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N.A.S.A.P  We are a registered charity in Sherwood Park and Edmonton surrounding area, dedicated to giving cats and dogs a second chance and a second home!

Gator is at @guardianvet this morning for follow up on her knee surgery from back in May!! #wellwishes #gator #nasaprescue #fosterdog #rescuedismyfavorite #bulldogproblems

#thankyou to the people of @beaumont_ab and especially @petvalubeaumont for the donations today! These pet beds are awesome and $108 is amazing! #changeforchange #donations #fostercare

Remember sun safety for your furry family members! #sunsafety

Head to Eastwood park before 6 pm today to enjoy the festival!! #muttstock @muttstock

#happytails for Kingston!! "Kingston is doing very well, he has taken over the house and our hearts. We go for walks every day (weather permitting) and he has been on 2 camping trips now, where he has come almost nose to nose with a deer, lots of swimming and lots and lots of hiking." He is working on car rides and is a little camera shy #lovinglife #dogsofinstagram #adoptionsaveslives #nasapalumni #thankyou #goldenyears #soloved #rescuedog

#happytails for Sonic!
Sonic is loving life and fits in great with the family! #adoptionsaveslives #adopdontshop #thankyou #nasapalumni

#happytails for Dolly! "We couldn't have found a better match for our family - Dolly was nervous at first, which is to be expected but within a couple of days, she settled right in and made herself at home. We took her to Mills Haven Vet Clinic in Sherwood Park for her follow-up check up and everyone there loved her as well. She has a great view of our backyard from her cat tree and was fascinated by a squirrel that captured her attention a couple of weeks ago. We have enjoyed her spunk, sweetness, gentleness, crazyness and pure entertainment sometimes - lots of laughs indeed, she is quite the character at times. She loves to sleep tucked under the table on the cushy chairpads or inside her tunnel in her cat tree. We love her playfulness and is such a delight to watch entertain herself with her tail, shadows, her own reflection or rip around the house at full speed. She loves our company and has the cutest little mews that we have ever heard. She is eating very well and knows when her soft food will be served and grazes throughout the day on her hard food and water (she likes to drink water from our glasses at the table, lol). She uses her litter box faithfully and adapted so well when we moved it to the basement once she settled in. We kept it in the main floor bathroom for the first couple of weeks until she felt comfortable with her surroundings.
Dolly is an excellent choice for us and we love how she is relaxed and happy to be a part of our family!"
#thankyou #adopdontshop #adoptionsaveslives #nasapalumni

Hanna 17-014-D is posted for#adoption
#applytoday to become her #fureverhome .

She is a big sweetheart who needs older kids and lower energy pets who she can relax with!

Avalon is looking for her #fureverhome is it you??? #applytoday #adoptme

Hanna is posted on our website! Check her out, share with your friends
#fureverhome needed
#fosterdog #puglife

A HUGE #thankyou TO @edmonton_humane_society FOR INVITING US TO #petsinthepark2017 WE WERE SO THRILLED TO BE DOWN HERE TODAY!

ONLY 15 more minutes to get swag!!! Come say hi before you leave! #petsinthepark2017

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