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a nasirmalik  $1b? Checked out 20120418; hmm...gorgeous pix.

Balek kampong trek is never complete without this offending item in the mail upon returning home. #%^* Slim River!

Scientists do operate in the non-empirical sphere. 🙂

Swimming songstress?

Balek kampong, balek rumah.

Balek kampong.

Pusin satu Perligh...tak jumpa kedai kuei....

Dont read, watch, listen to or smell the local news;
so didnt know that the Martians has landed,
& set new rules in town.
Juris neminem haud excusat.

Village life is stress-free & inexpensive.
Here I should remain.

Democracy, capitalism...bed mates.
Both man-made. Shelf-life expiring, best by date drawing close.
Back to divine design soon.

Not quite still life.

My so kampong abode...
rough & rustic engineered door,
"lawan kuda" / horse race dates calendar,
favourite 22 year old hat.

Goodness gracious me!
We probably share the same DNA!!!

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