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Nastasia  Blogger & Traveller 🌍 💌 📍Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

❗️SAVE this post❗️ to visit one of the most beautiful town in Germany!❤️Honestly I don’t understand why it’s not so famous as Colmar, for example! Have you ever been to Rothenburg ob der Tauber?

In Berlin is already spring🙈🌸 but I have so many winter photos that I haven’t shown you yet! A little poll here, are you tired from winter pictures?

Brezel anyone? 🥨 there are so many beautiful towns in Germany, you don’t have to go anywhere else🙈 Rottenburg ob der Tauber is one of the most amazing town I‘ve ever seen😍❤️

Werbung. What a day! Getting up at 3 am, flight to Munich and finally attending such an interesting workshop! Decorating rims with @alutec_wheels was such a joy! Already looking forward to showing you the result❤️ #alutecwheels #alutecartattack #bewegdichstylisch

Happy St. Valentines day❤️I am already at home in Berlin but tomorrow Munich is already waiting for me🙈getting ready for my trip and don’t celebrate 😎 and you? Do you celebrate St. Valentines day? And what are your plans for today?

Werbung, da Marken verlinkt* Giveaway time 💓🎉 Ihr könnt diese 4 Beauty Pakete gewinnen! (Swipe nach links um alles zu sehen 😍)
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Hey hey, I hope you are having a nice start into the weekend! And I am going on our girlstrip to Bayern tomorrow 💃💃 I am so excited😍😍😍 so there’s a lot of great stuff to see, so stayed tuned❤️

I am not sure if such pictures are still relevant , but I don’t understand Instagram anymore😁😁 that’s why let’s drink for finding ourselves, I think it’s the most important thing in our life. I‘m still in progress and you?

Good evening loves❤️ I hope your week started good! And I‘ve just realized it’s February already! I have so many plans for this year and there are only 11 months left😈 what about you? Have you already started with your plans for 2019 or still waiting for smth?🙈

Good morning my lovelies ☀️ Are you sleepyheads or early birds? I am definitely sleepyhead and I‘m not hiding it🙈🙈 what time did you get up this morning?😉( as for me at 10 am)🤘🏻

Spending the time with friends is one of the best things in our life, isn’t it? Next week starts another trip with my girls to... guess where? Werbung da Verlinkungen.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to choose🙈🙈 do let’s do it together, how do you think: 1 or 2?