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natalie freeman  @thefreckledhenfarmhouse shopkeeper 🌿 Here you will find bits of farming, homemaking & adventuring! 📍:Fayetteville, Ar 💌: natalie.j.freeman@gmail.com

The first #freckledhenblooms of the season (!!), good coffee & a slow breakfast✨ The very best of Sunday on my kitchen countertop 💛

A handful of my favorite things on this random ol’ Monday: 1. Dark Roast coffee. Always. ☕️💛 2. The new Meyer Lemon apothecary candle we just got in at @thefreckledhenfarmhouse. It’s $8 & reminds me of summer! 🍋 3. Book Club! Currently reading The Hate U Give & enjoying it! #nataliecreatesbookclub 📖 4. Forever & always, my @gettoworkbook 🙌🏼 5. Fresh flowers from my sweet friends at @shindigpaperie 🌼 6. Homemade yogurt bowl with pomegranate seeds - check my IG Story “Recipe” Highlights for my favorite combos✨
What’s bringing you joy this week? Thing, person, experience - share it in the comments! 💛

Thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday! It was one of the very best days & it was such a gift to share it with all of you!✨
I was telling Luke yesterday that I am so grateful I got my second chance. The first time we opened our shop in our previous location, I found myself hunched over in the bathroom, crippled with the fear of failing.
Yesterday morning I did have those nervous butterflies, but I also allowed myself to fully enjoy the moment, dance to loud 90s music & soak it all up!
Friends, it has taken me awhile, BUT!
I am learning that the Fear of Failing isn’t the worst part. It’s the Fear of Never Doing that will haunt us.
This morning as I slowly eat my breakfast & enjoy my cup of coffee, I am thankful for second chances to get it right. 💛

Today is the day!! 🎉
@thefreckledhenfarmhouse’s Grand Reopening Party is TODAY (!!!), but not until I cry because all of this feels like such a dream!💫 I am just oh SO thankful for our incredibly hardworking team & community who helped us pull this off! When I walk around the shop, I see that talents of so many within our community & around the globe who pour so much heart & love into their craft. It’s such an amazing gift to share it with all of you in this comfy, cozy space! 💕
Friends, we’re open 11-6 today & Saturday 10-4... I’ll be here hugging, serving coffee, helping you find that perfect little something. I’d love to meet/see you so do say hello!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for following along, sharing your encouraging words & sending love our way. It means the absolute world to me. 💓
And now I plan to dance beneath this beautiful rainbow of balloons & cry & laugh & scream because WE DID IT, PEOPLE!!! 🙌🏼

The perks of working until midnight means your home is still spotless from the housekeeper who came earlier in the week. 💁🏽‍♀️ #lifehack
We’re in the homestretch, people! Operation Move @thefreckledhenfarmhouse is almost complete (who’s coming to see us tomorrow?!!)! And in case you’re wondering, I plan to watch a ridiculous amount of Grey’s & sleep for a million hours in this very spot come Sunday.✨

With winter still within sight, I crave comfort food. I love making creamy cauliflower mash (like mashed potatoes but lighter!) paired with a rotisserie chicken & roasted asparagus on our extra busy evenings. Here's the recipe, y'all!
- 3 lb. cauliflower, diced (though I usually buy 2 bags of riced cauliflower to cut time!)
- 1/4 cup @Bolthousefarm's Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk - it's allergy friendly (no soy, nuts or gluten!) & it makes your mash extra creamy!
- Thyme, coarse sea salt, cracked pepper & butter to taste
Pour cauliflower into a large pot & fill with water until the cauliflower is just covered. Boil for 10 minutes until cauliflower is tender. Once cooked, thoroughly drain the cauliflower & return to pot. Add @Bolthousefarm's Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk. Using your immersion blender, "mash" or blend the cauliflower, adding your seasonings as you work. Once the cauliflower mash is thick & creamy, serve in a lovely bowl with butter, fresh herbs & more cracked pepper. Enjoy!
P.S. There are many ways to add flavor to your cauliflower mash! Try adding bits of bacon, sautéed onion, or sautéed mushrooms depending on the theme of your evening.
#sponsored #TheFutureOfMilk #peamilk

You’re looking at a gal who’s 1 WEEK sugar & grain free! 💃🏽
About three months ago, I could no longer ignore my body’s reaction to grain. Every time I’d consume grains, I’d feel like there was a rock in my stomach that was so painful I couldn’t sleep at night. I decided to eliminate all grains (& heck, while I was at it - why not sugar?!🙃) right after my vacation since I’d be out of my daily rhythm.
It’s been mind blowing. Zero pain. My skin is clearing up. I have more energy & more control over my cravings. The bloating is almost gone. And I’ve had so many more @weightwatchers smart points to spend on good fats that keep me full for longer.
I plan to slowly add back one grain at a time (I miss quinoa like crazy!) to hopefully figure out what’s specifically causing my reaction, but this process has been such an eye-opener.
I never really realized until adulthood just how much power our food choices have over our bodies. And I’m reminded over & over again that my health journey isn’t about the number on the scale - it’s all about showing up to my life in the best way I can each & every day. ❤️

✨GIVEAWAY Closed!✨ We’re finally back into our daily rhythm after our wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic! This time around, we each packed a small suitcase with only the essentials to keep it light & simple. My sweet friend, Sarah of @sarah_kithandkin, made us matching toiletry bags for our trip, which are so functional & pretty! 💕 I’m SO excited to gift a kith&kin toiletry bag to one lucky winner & their friend because I know you’ll love them, too!
To enter, simply: 1. Follow @sarah_kithandkin & @nataliecreates 2. Comment below & tag a friend, sharing at least one place on your bucket list! For an extra entry, repost this image with #nataliecreatesgiveaways OR IG Story this photo & tag me!
I’ll pick one winner & their friend on Monday, March 5th, & announce it here. Happy adventuring, happy winning! 🌿

We’re finishing up all of the projects for our upcoming shop move - staining tables, repairing coolers (to store farm fresh eggs & FLOWERS! Yay!), building shelves & more. While my handyman hubby had his power tools out, he whipped up a little wrap-around shelf for our living room with some boards from Lowe’s & brackets from Ikea. The perfect shelf to display even more plants, am I right?! 😂
. . .
Thank you all so much for your kind words on my last post. I read each comment & allowed your encouragement to soak right in. ❤️

As I sat through church service yesterday, I was struck with just how often I convince myself that I’m on the edge of a cliff, certain this is the point when I’ll fall & fail.
Rather than simply believing there’s abundance at my fingertips, I work & push & fight even harder. Not because I don’t believe in The Hustle (it’s a powerful tool when used wisely), but because I often don’t believe in myself.
Y’all, my vulnerability is showing. ❤️
This move to a bigger shop scares me to the core. It’s a huge leap for our business & a jump I didn’t expect to have to make so soon.
But here’s the thing - Who’s going to show up & believe in us if we can’t even show up for ourselves? Friends, I’m speaking truth & love & wisdom to myself until I believe in my worth, in my abilities, in the abundance that is freely given simply because It Is.
I share this all because I am convinced the journey is much more meaningful than the finish line.
Thanks for listening, friends. ❤️

We arrived home from vacation to lots & lots & LOTS of rain. The baby goats are sad, everyone’s forgotten how to drive & I’ve resorted to lighting every candle in the house because what else can you even do?! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Oh, & we’re 12 days away from opening our new shop. Thank goodness for coffee & cardio to keep me from goin’ cray. (And if you’re like whaaaaat?! New shop? Read my newest blog post on @thefreckledhenfarmhouse’s beautiful new home! - link in profile 💕)

Losing 40-ish pounds finally gave me the guts to wear clothes that reflected who I was on the inside. I had so many rules, y’all. No crazy patterns, hide your arms, cover your knees, wear a cardigan, flowy is your friend.
If I could do it all over again, I would throw out those dumb rules & wear this skirt every. single. dang. day.
My problem wasn’t my size. My problem was my mindset.
We are valuable, loved, beautiful, sexy & worthy as a size 6 or a size 36.
You don’t need to lose the baby weight or fit into a certain size to show up & stand up for yourself.
Sisters, I encourage you today to learn from my mistakes, shed those self-imposed rules & wear what truly makes you happy. Simply because You are You. 💓
P.S. Just a couple of things: 1. I’m over at the @shaileyandkatie podcast sharing lots of thoughts on starting our business, navigating my health journey & more - listen in if you’re into that sort of thing! 2. @noondaycollection launches their new collection today! I’m wearing one of their older necklaces in this snapshot because I have loved their incredible work for years SO if you love stylish jewelry with ✨purpose,✨ hop on over & check out their beautiful new line!

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