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Natalie Constanti  ▪️Fitness Presenter ▪️Strong by Zumba® Master Trainer ▪️2nd Dan Taekwondo ▪️WBFF Top4 Diva Fitness 🐒Dancer, Movement, Flow, Bodyweight Enthusiast


Hey London! 🇬🇧 I have 2 SBZ Instructor Trainings happening this coming weekend on Sat 24th Feb, West Hampstead & Sun 25th Feb, South bank & Guess What, I still have some spots left!
Register TODAY & use my code #nataliecstrong50 to receive $50 off your training registration. Hit the link in bio 🔝
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Replace fear with curiosity. It is a valuable characteristics that you can posses. It creates freedom of desire to learn & separates the truly alive from those going through the motions! #fearlessness #perspectiveshift #neverloseyourwonder #natalieconstanti .

What’s ups fam, Happy Friday !

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Thank you for your continued support I appreciate you all & wish you a wonderful weekend, Much love 💕 #natalieconstanti #kinisifit #connectingpeople

SYNC MEMBERS Get Ready! For the first-ever event exclusively for YOU! The SYNC SUMMIT!
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You’ll get instruction from @chopsueylee and the Global Team of Master Trainers. These SYNC Member-only sessions will boost your skills as a fitness professional + help you lead more successful #STRONGbyZumba classes.
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Practice Makes IMPROVEMENTS.

Double Tap if you like the latest Quadrant 3! This is my Favourite Q release so far! Sharing some of my favourite moves from this mornings practice session as both @michaeldeankf & I finished up our morning training session. Once a Ninja always a Ninja! 🥋 Thank you @chopsueylee 💯%🔝

What’s your favourite Quadrant? Sync members let me know! Comment 👇🏻

#TrainToTheBeat #UK @strongbyzumba @albertoperlman @jacobsondarren #STRONGByZumba .

Happy Valentine’s Day🌹I don’t buy in to seasonal affairs but I think it’s always a good day to show & spread some #LOVE & spend it with loved ones ❣️
📷 This picture was captured on my Wedding Day by Alexander Butchart who captured the most beautiful pictures of my husband @michaeldeankf & I ✨
#foreverlove #thebestdayofmylife #weddingday #truelove #happyvalentinesday

B R I D G E .T H E .G A P - It doesn’t have to be sexy to be affective!.
➖In this variation of the glute bridge I am squeezing the yoga block.
➖The reason being, this will reset/strengthen my adductors in unison with working my glutes.
➖Addressing any weakness that I have through my inner thighs.
➖Squeezing the block increases irradiation, meaning I can activate more muscle fibres & will affectively build stronger glutes.
➖It is also an active stretch for my outer thighs, helping to address imbalances, in particular overactive quadriceps.
✅ reps/sets
➖If you would like to try this variation I suggest starting with 20sec holds for 4sets and increase the time as required (when you feel the set is easier & your ready to increase the challenge).
➖build up to 4sets of 60s holds.
✅ progression.
➖ you can perform a single leg variation once you reach master level (as stated above)
📽 Coming soon from my workout as you asked me to share, so stay tuned! ✌🏻
#trainsmart #controlyourself #ownthatshit #strengthtraining #legworkout #yogafit .

TEASER ⚡️Do You Want To Learn This Choreography? I’m bringing it to my @zumba #masterclass on the #ZumbaCruise so make sure you book my session & come #dance with me! 🇬🇧 #partydontstop #sassy #girlybutbadass #Zumba

Here’s a fun fact about me.
I began ITF Taekwondo at the age of 11.
I earned my grade up to a 2nd black belt before I began to pursue my passion in Dance.
I was fortunate to lead a successful journey competing and have many fond memories of.
It’s also where I met my true love @michaeldeankf .
I won this trophy at the British TAGB Taekwondo Champions in 1995!
This is one of many trophy’s that I won over a short period in my competing days.
But this trophy marks an incredible journey of perseverance, self control & indomitable spirit.
Martial arts sculpted my character. It gave me a greater understanding as I developed an inner confidence but fulfilled a great passion as I played in the den. Nevertheless I still live by these methods, maybe they have altered some as I grow wiser but they still have some part to play in my approach to any new situation.
This is one part of my story, one side of my personality & a small part in my journey. ✌🏻 #followyourdreams #martialarts #taekwondogirl #NatTheNinja

Here’s to drinking Frappuccinos in the sun ☀️ #vacationmode #recharge #haeven #throwback

Stepping in to the weekend like “Boom Ka Ka” 👩🏼‍🎤 This weekend I’m HOME! What will I do?...😆.....I’m going to..... LIVE FOR THE FREEKIN WEEKEND 🤟🏻. Yup enjoying some me time, Hubby time, family time, going for long walks, talks, drinking lots of tea, smiling, laughing, moving, cooking up some of my favourite foods, cuddling my cats and most importantly taking time to be IN THE MOMENT 🙏🏻#thesimplethings Enjoy your weekend folks remember it’s nice to be nice! #goodvibesonly #spreadlove #weekendvibes 💫

Together We Are An Unstoppable Force⚡️TB to the @strongbyzumba Master Trainer Camp with my incredible Team @zes.izabela.kin @alexleanmclean @abrahamhernandezfit & Boss/Ninja in disguise @jacobsondarren 🥋#Hustlers

“When you master a progression it’s time to move on!” Sharing with you my next BB variation, ‘The Single Leg Back Bridge’.
I told you on my previous Back Bridge post that I will be sharing my BB journey with you guys to see how I personally develop a skill.
So here is my next progression which I will be playing with over the next few weeks. The goal is to do a single leg BB through the concentric phase as well 😅 I did try it today but I decided to go through all proper prerequisite to truly own that shit ! So for now I’m sticking with the eccentrics as I’m happy to take the required amount of adaptions to be able to really control myself! #WeGoSlow #slowtogrow #controlyourself

Want to teach the hottest new high-intensity group ex program? Sign up for STRONG by Zumba®️ training at Blackpool Trade Show on March 22nd with Master Trainers Natalie Constanti and @joao_zumba and train to the beat!
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Leapord Crawling brought to you by homosapien 🐆 #primalmovement #controlyourself #locomotion 🎥 From @michaeldeankf BC Class

You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making. #loveyourself 💕

#ZumbaCruise I’m excited !

With only 8 weeks till we set sail I’m dreaming of golden sands, blue skies & tropical sun ☀️🏝
I’m hyped for the sessions I will be teaching on board and also some special collaborations with some of my ZES/MT team mates. I really can’t wait to meet you, so make sure you come & say Hi! Let’s connect & most of all have a FREEKIN AWESOME time sharing our passion & doing what we LOVE #Zumba & #Strongbyzumba
Watch This Space! Session announcements coming soon!! #ViBE 💥
Register by using my code #natalieconstanti & receive $25 💳 #miami

This is my coach @michaeldeankf 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Go follow his page for some seriously refreshing unique fitspo #AlwaysLeadingTheWay If it wasn’t for this guy I wouldn’t be the Ninja I turned out to be 😅🙅🏼‍♀️🙏🏻🔝 #grateful #alwaysastudent #trainsmart #mycoach

CRUSH IT! The only way is up🔝CONGRATULATIONS to our @strongbyzumba Instructors in Nottingham 💪🏻👊🏻💥#Strongbyzumbauk 📸: Tag & Share ✌🏻

A B O U T . L A S T . N I G H T ⚡️
MANCHESTER you have my heart! We are such an INCREDIBLE community 🔝👊🏻💥. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, For always be you. You totally made the start to my year. It felt sooo good to be back, just like old times! I had an absolutely AMAZING time dancing the night away with each & every one of you! It was great to see new & familiar faces. Your energy, love & enthusiasm was incredible #OneLove under 1 roof!
Get Ready For Round2! More details coming soon so make sure you turn on your IG notifications & Don’t forget to like my Official FB Page.
📸: please Tag & Share ✌🏻& to my girl @azzpierre thank you for making this happen 💕 #authenticity #fitnesslover #fitfam #natalieconstanti

With challenge comes change! It’s true! ....anything is possible if your willing to Try! If your ready for a new challenge then look out for our new @strongbyzumba coaches heading your way! All classes listed on strongbyzumba.com #JoinTheFitnessRevoltion 💪🏻
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Good Morning y’all! Keeping you moving through the weekend with some more #movementnutrition. All it will take is 5minutes of your time & YOU will thank your self for it. Did you try the last one? We would love to hear from you? Make sure you head over to @michaeldeankf IG to leave a comment, share & for more 🔝 movement nutrition inspo #hustleandflow 🐒
ReGen - Breathe.Flex.Extend.Rotate.Flow
Try 5min for your daily Movement Nutrition
Breathe out fully as you flex, crunch your abs & tuck your pelvis
Breathe in deeply as you extend, lengthening the neck, chest & anterior tilt your pelvis
As you come to tall kneeling, tuck your pelvis (ppt) & squeeze your glutes as you rotate
Breathe out once you pull into full rotation
#movetolive 🙏

#throwback to Miami 🇺🇸 with my #bossbabes @irena_meletiou_zes @monika.lejman & @reneepickettfitpro 💪🏻💫#strongwomen .
📸 @strongbyzumba Masterclass @24hourfitness 💥

Hey you!

Be aware of your words
they are powerful.
Be mindful of your language
It creates meaning.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis creates how you feel.

How you feel will determine your actions
Your actions create your outcomes.
Getting what you want out of life starts with the things you say to your self. #mantra 💫

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