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Walked with AJ and Emma today, the former ahead with her earbuds, ignoring us. As we walked I pointed out some of the landscaping, what things are called, how they grow best, what I'd like to plant at our house. When we passed some blue irises Emma said, "like that one painter. Van Gogh!" (thank you

Discovered the second hand lego store in town. Legos of all kinds and AGES.

Look, Mom, I'm a burrito. #sundayantics

Long day and dinner still an hour away, @sunshinejuiceco always fills the gap.

AJ is selling her hand twisted rope bracelets to buy a new computer for her dream of being a digital artist. Just $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

AJ and I are inside River City Mercantile today -- on Main St across from Zuki, near 3rd street (see location 👆🏼 for a map). Average price is about $15-25 and plants are included (yes, I'm serious). 🤗 Also, there's coffee. 😍☕️☕️

Just hangin.

Such a great day. After taking Em to the Dr and having a discussion about reactive hypoglycemia (she's fine, just needs more snacks), we went out to Timberview Farms where Mary Ellen was so gracious to give us a tour of her home and work studio. Then I got to hang out with my business besties (yeah that's a thing) and laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Now just hoping this rain dials back a bit for tomorrow's sales all over town tomorrow! There's Funk in the City in Haynies Corner, Makers Mall on Main Street, and Franklin Street is having the Earth Day Bazaar!

#farkle @lucidcoffeebar and @therefinerynewburgh winner gets $1.00 for candy or $2 for the bank. ;) we use playing cards to keep score: numbers are 100, face cards and 10 are 1,000, and for 50 we use a 5 and turn it 90 degrees.

The weather is too perfect to learn and work inside. #homeschool #workfromhomemom

I've always been a fan of this guy's style but to read about his life is very cool. A failure and a rebel to many, he followed his talent where it took him, worked hard, became a success, and had fun doing it.

I've discovered recently that all my fears and apprehensions about homeschooling were rooted in the idea that the kids would need to be prepared to go back into the public school system one day, just in case. But when I resolved not to let that be an option, relief washed over me and I was able to teach them like I couldn't before, with complete freedom. .
One lesson in context clues came while reading the first chapter of this book from 1945. I pulled up my maps app on the iPad and using clues from the story we discovered the character lived in Charleston, and we narrowed it down to a row of half a dozen houses based on her description of how she walked down to the beach from her house. A little Geography and History come along naturally as a bonus, no curriculum necessary. .
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