4, 2016. 365 days have gone by, and all the while, you have lived in every beat of every one of our hearts. May the force be with you, my babies. As silly and ridiculous as that may sound, I mean it sincerely...and with all of me. #maythefourthbewithyou (And big sister...while I know—and I pray that—the babies will forget...I know that's not a luxury you will enjoy. And that both breaks and elates me, in the same dizzying breath. Selfishly, I fantasize that some day, big sister, you will find these posts, and you will KNOW that it was all real. That you will know that we didn't EVER forget. I pray you will know that we are forever a family and that we never moved on and away from all that LOVE, rather, we carried it, as we carry YOU, forever with us inside our hearts. Forever and ever, my darling. xx Mom) #wefosteredlove #ruckuslist

I dreamed of you last night. And I woke up dizzy and disoriented with pain. Oh, you...how your daddy and I ache, how your big brothers hurt, how terrible and awful this annihilation of our beautiful little life as we knew it has been. My deepest prayer is that where we feel emptiness and fear, somehow, you feel comfort, protection and hope. Where we can't breathe from the devastation of it all, you can't breathe from the laughter and joy. And where we turn our tear stained cheeks to the heavens in desperation, you turn your tear filled eyes toward God in gratitude and joy. Somehow, beyond all the odds, I pray that this impossible thing is true. I pray that you're forgetting us, forgetting how wonderful and secure and JOYFUL it all was...for a little while. Because I can't imagine how any life, no matter how great, could ever live up to all that. So forget me, my little angles, forget us all. Though it destroys me even further to say this out loud... please, my babies, who grew not under my heart but in it, let mommy and daddy and your perfect big brothers drift away into your faintest of dreams. Will will always hold a space for you. We, over here in the rubble of what was, we will never forget. And somehow, that will be enough. #wefosteredlove #ruckuslist

My virtual reading group is coming back!!! It is about time! After a hiatus (far too long to chronicle here), I'm ready to rock and roll! Join the group by following the link in my profile! Also, if you would be interested in being a group admin—approving "join requests," helping facilitate discussion etc—please comment below and we'll chat! Wahoooooo!!! #nataliereads #targetmademedoit

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