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Natalie McAulay  come out kitty cat

if you know me and Oxford, you know we were not soul mates. that did not stop us from having some good times together ;)

just a dog and her girl

modern America

yknow, you and I have gone through a lot of freaking chapters in life together. this is just another one. this wk Mary gets to say peace out, Oxford-- peace up NOLA. i am just a few weeks behind her but instead saying peace up HBURG, which doesn't have the same ring to it but it'll def do. #shortdistancerelationship

dad looks like 99% of Ole Miss guys but anyways happy father's day @jmcaulay182. I love you so much!!!

here's to pride month and how awkward hands can be, am i right

• pose like all the kids who called you fat in high school are watching •
This post is kinda a big deal to me. I have never identified with the athletes and basically cannot do anything involving balls (ha). That being said, muscles were not part of the picture, until now (also ha). I never thought I could look strong much less actually be strong. Sweat with Kayla has been the tool that worked for me. @kayla_itsines is powerful and so supportive of all women. Through her app, I have been able to navigate a new world of fitness. Unfortunately, having access to the tools you need to get fit isn't enough. @mary_pursell17 was my game changer. She encourages me everyday to WERK. In every way she is my accountability partner. When people ask, "how'd you get so fit?" I respond with my revelation of the importance of having a partner that PUSHES you. Mary, a former collegiate volleyball player, knows how to grind. For a choir girl, like myself, the gym scared the shit out of me. I was very intimidated by the gym, the people, and the scary machines. Mary taught me that you can't compare yourself to the other gym rats. Be the best YOU. You just gotta get beat your yesterday's self. So, all in all, treat your body right, EAT CLEAN, try Sweat with Kayla, and get a Mary!!!

no seriously Gemma snapcatted this pic to me today. she think she look good. jk she is pretty and a talented selfie taker. better than you and me.

what's better than one selfie? three. and presley.

jaded USA

Now that she is one degree hotter, she just has to get those three letters behind her name! #CPA #almostdone #mastersdegree #sugamomma
I am such a proud girlfriend. She is a brilliant, beautiful, incredible person. I am grateful everyday. 🌹

MY MOTHER IS INCREDIBLE. When I worked at @tbonesrecords, I racked up so many posters. I put the posters up on my dorm walls, and they served as perfect decor. Now, I am leaving Ole Miss and getting my own space in Hattiesburg. The posters couldn't handle another move, so I asked my mom to frame them. Well, she did me one better. #torres #tameimpala #thereplacements #blur #jamiexx #beachhouse #thevaccines #brandonflowers #ledzeppelin

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