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Natalie Jōst  Homeschool • BUJO • Macramé • EVV • Minimalism • @acommonplace • Twitter/Pinterest @natalie • Evansville, Ind. // California native.


Visiting a friend on a farm and her fuzzy friend. 🐰

Enjoying Bliss Artisan ice cream at @therefinerynewburgh "This tastes way better than regular ice cream." -Emma, 9 ❤️

They have feathers! Their heads are no bigger than my thumb. We're gonna have to name them soon. Thoughts?

In the winter, when the plants in my big galvanized planter die back, I use it for compost until spring. This year we had a ton of tiny things popping up, including mostly weeds and maple trees, but also what I hope is a lime tree (because goodness knows we threw a lot of limes in the compost)!

The babies are growing! We're seeing mom stay put more as we come and go from the house, but sometimes she flies away and chirps at me until we leave or go in the house. I took about 20 seconds to get a picture of the nest and its location. Right behind my tomato plants. #ourrobinbabies

A good deal at Walgreens today yielded a front seat full of the girls' favorite cereal I almost never let them have.
2 for $4.00 on sale + $1 off 2 coupon made each box $1.50 (plus all kinds of Walgreens points). 👏🏼

They hatched! 🐣 Little alien looking baby robins. The girls are so excited to see this cycle of life right outside our front door. ❤️ #babyrobin #hatchingeggs #robinsegg #robinsnest #ourrobinbabies

Just a picture of a pen on the ground. As I was getting in the car today I said to emma, "oh darn. I meant to grab a pen from the house." We get to the store and she hops out of the car and goes, "oh look, Mom, a pen! God must have heard you."

Would you like a bite of my giant strawberry? Sam's Club has them for $3.98! I'm a little nervous though. It can't be natural. 😧

The twins' new favorite thing is banana "ice cream" -- it's just frozen bananas whipped in the food processor. Sometimes I add a little cocoa and honey for a chocolate version. This old yellow enamel container is pre-Tupperware and perfect for storing extra for later. #vintagekitchen #healthydessert #bananaicecream

My favorite of the #succulents, the Burro's Tail. The kids said it looks like grapes. #burrostail #cacti #plants #plantsofinstagram

One day a week I get two hours to visit with friends downtown at @rivercitycoffeeco. This morning they all had plans so I get some glorious alone time to work without thinking about who's fed, who's fighting, who's showered, who's done their chores, or how everyone is "sooooo bored". 🙌🏼

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