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Narhnarh_Aqosuarh  Queen Erykah 2nd runner-up High school most beautiful #Upcoming photo model#

We are for Rollkall18

Let Do the dance @ Rollkall 18

12 August @ aviation social center is Rollkall 18

Rollkall 18

Meet me on sunday..12 August at Rollkall 18
I am for rollkall 18

We re sky gals
Make those around u happy

Be real
#Queen Erykah#

I careless when u start to hate...
#Queen Erykah#

High skul most beautiful 2017
@ Aviation social center
Ticket available for 15gh advance n 20gh @ de gate...come support me...

Am a sky gal

Am crazy for God
Remember to support to stand de chance of winning hsbm 2017

Yea! Tanks to de Miracle worker👑

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