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Went to Terre Haute today to see family. Recalling their words during this photo at the mall... AJ (L): "I'm gonna put away my tablet and be all social and stuff." Liv (M): "Meow." Emma (R): "Wait. I wanna do my mustache." Also, a fun game for those who don't know us...guess which two are the twins! 🤷🏻‍♀️

It's officially Fall. Acorn squash: bake 350 for 40 min. Cook brown rice or quinoa, whatever, then brown some sausage. Red bell pepper, onion, garlic in the food processor until chunky/minced as you like it. Mix with sausage, then rice when done. Stuff it into the squash and bake 10-15 min more.

So we have cats now. You get it. I so don't want to inundate you with photos I think are adorbs but you could live without. So I made an account for the kitties! I know. Whatever. I did it. @snowandmill - if you WANT to see what our cats are up to.

The day after we got Snowflake (Snow), we visited a friend and ended up taking another one home! This is Millie and she's crazy tall, reaches doorknobs and light switches with ease. Two cats are enough. ❤️

I'm about to have my first serious job interview in 10 years. Via FaceTime. Wish me luck!

09.14.2017 // We got our first cat in fifteen years today. Thank you @vhslifesaver for taking good care of her till we found her. She's settling in just fine. ❤️ After spending all afternoon hiding from us she finally settled down on my bed with a purr.

My wrists have been in some serious pain for several months and the doctor has advised me not to knit/crochet till we figure out what's happening. Dats haaaard! This was the last piece I did, before summer. I miss it (she didn't say I couldn't macramé right? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Did you know that when you linger a bit too long pondering the price of toilet paper, Target knows. And when you see an ad for a cartwheel deal on cottonelle later on Facebook, that's not a coincidence. When I'm couponing and an item works out to be free, I no longer feel bad about that. At all.

Feeling yucky today, probably the cheetos with lunch (why do I even buy them?!). Hoping kale and quinoa will set me right again.

The twins' desks. I'm not kidding when I call them opposite twins. In fact until last year they thought that was a thing. Fraternal, identical, and opposite. 😉

Finally broke down and got a FoodSaver machine this month. Walmart had the best deal at $70. Plus coupons.com had a $20 OFF coupon, so I could hardly turn that down.
The bags are crazy expensive compared to ziploc but they're totally reusable, and my avocados have never been so fresh. Can you believe this guy is 3 days old?! 🥑I'm the only one in the house that likes them so I have to make them last.

I couldn't find my ball. Looked all over the green.
Finally found it. 🏆

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