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When you focus on your problems, you’ll get more problems. When you focus on gratitude you will get more opportunities. -

So a few months back I got to go on an awesome trip with @rebella to Thailand. We did a bunch of stuff there, but one of my favorite parts was cruising around on the @subluetech water scooter. It’s basically an underwater boosted board!! -

I liked it so much that I brought it home to Hawaii and have been cruising around with it quite a bit. I’ll be posting a video of it soon so keep a look out! -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙 #subluetravels #ad

You know it’s funny. Even though God is the creator, He never made a lot of what we see today. -

He never made a table or a chair or a house or a boat. He made a tree, He made dirt. He gave us an opportunity to take make something for ourselves. -

God gives us opportunity all the time but sometimes it’s disguised as a tree. It’s not immediately obvious that it could be a table, but it’s there. It’s our job to see the opportunity, and what we make of it is our gift back to God. -

Learn to recognize opportunity in unforeseen places. It’s where some of the best stuff lies. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Don’t make art for algorithms. -

This may not be relevant to you so if not feel free to skip, but it’s a topic I’m passionate about. -

For those of you that don’t know, social media platforms have algorithms that basically use AI to show certain content to certain users. Pretty simple right? -

Well there’s been a lot of talk about “the algorithm screwing me over” and other such claims when posts don’t get as many likes as you think they should. People get agitated with it and start making content that they think the algorithm will respond well to AKA get more engagement. -

I get it, that’s cool and all but idk about you but I didn’t start creating art to please an invisible force. Cause let’s face it, the shots that do well are big butts in beautiful places. No offense but that’s pretty shallow. -

I create art to express creativity and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams, whatever that may be. When did our art become subject to what a computer thinks of it and when did we decide to change because of it? So we can get a few more likes? Are you kidding? -

For all those artists out there, don’t cater to the algorithm. Create content that’s worth an engagement and you surely will get it. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Your greatest message will be written by your life, not your lips. -

I think now more than ever it’s easy to talk. It’s easy to put on a persona online or around certain people. Talk is cheap but people still fall for it. What really matters is the example you set with your life. -

It’s easy to say cute motivational quotes, it’s hard to live it when crap hits the fan. Those are the moments that expose the frauds and elevate the true leaders. Talk never wins, action and humility do.
Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Do you know who you are? -

It’s a serious question that a lot of people can’t answer. Sure you can give the basics like name, age, where you’re from etc. but who are you really? The thing is, if you can’t answer it, the world will for you. -

They’ll call you a single mom, drug addict, a college dropout, a loser, but you know what? Your life isn’t defined by an event. Actually, scratch that, it is. -

The only event that matters is when Jesus died and said “I don’t care what the world calls you, I call you mine. Let the world call you whatever they will, it doesn’t matter because when you trust me the only title that counts is son or daughter of the most high” -

So who are you? You can either let the world define you, you can define yourself, or you can let the creator define you. I’ll take the latter. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Your routine creates your results. -

If you want to change your reputation, start with your routine. Your routine yields your results which ultimately build your reputation. -

Change your choices change your life. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

You don’t have to be perfect to inspire others. -

I think this is a common misconception people have. They think they have to perfect a skill or do something major in order to be an inspiration, but often times the opposite is true. -

Small actions done on a consistent basis are highly motivating and people notice it. It may not be winning the super bowl, but there’s a certain level of tenacity that comes with consistency that is highly contagious and people want it. -

So the goal shouldn’t be to be perfect before you can inspire, but rather to ask, “how can I inspire others through my imperfections?” -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Our concept of failure stems from our definition of success. What are you trying to prove? And to who? -

If the answer is anybody other than yourself then you need to re-evaluate. -

See if our definition of failure hinges on what we PERCIEVE others think of us (which may or may not be true) then we’ve already lost. You begin playing a game you were never even drafted for and as a result you start to do things you wouldn’t normally do in order to impress these people who don’t even care, for things that don’t really matter. -

So instead of impressing others, the goal should be to impress yourself. How well did you stick to your goals? Did you treat others kindly? Do you act crazy when you get mad or do you keep your cool? (got a whole theory on anger I’ll talk about in a later post haha). Flip the script on your definition of success and watch how much happier you’ll be. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Sometimes trying to prove you’re the best is an insult. Don’t fall into the ego trap. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Appreciation and anticipation. The 2 most important life skills. -

Both are absolutely vital and 1 without the other is useless. If you have anticipation but not appreciation, you will always be looking for what’s next, but never satisfied. Even the best things life has to offer won’t be enough because you always want more and don’t even know how to describe it. -

If you have appreciation without anticipation then you won’t be able to pay your bills or plan any kind of meaningful future because although you are thankful, you operate with no foresight. -

Full disclosure, I think I need to work on both. I try to be more thankful everyday, but sometimes it’s hard to always have a positive spirit. Gotta make sure to find the good in everything always. I’m also like the worlds worst planner. Like literally just sent it to Kauai today and I don’t even know how I got here or what I’m doing but I’m here haha. I approach life from a full “wing it” perspective and sometimes it works out great but other times it may have been nice to throw out a vague plan haha. -

Anyway hope you got some value from this one. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

Don’t just do something, be something. There’s a difference. -

When you do something, there’s no passion behind it. You do it for ulterior motives (usually money, or because you’re forced to). When you become something, on the other hand, you embody it. -

When you become something you don’t need extra motivation to get it done because it’s so ingrained in you that you can’t possibly think of a day without it. You’re willing to go, what looks to be out of your way to do it, but for you it’s right on track. -

So whatever your “be” is, whether it’s career related or personality related like be more generous or be more positive, the only way to fully become is to transform your habits. Change your priorities and you will start to see different types of people that you attract and how they will transform you for the better

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

The pressure to feel pleasure is why so many people are depressed. -

You see it every day. You open up your phone and all you see are people’s best. They’re on vacations, winning awards, doing crazy things. And there’s almost always one thing in common. They look happy, or so it seems. -

Let’s take this photo for example. It looks epic, but in reality I was freezing on a rickety tower with 25 mph winds gusting back and forth. Far from what you see in the picture. -

Yet we put this pressure on ourselves that we always have to be experiencing some type of pleasure. We always have to put on the front of being happy, and it’s honestly toxic. -
Whenever you look for happiness, you will only end up being less happy than you were which leads a lot of people to depression. -

So what’s the answer? Stop looking around. Appearance is not reality. It’s just a front because deep down everyone has the same struggles. The goal should not be to always be happy. The goal instead should to always be grateful. -

Be blessed and stay stoked😎🤙

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