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Nastya Nass  @fit_nass_ 🏋 fitness coach/model 🍑twerk teacher 🌱vegan 📩 business inquiries - Julie👇 Booty Building Program 🍑👇

Buen fin de semana☀️🌴Weekend mood😎🤘🏼 Bola Rebola @jbalvin @anitta @mczaac @tropkillaz #bolarebola #bolarebolachallenge

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Willing to lose weight we tend to concentrate only on the reflection in the mirror and the number on the scales. While you should track your progress to keep your weight loss system effective, it shouldn’t be your main focus☝🏼🤓 Instead learn to hear and understand your body, listen to how it feels. Is this workout right for it? Or maybe you should switch to something else? 🤔Remember, that there is no strict rules when it comes to trainings. You don’t have to pump iron if you don’t like it. Dance if you enjoy it, do pilates, yoga, go to the pool - options are pretty much endless. In fact, you will get more fit faster if you choose the workout you like. Your body will be grateful for it👻
Some people like working out in the morning, some - in the evening. Some prefer to train up to 5 times per week, some feel the desire to workout only 2-3 times each week. It doesn’t mean that you’re not as good as those who almost live in the gym if you train only a couple of times during the week. It just means that your body doesn’t need that much of a physical activity. Maybe it will need more later - listen to yourself and you will notice😌

Healthy lifestyle is not about looks, weight, amount of fat or muscles. It’s about being in harmony with your own body. It’s about listening to it, understanding it, and, most importantly, loving it❤️ #health #healthylifestlyle #healthylife #bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #fitness #weightloss

Love your body❤️
Take care of your body🧘🏼‍♂️
Watch What You Put Into Your Body🍏
It’s your only home for this life🏡… Treat it well and it will give you a freedom, otherwise it will enslave you🤕📸Photo by @ryanastamendiphotography 😍😍😍

A little backstage from last 📸 with @ryanastamendiphotography 🎵 Song: #lookbackatit by @artisthbtl #HBTL

Part 2🔥
🎵Song: #backinitup @pardi @iamcardib #superbowl

Do it with passion or not at all👿 Part 1 Song:🎵Backin' It Up
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Sometimes it's a challenge to let ourselves slow down. It seems there is always something that needs doing, always someone who needs our attention👻

But we need to learn how to create little islands of solitude in our daily lifes🌴☀️ When we're alone we see more clearly👀 We get a better understanding of ourselves: Who we are, Where we fit in the world, What makes us feel alive and happy🤔

The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love❤ Without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, and without becoming addicted to the other😌 To allow the other absolute freedom because you know that if the other leaves, you will be as happy as you are now🙏
In other words when we have a harmonic relationship with Self, spending time with others is not a need, but a Wish and a matter of personal choice☝️ Make some time for yourself today😎 Love❤

When your eyes can't keep up 👀🍑How do you do it?😱😱😱 @mytypolife

And yeah, twerk video will be soon🙌🏼 I know you miss it😂

6 years ago vs now / 10 years ago vs now 😜 #10yearchallenge

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