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nasser13hamad  "المعجزه" لقب لم اختاره لنفسي بل الناس اختارته لي و اعترف به رسمياً. الله يقدرني على ان ابذل حياتي و جهدي لعبادته ثم لخدمتكم و ان احول المستحيل للممكن

يوم طيب، و رجالً أقدرها، و خيلً اعزها. ✌🏼
A successful day, with my great commrades, on horses that i respect. ✌🏼

و نرجع نركز على بطولة العالم ✌🏼
Eyes on the prize.. Back to focus mode✌🏼

العيون دوم للعالي 😉👍🏼
Always aiming up high 😉👍🏼

مبرووووووك فوز خالد بن حمد ببطولة السويد و اداء الفريق بشكل عام!! بياض وجه و لله الحمد✌🏼
Many congratulation to a very well executed plan which had Khaled as our focus to win and the rest of the team to perform the way we wanted. Well done!!! ✌🏼
Till next time #sweden 🇸🇪

الفال لك إن قالها الله 🙌🏼 Best of luck to my brother. Wish we all succeed in the 120km endurance race at Sweden. 🇸🇪

ألف مبروك لمملكة البحرين و للملك و لكل من اسند هذا البطل، عبدالله عطية حصول على ٣ جوائز من كلية ساندهيرست لأول مرة في التاريخ. سيف الشرف، و جائزة التفوق العسكري و العلمي بمجموع العلامات و جائزة اللياقة البدنية. نفتخر بك.
الله يوفقك في خدمة الدين ثم الوطن و الملك.
First of all i would like to congratulate our country for having a champion like @abdullaattiya, and then to all of his supporters. This champion graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and not only that. He made history by earning 3 prizes. The sword of honor, the overall military and academic grades, and the physical fitness award as well. This is only the start and may your future be bright and full of success in serving Allah, your country and the crown.

جزء من ميز الناجح هو صمته عن افعاله. ⚔️🛡⚔️
Part of what a successful person does, is to be silent about his achievements.

❤️ Welcome Back

يا مرحبا!!!!!! تو ما نور عالم الخيل 😉
Guess whos back to horse back riding? 😉

Vincenzo, you have been an exceptional leader at this years Tour de France, I am so very sorry you are forced to leave this race in such an unfortunate and undeserving manner, I truly hope this will encourage more action from all parties involved to increase safety for your colleagues and all cyclists in general, we need the public to realise the importance of all athletes safety as been a priority, unfortunately incidents like this happen in order to look for improvements, this time the consequences have effected us but we look ahead and move forward with more determination than ever! Good luck to the rest of the incredible riders, and stay safe. Forza Vincenzo!!

اللي يعادينا حياته في نكد
واللي يوالينا يزود بزودنا
ماهمنا الجاحد الى منه جحد
افعالنا وقت اللزوم شهودنا
واكبر دليل اهل النصايب واللحد
اللي فعايلهم مثل بارودنا
حتى لو انهم غيبوا روح وجسد
ذكر اشهدانا به تذعذع نودنا
عمارنا تفداك يالقايد حمد
وتفدا اراضينا وتفدا حدودنا


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