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Natalie🦋  Leo🧚🏼‍♀️ Dancer | Singer | Actress | Model @btbmgmt || @blocla Booking inquiries- #17andEvolving #LikeNat

The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. 💮 || #LikeNat

#17andEvolving || @inglewoodsir 🌀 || Feeling like I’m dreaming... ☁️ || Choreo by my brother @_cjsalvador ✨ || dancing w @emmagoslinnng @leslieesandovall 💞 || filmed by the bro ! @kennywormald 🌪 || #SiR #LikeNat

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.. 🗣 || #LikeNat

Happy mothaFUGGIN BIRTHDAY TO A REAL ONE!!!!! My twin & long lost sister a birth lmao. There’s truly nobody like you! You stay on your grind, work for EVERY opportunity you’ve gained, while still looking out for your people💯 you’ve helped me not only by training & teaching me in a dance aspect but also just being there for me as a sis & I fr appreciate that. My love & loyalty run deep for you ! Besides your parents & Ryan & RahRah I’m yo biggest supporter 😭💪🏽 & I forever got your back. YOU 21 BIHHHHH NOW I GOTTA GET MY FAKE SO WE CAN TURN UP WHILE WE TRAVELIN 😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️ ||

bare 🐻🌟 || #LikeNat

We gon live a lil bit 🥳 || @goodgas @madeintyo @ysabellecaps || #LikeNat

Let me help you 🦋 || #LikeNat

#17andEvolving || @jbalvin @anitta 🌟 || choreo by my fellow LEO !!!! @calvitjr 🤙🏽 thank you to you & @sarabiv for always coming w these vibes and having a genuine, LIVE, RAW ENERGY CLASS🦋♥️ Much much love || getting down w my sis @charlizeglass 🖤 || filmed by @brandonesparza 👌🏽 || sweats from @krew_kulture @nicolekirkland 🥺♥️💖 || @kmdanceacademy || #LikeNat

Just in case y’all forgot, here’s a reminder. // @ysabellecaps 🌟 || @jayladarden 🦋 || #LikeNat

Someone is going to continue turning their dreams into a reality. 🦋🌌 || #OverAchievingH2O #ItMightAsWellBeMe #LikeNat

She couldn’t take my place even if I put her in it. || #LikeNat

#17andEvolving || @jordanalexward 🦋 || This song hits. keepin me in a bag fasho.. Just freestyling & speaking || filmed by my brother @directedbyjon || #tmillytv #freestyle #LikeNat

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