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Natalie McCrummen  🙌🏼Jesus first 💍Wife 👦🏻👦🏻Boy Mom 📚Homeschool Family 🐶Dog mom ⁣☕️Coffee fanatic 😍Sharing my journey through it all ⁣👇🏼👇🏼Let’s connect 👇🏼👇🏼

Hello 👋🏼⁣

My name is Natalie. ⁣
I am an overthinker. ⁣
I am a planner. ⁣
I love details. ⁣
I love asking why. ⁣
I love asking questions in general. ⁣

Sometimes, ⁣
There are no answers to the question. ⁣
There is no why. ⁣
There is no one to tell me what I want to hear. ⁣
There is no way to plan. ⁣
There are no details. ⁣

Wow. ⁣
When life doesn’t go “our” way we can’t handle it. ⁣

That’s me right now. ⁣
Stuck in awe. ⁣
Stuck in my thoughts. ⁣
Stuck asking myself questions. ⁣

It will all make sense ONE DAY. ⁣
Not today, probably not tomorrow. ⁣
Until then, I will cling to Jesus & pray. ⁣

Don’t get stuck in the things of the earth. ⁣
For they are minor. ⁣
Focus on what’s above. ⁣
Focus on your forever home. 💜

God’s handiwork is simply amazing ☀️🌊🏖

Fun Fact. ⁣

This is the 1st camo shirt I have owned in 12 years. ⁣

I was in the Air Force for 3.5 years. ⁣
I had to wear a camo uniform everyday. ⁣

So, ⁣
1. I am not a fan of camo. ⁣
2. I kinda saw it disrespectful. Because it resembles the uniform of those that serve our country. ⁣
3. It’s camo 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣

I guess. With time. I have gotten over it. But, it’s taken 12 years to own one shirt. & it had to have a feminine touch. I love the stripes added. ⁣

Anyway, just a random, fun fact about me 🤣⁣

Sweatshirt from ⁣#thebluedoorboutique
Earrings from ⁣#nickelandsuede
Any quirky fun facts about you??⁣
I can’t be the only one 👩🏻

Back on our Tuesday morning grind 😆⁣

Got CC done, tutor done, & hit the road. ⁣
Took a quick trip to see my dad & family 😍⁣

Drove,for the first time, a truck & trailer. ⁣
With NO accidents 🤣⁣
Was a fun time with my baby brother & Jaden. ⁣
God is good. ⁣
All the time God is good. ⁣
We may not understand. ⁣
But, we can trust & believe. ⁣

Thankful for all the guys in my life 💜

This morning I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world. ⁣

I had to stop. ⁣
Become aware of my blessings. ⁣
Take a deep breathe. ⁣
Feel my heartbeat. ⁣
Kiss my little guys lips. ⁣
Talk to Jesus. ⁣
Put on my “Do it or Elsa” shirt. ⁣
And get my act right on! ⁣

Do you have days like this!?!?

Grief is really just love. ⁣
It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. ⁣

All the unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and the weight of your chest. ⁣

Grief is just love with no place to go. ⁣

The worst days are not the days planning the funeral or the funeral. ⁣
The worst days are trying to remember it’s not a nightmare. ⁣
It’s real life. ⁣
We have to do life a new way. ⁣
Supporting my dad & brother through their new way of life. ⁣

Grief has no end. ⁣
Grief is so hard. ⁣
Grief has so many faces. ⁣
There is a hole in my heart that will never go away. ⁣

Handpicked by God. ⁣

This man was handpicked by God for me. ⁣

God knew who I would need as a husband. ⁣
Who my boys would need as a father. ⁣
Who my parents would need as a son in law. ⁣
Who my brothers would need as a brother in law. ⁣
Who my grandmothers would need as a grandson in law. ⁣
God knew. ⁣
We all need this man. ⁣

This last week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life & my families life. ⁣
We lost a link to our family. ⁣

God decided he needed my brother more than we needed him. ⁣
I don’t understand why. ⁣
I have yelled very loudly asking why. ⁣
I trust in time I will understand why. ⁣
I know God’s plan is the right plan no matter how hard this is. ⁣

To see my dad in pain is the worst feeling in the world. ⁣
He is my main squeeze. ⁣
My first love. ⁣
I want to take the heartbreak away. ⁣
But, I know God has a plan for my dad & my brothers. ⁣

Last Wednesday God showed me even more how much my husband was sent for me. ⁣
He had to tell me the worst news ever. ⁣
He did it. ⁣
He held me. ⁣
He let me sob. ⁣
He let me yell. ⁣
He let me scream. ⁣
Then he held me tighter. ⁣

I pray so hard for each & every female reading this that you find the one God sends for you! ⁣
Not the one you are lusting after. ⁣
Not the one you will settle for. ⁣
The ONE God sends for you! ⁣

There is one ONE for you! ⁣
Make sure it’s the one God sends.

They make the long days brighter ☀️

📚Reading 📚⁣

Our fave way to do reading is in Dads chair, under the cover, and coffee in hand (for me). ⁣

Makes my heart happy & thankful I have the opportunity to homeschool my boys 😍

👋🏼👋🏼 Sunday! ⁣

I love Sunday’s! ⁣
1. I get to worship with my church family. ⁣
2. I get to see all of my “church children”(they call themselves that😍)⁣
3. Sunday afternoons with my guys are my fave. We lay around, rest, & watch movies. ⁣
4. I prep for the week. (Usually😆). Prepare our schedules & to-do lists. ⁣

Do you dread Sunday’s because Monday follows!? ⁣
That’s silly. ⁣
Not necessary. ⁣

Do what makes you happy. ⁣
Then do more of what makes you happy. ⁣

Enjoy Sunday & let that take you through the week. Find the joy you need. ⁣
It’s in you. ⁣

Jesus is Joy. ⁣
Soak in Him. ⁣
Soak in your time doing what you love. ⁣
Soak in your time with those you love. ⁣

Let’s take on Monday! 👊🏼

“Negativity will destroy your power.”⁣
Shaun T⁣

Remove yourself from those people, situation, & stressors. ⁣

Jesus isn’t negative. ⁣
Make your choices to shine for Him. ⁣
Negativity doesn’t shine light, only darkness. ⁣
That you don’t need. ⁣

Don’t lose your power. ⁣
Don’t lose sight of Jesus. ⁣
With both you are unstoppable.


I see some new beautiful faces 😍😍⁣
I want to introduce some fun facts about me 👩🏻⁣

-> I am a WIFE & MOM. ⁣
Mom to ✌🏼 Boys 👦🏻👦🏻⁣

-> I LOVE Jesus⁣
Children’s director is my jam! ⁣

-> I am a small town girl. Living in Alabama.⁣
Left for 3.5 years while in the Air Force. I went to California, Korea, & Kuwait. ⁣

-> I have homeschooled my boys for 5 years & plan to continue. 📚⁣
I am currently teaching 6th & 3rd grade! ⁣

-> I LOVE Chic Fil A & COFFEE ☕️⁣
I can spot a Chic A anywhere! ⁣
Coffee is crucial for survival! ⁣

-> I am a Yorkie mom. 🐶⁣
She’s 10 😍⁣

-> I became an online health & fitness coach a year and a half ago. It has CHANGED my life. I get to help ladies with accountability + confidence. ⁣
I have spots open 🤩⁣

What do we have in common!?

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