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Natalie Norton  Totally committed to showing up for life; equally committed to helping you do the same! Life coach. Writer. Speaker. Mindfulness instructor. Oahu, HI

Sunset from our lanai. // A year ago, our lives were unraveling, falling apart. The level of panic and horror we were navigating is indescribable. The hurt, the fear... visceral, unyielding. Our children were leaving, and there was nothing we could do to stop them. We simply had to stand there, fixed to the track—while every instinct inside of us yelled, "RUN !"—and let that train roar through and obliterate us. And worst of all, we knew what that pain held. We'd been left with empty arms once before. And we really didn't believe we could do it again. No, we KNEW, we And then...we DID, in fact, do it again. No ram in the thicket. . . Again. And now, 10 months later, here we are. Still very much in the middle of the wreckage. Still very much in the middle of the pain. But also, here we are, home. And yes our arms are still empty, our hearts are still broken, our souls still disoriented and frail, but likewise, God's love is still by our sides. That love led us home. And while it's not the miracle we wanted, it's evidence that Love and awareness has remained constant, unyielding, even in our darkest hour. We have not been left alone. And tonight, I breathed a little deeper than I have in a long time; I took in the beauty of this view, in its totality. And I started to believe, really believe, that someday, just maybe, everything is actually going to be OK. (Psst maybe that's true for YOU, too. Be brave, beautiful you. Press forward. Love is always on your side.🙏🏻) #nortonsdostuff #ruckuslist #luckywelivehawaii #iphone7 #wefosteredlove

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me. #ruckuslist #luckywelivehawaii #throwback 📷@lularoeangiesloan

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." Karen Dinesen // Fastest cure of all is to find a way to combine all three. Take my word for it. 💋 #iphone7 #ruckuslist

Surfed with this girl till last light. ❤ #luckywelivehawaii #ruckuslist 📷 @joshsolarlovesyou

My parents always used to say, "remember , Natalie, we judge ourselves based on our intent. But we judge others based on their observable behavior." // Forgiveness is an essential part of a whole hearted life. I find that's easier when I stop trying to understand someone's behavior, and instead, I genuinely try to understand the why behind it. More often than not, that why is a whole lot of confusion and pain. And I find that once I enter that sacred understanding, I can almost always replace my anger and hurt with compassion, forgiveness and most importantly, love. Look deeper, beautiful you. It's always more than meets the eye. #ruckuslist ✍🏼by my girl, @jennakutcher 💋

Not every wave is yours. But when you find the one that does belong to you, BE BRAVE. Don't think, don't hesitate, don't hold back. Charge with all your heart. #ruckuslist #nortonsdostuff 🎥 @raleighnorton 🤙🏼❤

Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset!
Swiftly fly the years,
One season following another,
Laden with happiness and tears...

Hey, that hard thing you're facing? It's a tunnel, not a cave. Be brave, beautiful you. Keep pressing forward with your face and your heart turned to the sky. There's light, there's joy, there's life, relief, security, peace...there's LOVE on the other side. Cross my heart. 🙏🏻❤ 📷 @richie_norton

I genuinely believe this is true. Namaste, beautiful you. Be brave. ❤ ✍🏼 @universalnotes

Light transforms. I know this to be true. // After my little boy died, it was my personal study of divine love and light that drew me out of an unspeakable abyss of darkness and pain and delivered me to a new vista. This new world was strangely familiar and unfamiliar, all inside the same awe stricken breath. It was a world of hope, love, joy.... and the one thing I thought I would never TRULY experience again...absolute peace. // God is, in fact, the perfect embodiment of love and light. No matter the religious/spiritual context, that's a place of simple truth where we all resonate and agree. And because of my own personal experience with that divine light, and after guiding (literally) hundreds of clients through the exploration of that self-same divine light within and all around each and every one of them, I wholeheartedly believe that as we study this power (the very real power through which God heals and creates and shines love into our hearts and our souls) our entire lives—our entire selves—cannot help but be transcended and transformed. // Enter @jagoyoga. My new friend has been working on a phenomenal (like, face melting-ly beautiful) new book designed to help us deepen our individual connection to the divine light within and all around us. I've linked her project in my profile. I hope you'll support this project if it resonates with you, and either way, it is my most sincere prayer that you will seize upon every opportunity you can find to turn your face (and your heart) toward the light. May your life be illuminated, every wit. Namaste, beautiful you. 🙏🏻❤

We had a really beautiful celebration of this queen last night.... complete with special (dare I say, sacred??), in home "soul yoga" with our soul sister @jagoyoga, magical massage from the Maori godess, Ipo, face melting açai lovingly prepared by our sister-friend @callie_canlas all while the Ella Fitzgerald records ran on a loop, strings of lights sparkled outside, hammocks swung, and love, laughter, tears and real life conversation freely flowed. I've known many of these women for well over a decade, and it's such a gift to finally be back together on our little rock in the middle of the sea. I love you @taypierce; thank you for being born. You give every one of us SO.VERY.MUCH. #luckywelivehawaii #ruckuslist #iphone7

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