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Natalie Newhart  💪 Athlete and Coach 🏋️‍♀️CF Games 2013 / NPC Physique / Powerlifter / GRID 💯Virtual Training & Nutrition Coach. 👇Functional Strength ON SALE NOW👇

Happy to have survived this gnarly workout with @teamcarleen ... wasn't even sure if I was capable of doing 30 reps at 155# being only 4 weeks back into CF, but I made it happen one rep at a time.
#howbaddoyouwantit #mindset #believe
Give this one a go... 40 cal bike
30 p. Cleans 65#
30 cal bike
30 p clean 95#
20 cal bike
30 p clean 135#
10 cal bike
30 p clean 155#

🎶 "If you run with the lame, you will develop a limp." -Louie Simmons
Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.
You can have the best program, the best equipment, the best shoes... but NOTHING beats a good training partner. Nothing.
Thanks to @premier_shots for another epic video.
#hardwork #dedication #beastmode #crossfit @kabukistrengthlab

Happy and surprised to say that doing countless reps of DB shoulder press during my bodybuilding days has actually paid off. 😳
Ring HSPU have never felt so good! -
Hardest part was getting over the fear of kicking up- thanks @teamcarleen for giving me the confidence to go for it! 💪
#ilovemytrainingpartner #ilovecrossfit #bodybuilding #hybridathlete #hardwork #dedication

How I begin my day... by building a strong aerobic base through some low intensity cardio, the one style of training that crossfit athletes tend to neglect.
It may look lame or sound boring (and sometimes it is) but your improved work capacity will turn you into an aerobic beast.
Currently working on an aerobic training plan template that will do just that, builds bigger engine. Stay tuned!
#engine #workcapacity #makesagreatwarmuptoo

Just me and this sandbag for the next 4000' of climbing.
Do I want to do it? No.
Am I scared? Yes.
Then why do it? Because i know it will make me stronger.
To become resilient in life, you must do the things you hate to do. Be uncomfortable every fucking day of your life and you will find greatness on the other side.

Just over here trying to be the best that I can be.
Everyday is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday... better with your nutrition, your training, and your mindset.
Forget what happened yesterday or last week. Make the choice to improve now, start fresh now!
🎥 @premier_shots
#determined #focused #strongerthanyesterday

Trying to get back in the grind of sharing my training journey with y'all.
Here's a quick clip from today's session. Thanks @ragnavok for the push, nothing beats a good training partner! 👊
I swear did the AAB intervals lol.
#gymlife #grateful #athleteforever

Can you guess which camp is mine?? -
I thought everyone brought their exercise bike to the lake??! -
#activerecovery #trilliumlake #assaultbike

This is how we do date night
@tommieb1 ❤️
#teamtomnat #parkour #timetrial #firsttime #isucked

Pretty crazy how quick you can bounce back after a physical adversity, whether it be an injury or devastating BB prep in my case.
2 weeks ago I weighed 110#, the smallest I've been since high school, shit maybe even middle school.
I felt so weak and fragile... could barely squat 225 for 3 reps or snatch 115 for a single. My body felt like it was ready to snap under a moderately heavy load.
But today, after a solid 2 weeks of eating (maybe a little to much at times) and training, I was surprised to have hit about 90% of my old lifts.
So if you're currently dealing with an adversity that's not allowing you to train the way you want, don't lose hope- all that hard work you've put in will still be there and will come back quicker than you think.
Instead, use this "downtime" to focus on something on something you've always wanted to do but never had the time or place for it.
#mindset #resilient #trusttheprocess #ivemissedthis #sohappynow #lovecrossfit

Feels so good to get back into crossfit. And there's nothing better than a good training partner.
Just finished up a killer session this morning with the reigning Northwest Regionals champ @teamcarleen
This girl is one of the coolest, down to earth and humble chics I know, and her story is super inspiring.
Can't wait to watch her kill it at the CrossFit Games in a couple weeks!
#fanforever #athleteofcharacter #myfavoritekindofgirltime

Got Shin Splints?
I get them EVERY time I run, sometimes so bad that I dread driving (lifting my foot from gas to brake pedal) 😑
If changing up your shoes doesn't work, try doing these drills before after you run to minimize that annoying pain:
- walk on heels, toes up
- walk with toes pointed in
- walk with toes pointed out
- walk on tippy toes
These exercises don't fix the problem, but they provide me with some instant relief.
#shinsplints #everytime #oneofmostannoyingpainsever #hownottolookcool

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