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Nasiba Adilova  Co- Founder, The Tot

Husband in total awe of my shoe choices.. he called these post surgery orthopaedic support shoes. Yay or Nay??

Motherhood means you are covered in pee and spit up all day everyday... I wouldn’t have it any other way. ( on another note how do I remove spit up from silk?)

In order to grow beyond who you are today you must allow yourself to unravel, unfold and unveil all the LOVE within. I am so thankful to my children for helping me grow from within. For every single life affirming experience they have given me, I am thankful. Watching them grow and blossom next to me is a gift I will carry through my whole life.

Everyone will try to tell you what’s best for your baby.  But one thing to remember is that the most important thing you can give your baby- the most nurturing, the most educational, and the one he’ll never grow tired of - is your LOVE.  This love manifests through your touch, words and songs, play and most of all your loving presence.  You can give your baby the best thing in the world for free, your devotion. And by giving your baby your complete attention, be it once a day or as often as you think of it, you also give yourself the benefits of living in the moment, of seeing the world with the wonder of your baby’s new eyes.  So grab your tiny tot, toss aside your parenting books while you tumble on the floor with your baby.
And know this: “you are the most important gift that you can give to your child.” #parenting @thetot

My Azalea’s blooming just for her 🌸 #babygirl

Disclaimer the Stroller is hiding behind me!

This is me going to dinner.. plus the stroller, plus the diaper bag, plus 2 more toddlers.. @thetot

Some women pose with trendy accessories, and I’m always next to strollers...

My dream come true 💕

Doing my best kangaroo pose. The wind was so strong that cuddled up in the sling was actually the best place for baby Bella. Had to eventually cover her legs bc the sand in the wind was so fierce.

Me 30 mins after we got to Hawaii... 😂

Is it’s strange that I miss this ? Anyone else feel the same? #pregnantbelly

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