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Natalie // Utah Makeup Artist💄  ✨Professional Makeup Artist ✨ Private Lessons • Commercial Work ➡️contact me for rates or collabs 👇🏾My latest commercial gig

Happy Pioneer Day to my Utah friends! I didn't grow up in Utah, so I always forget it's a holiday until it's here and I can't get through the city because of the marathon and parade routes. Anyone from here want to enlighten me about cool Pioneer Day traditions you do? ⠀

Models: @cheri_xo_official & @chase_palmer19
Makeup: Me #makeupbynataliekrall
Hair and Wardrobe: @Luoluv
Sunglasses: @cassette_snow
Photographer: @scotthallenbergphotographer

Currently prepping for an exciting shoot at the Salt Flats tonight. Check my instastory this afternoon for updates! 👏🏽 On a side note, the other day I read that mosquitos in the Salt Lake City area have tested positive for West Nile virus 😳
So I'll be packing a mini bug repellant fan clipped to my pants like a middle-aged tourist (do those even work?) bug repelling wipes, and long sleeve clothes. Wish me luck in the 95° weather please 😓💦
Client: @unicityinternational
Photography: @andrewjmpetersen
Model: Katie Webb
Wardrobe: @jackie_welling
Hair: Morgan Smith

Dewy clean beauty work from @unicityinternational a few months ago. This was for one of their skincare products. We did several hair and wardrobe changes for the shoot, but since it was for a skincare product we kept the makeup really light and fresh for the whole series. Fresh and clean beauty is some of my favorite work to do! ⠀

Photography: @andrewjmpetersen
Model: @ashmsantos
Wardrobe: @jackie_welling
Hair: Morgan Smith
Makeup by me 🙋🏼#nataliekrallartistry

Hey all 👋🏼 I'm back in Utah and taking bookings for gigs and private lessons now. Next month I'll be restructuring my lessons and raising my rates, but if you purchase before the end of July I'll give you the new and improved lesson structure for the old rate. Shoot me an email or click the link in my bio for details!

Celebrating the (near) end of makeup bootcamp before everyone heads home tomorrow and Sunday. ⠀

This week we've been learning some final techniques to put everything together to master "corrective beauty"—using makeup to UNDETECTABLY reshape and change the illusion of someone's face so they look more naturally beautiful. I know strong makeup is "trending" right now (think Instagram brows, sparkly cheekbones, dark brown contour, etc) but often those looks are so heavy and improperly executed that they actually detract from a person's beauty. ⠀

Consider this: Which compliment would you rather receive? ⠀

1. "I like your contour/eyebrow makeup/eyeliner!" ⠀


2. "Wow, you look SO beautiful!"⠀

Personally I would much rather people notice me and compliment me instead of just thinking I can wear makeup/own trendy makeup products/can follow makeup trends.⠀

I know I keep saying this, but I can't wait to get back home and hit the ground running using these new techniques on my clients. It may seem frivolous, but this kind of makeup application can really change how people view themselves, how others view them, and subsequently change their lives as a result. ⠀

Shoot me a PM if you or someone you know is interested in booking a private lesson with me so I can show you a custom makeup routine that will bring out and enhance your natural beauty.⠀

See you all soon back in Utah! ⠀

Happy 4th! Since I've been doing full time master classes in California this month and I haven't had a chance to do jobs or personal projects lately, I'm throwing it back to this patriotic shoot from last year 🇺🇸✨ It's been tough turning down jobs and creative opportunities to clear up my schedule for these classes, but the knowledge and skills I'm gaining make it so worth it in the end! This week is my last week in California and then I'll be back in Utah to start offering even more services to my clients. 🙌🏽👍🏽👏🏽 In the meantime I hope you all enjoy a fun and safe holiday☀️🇺🇸❤️🗽

Eyeshadow blending drills at makeup bootcamp. Maybe it's just this hot weather, but doesn't it make you think of a delicious popsicle? 🤤 Or an 80's music video 🤘🏽👩🏻‍🎤 #gradienteyeshadow #gimmeALLthecolors

New friends and knowledge at brow class this week. We learned so many new details for CUSTOM shaping brows and arches that will flatter each client's unique face and bone structure—not just generic guides for a standard cookie-cutter "Instagram brow." It's so exciting learning from a master and honing my craft so I can provide top notch services to all my clients. #utahmakeupartist #utahbrowshaping #uppingmygamewithdonnamee

Categorizing and mixing foundations in my kit for the concealing and foundations class last week 🤗🎨 #donnameemakeupmethods

Grateful I got to spend the past several days with these amazing beauty professionals in Laguna Beach. It's so nice to network with and learn from other artists who are committed to growing their craft, especially when we're guided by someone as talented as @donnamee_beautyprodigy

Tomorrow a new wave of artists flies in and we start color theory 👏🏽🙌🏽 So if you're into those relaxing paint mixing videos check out my instagram stories tomorrow! 🎨 (if you've never seen one try browsing #paintmixingvideos —they're strangely relaxing and I could watch them over and over again)⠀

My setting for the next 4 weeks for makeup class 🙌🏼 🌴☀️#DonnaMeeMethods #UppingMyGameWithDonnaMee

Currently at the airport waiting to take off for another round of training with @donnamee_beautyprodigy and I couldn't be more excited 👍🏾🙌🏼👏🏽😄🤗⠀

I did some training with her back in the fall and just 4 days blew my mind, so I'm heading back for a full 5 weeks! ⠀

I'll be updating here and there from class and looking for jobs and collabs in the LA area on my days off, so let me know if you're in the area and want to work together! ⠀

In the meantime I'll keep posting from some recent Utah jobs 🙂 Loved working with @lenscap.collective and @elizabethbgibson on this glowing neon video shoot a few weeks back.

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