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I stole this from Walmart. 😔 It had broken off a plant and was hanging by a literal thread. I snapped it off and tossed it in with the plants I was buying. I justify myself by the fact that I technically groomed that plant of unsightly damage and discarded of the debris for them. In truth I was so ashamed I went back and bought that plant. 😂 That was about a year ago. It has taken that long for this guy to root.

Up-planting seedlings and cuttings. I'm telling you, that Bolivian Jew (pictured lower left) spreads fast! From the one plant I bought last month I have about a dozen new ones. Crazy.

Playing #Tokaido on this endlessly rainy day. Learning about Japanese geography, history, and culinary yums. Not terribly complicated and good-sport-friendly (not too competitive). It's a very peaceful interesting game the kids all enjoyed.

The thing I've hated most about cooking ground beef is all the liquid fat I have to drain off and discard, and then the flavorless meat I'm left with. Tonight I learned some science from @cooksillustrated that has rocked my ground beef world. .
Pictured is what was left tonight. I drained nothing and added nothing. The only liquid in the pan was a tiny bit of water, just enough to keep the meat moist while it browned. Here's the secret... .
Mix 1/2tsp baking soda + 1tbsp water, then mix this all together with the beef thoroughly (with your hands, as with meatloaf). Let it sit 20 minutes, then cook. Google it for the details from Cook's Illustrated on how and why this works. .
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Sometimes I have to trick people (myself) into eating healthy. See my story for how I do it with cauliflower.

Emma has really gotten into our food studies this week. We've been learning all about how sugar dominates everything and basically nothing we get in a package is real food--at all. While the rest of the family rolls their eyes at us, we take off for Schnucks to get a pound of fruit and veggies from their salad bar. $6.50 for this and we share. Much cheaper than the fast food we usually get. @schnuckmarkets

Keeping inventory on the door of the cabinet does two things: 1) lets me quickly know what I have and where to find it, and 2) makes me more #minimalist minded when I see I just have too many things I'm not using // all this make grocery and recipe planning easier and keeps the cabinets from overfilling. .
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At the first tickle in my throat I fix a cup of tea with honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar (just a capful). I also rest every moment possible, even if I'm not FEELING sick yet. Within 12-24 hours all symptoms are gone. It's not a magical cure. I'm sure a healthy diet makes a difference too but it works for me. If you don't have/like tea, hot water with the honey, lemon, and ACV can work too.

I'm not a morning person but I am a Monday person. Fresh start, 1/52 chances to do the week right. But Friday I'm done. 😉

Washing up after lunch I smiled at the drying rack, realizing every dish is older than me. #minimalism isn't about owning less. It's about being sure that everything you own is something you love (I'm still working on it). #ilovevintage

Intrigued by this Bolivian Jew from Timberview Flower Farm. It has tiny leaves that are green on top and purple underneath. It grows fast too. I've had to repot it again since last month. It's delicate though. All kinds of stems fall off when the wind blows. The upside: all those little bits that fall off will grow roots in less than a week with just a little water. I've got these critters EVERYWHERE now! If you're local and want a cutting just ask. 😳

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I've been watching YouTube gardening videos and the other day a guy used 6" terra cotta pots to make a dome planter. Genius! I used mini 2" pots and made a desert plant bouquet. I tucked some moss between them for filler.

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