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𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖊  Malagueña Salerosa • In bocca al lupo🌶Self-deprecating mami with the hoop earring • Head over to other account @eternalnoir for creative content

Dinner in bed? 🛌 ☁️💕 I am truly PINING to be back in the Netherlands and Belgium with my slinky, cheeky and sassy Sav. Happy birthday to the woman who shared a slight emaciated experience with me in Europe, due to our allergies and dietary restrictions. Scathingly missing the last train in Bruges and almost getting abducted by the deranged train man from Hey Arnold would have even been a highlight with you. I love you so much! #DutchButNotDutch @squirrelysav

The collaboration of The Twilight Zone and The Crimson Chin #GapTooth 🔪📺🍒

‘Tis not ‘Mother Goose’... but ‘Mami Goose’ 🦢 #amsterdam #swan?

The 90s barbed wire tattoo sophisticated look. ⛏⚙️🔪🏴‍☠️💚

*Cover of an Italian romance novel* Today is the birth date of my ex-wife and baby mother (the divorce papers were finalized last Tuesday) Colleen. Thinking of you whilst I stare into the abyss as you’re being all cute and fun in New York when the most exciting thing in my life is if 711 has the blue flavored slurpie, from time to time. You’re the most ingenious bb girl and I feel sorry for every person on this earth that never gets to hear you speak and go off—because it’s one of my favorite things to listen to. I would gleefully and pleasantly risk seeing you drop your car keys in the Grand Canyon again (2nd pic), just for the sheer fact of being stranded with ya anywhere. You also support my theory that I’m related to Robin Williams. I love you! Let’s get married again? @colleen_bailey

Your girl saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this weekend ⚡️and I couldn’t have fathomed, dreamt or conjured this up. *~Truly~* was everything I could have imagined. So happy we got to see the original cast 🤩🤯 Scorpius was the emo child most of us felt in 6th-8th grade. @hpplayus

In the summer when Cho Chang’s patronus got in the way of my Cherub Chronicles. 👼🏼🦢 #fiorucci #fiorucciangels @fiorucci @lladro

My mind works in references, so this one is clearly “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and Barney lmao. 🐛 🦖 Swipe ➡️ #theveryhungrycaterpillar 🍎🍊🍉🍇🥦🥕🍖🍭 #barney Also got the iPhone X and portrait mode is actually quite frightening. Always trying to be dreamy like @esantoinette 💕

On a group phone chat with Horace Slughorn & Lucius Malfoy to discuss a business deal. Summoning the Dark Lord with my @alexandani Slytherin bracelet, evidently. 💚🐍📲 with my @freddystoreusa #denim and @mncmade harness for Levicorpus action, if needed.

Alright, happy 15th birthday to my brother—the young boi Julio. From wearing precious lad overalls, reciting Thomas the Tank Engine tunes to stuntin’ in the street threads, listening to Warren G and Nate Dogg’s ‘Regulate’ 🤯 with that lil mustache, you’re starting to look like Manny or Paco in the mechanic shop. What a day. I love you! But if you tell me to “calm down” one more time, I’ll smash your Xbox with a sledge hammer—ever-so violently. ❤️ #julio #juanjulio #youngboi #cherub #natedogg #dracomalfoy

Me as Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Also, #cherub 👼🏼💎🌌☃️❄️ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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