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Freedive • Travel • The Sea  Protect what you love. “There’s still a lot left worth fighting for.” Co-Founder: @keiko_conservation Creating at @thessalonikecollection

One of the biggest privileges about having a voice is being able to use it for those who do not have one. Those who may appear scary regardless of what expression they try and convey. Those who are, above all, important. Not only important to those who love them, but to the health of the ocean, something every single one of us depends on. Despite looking for them on dives hundreds of times and even having the opportunity two years ago to dive in a marine protected area that a recent study dubbed the “sharkiest” place on earth, it has been four years since I last saw a live tiger shark and today I got to see four. I don’t know how to put this morning into words, but I can try. I’m a scaredy cat and I’m not a risk taker. Swimming with sharks has absolutely never been some sort of adrenaline seeking experience for me. I used to be so terrified of these animals until I saw them with my own eyes, and now being surrounded by them is surprisingly calming. Sharks have survived five mass extinctions, but they might not survive us. And yet somehow we’re the ones that are terrified of them? Why? Because the rare shark bite makes a great news story and an even better horror film? Honestly, a scarier horror film to me is a one where sharks cease to exist. Not because I love them, but because the removal of sharks from an ecosystem can cause biodiversity to plummet and even create dead zones, areas with such low levels of oxygen that the majority of marine life can no longer survive there. That’s because sharks both directly and indirectly affect everything below them in the food chain, even the phytoplankton that produces the oxygen WE breathe. They’re apex predators and animals that deserve to be treated with respect yes, but they are in no way monsters and are insanely IMPORTANT.
Thank you so much @oceanramsey @juansharks of the @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch team for letting me join you today on a dive. You two have taught me so much in and out of the water and this morning was absolutely magical. Still pretty sure it was only a dream!
Photo by @oceanramsey of me and tiger shark Moana in @xcelwomens x @oneoceandesigns and my @cressi1946 gear :).

Our next reef and beach clean up will be August 18th at Kahana Bay from 12-3PM! We will have a ton of prizes for those participating (and @rooneythegianthamsterdog will be available for belly rubs and cookie tastings 😉). Join us @keiko_conservation @oneoceanconservation @waterinspired @mermaidsforchange :)! See you there!
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My friend @chiaraphoto creates these absolutely fantastical magical images, highlighting not only the beauty of the ocean, but the many issues it faces (click on @mermaidsforchange to see or go check out the new blog post on @natgeo)!
She’ll be on the islands throughout this month and if you want to be a part of one of her shoots, you can and you should 😊❤️! You can book one by sending her a message or going to her website!
She snapped this one a few years ago in this @mertailor tail, @bowtiesandfireflies top, and with the help of professional mermaid handler @lau_z_foto who had to drag me out to sea in the chop 😂😬❤️.

Sharks need you more than ever and (even if you’re not crazy about them) every single one of us desperately needs them too. The ocean’s health depends on sharks and our planet’s health depends on the ocean.
Silky Sharks off Darwin’s Island in the Galapagos for @oceanevolutionfilms a while back. Shot with @knektusa.
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I’m having a little #giveaway for one of my favorite @thessalonikecollection pieces, the Hahalua Ray that’s shaped like a manta!
All you have to do is comment below saying why you love the ocean and tag three friends :). You can do so on this post or on the one on @thessalonikecollection to enter! Winner will be picked o Friday 😊!
#thessalonike #mantaray #mantarays #hahalua

I wanted to thank @revenvert for giving me the opportunity to chat marine conservation with them :)! You can go read the interview on their page or via the link in my IG story :)!
Photo by @juansharks taken during #galapagosevolution in @cressi1946 and @thessalonikecollection as always 😊❤️.
#keikoconservation #oneoceandiving #waterinspired #thessalonike #galapagosevolution #cressi #keepthemwild #paditv #redmangrove

I love this photo the SUPER talented and volcanic @maripomartini took while we were in Revillagigedo. This is the same magical manta from another image I posted recently :). Mantas are up against intense issues we've caused. They're filter feeders and are vulnerable to ingesting plastic and rubbish floating at the surface. They're easily caught as bycatch and entangled in discarded fishing gear. They're also being hunted and killed for a dish that's falsely pushed as traditional Chinese medicine to a growing number of consumers. On top of all that, they reproduce slooooooooowly! They can't keep up with the rate we are wiping them out at! So ditch the single use plastic, pick up the rubbish you see before it makes it to waterways, and if you're purchasing seafood make sure you know #WhatsYourBycatch. We don't want to live in world without these gentle and curious giants.
#MantasArentMedicine #protegelasmantas #keikoconservation #Cressi
More info on @socorroevolution below.
"@socorroevolution Film Coming Soon.
@nataliekparra Freediving with GIANT MANTA in Freedom at #Revillagigedo National Park #Mexico.
Photo: @maripomartini
Story teller: @jeanjacquesmayol
Freedivers: @estrellanavarroholm, @tomoka_fukuda, @camilajaber, @nataliekparra, @craigparryphotography. Photographers: @craigparryphotography @maripomartini, @erevalle, @erickramosph, @santiago_arau and @robertoochoahe
Director: @robertoochoahe
Edited by: @erickramosph
Supported by: @cressi1946 @bonostudio_, @Paditv, @daninsurance, @sestantemx, @funbaja @seabob Filmed in @mexico, @visitmexico"

A little video promo from @socorroevolution which we filmed in April in the Revillagigedo Archipelago with @cressi1946 :).
"Socorro Evolution Film Coming Soon. Enviornmentalist @nataliekparra Freediving with sharks at #Revillagigedo National Park #Mexico.
Directed by @robertoochoahe
Story teller: @jeanjacquesmayol
Freedivers @estrellanavarroholm @tomoka_fukuda @camilajaber , @nataliekparra , @jeanjacquesmayol @craigparryphotography
Photographers: @maripomartini @erevalle , @santiago_arau , @craigparryphotography
Producers: @robertoochoahe and @estrellanavarroholm
Edited by @erickramosph
Film by: @robertoochoahe
Suported by: @bonostudio_ , @paditv @sestantemx @funbaja @seabob_official @diversalertnetwork
•Filmed in: 🇲🇽 VisitMexico
#savesharks #helpsavesharks #keikoconservation #cressi

My friend @regisunday from @nakaweproject has been working on a documentary about the shark fin and meat trade tirelessly for years! They're currently crowdfunding to finish this film and show it to the world. If you're feeling generous and want to contribute please click the link in the @nakaweproject bio!
#GameOverFishing #SaveOurOceans #OceanConservation #WeNeedYourHelp #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference #WeCantDoItWithoutYou #YourContributionMatters #Sharks #Ocean #nakaweproject #savesharks Say no to #sharkfinsoup #sharktacos.

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