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Nareku  πŸ”Š Music Dealer πŸ”Š Stories every time I upload a new track ↓↓ Youtube channel ↓↓

New minimix uploaded: "NAREKU - HAPPY FRENCHCORE MINIMIX", a little mix with happy tracks full of good vibes to fill you with positive energy πŸ˜ƒ Listen to it on the channel. Have a nice day and rave on! #Nareku #Frenchcore #FreeDownload

Nareku Premium Promotion is an option for interested artists/labels/events/etc who want to promote their content on my channel: tracks, videoclips, releases, events, aftermovies, etc.

It helps you to get a better promotion (more professional) uploading your video or creating one for you. As well as including all your social medias, buy content (music, tickets, etc), booking info, website, YouTube channel, or whatever you want. Check the video to see the details.

If you are interested send me a mail:


We are already 200.000 subscribers on YouTube! Thank you!! πŸ™Œ #Nareku

I have uploaded a new minimix on my channel: NAREKU - FRENCHCORE MINIMIX to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year. I hope you like it :D Btw, it's free download too, I wish you a happy holidays and New Year ;) #Nareku #Frenchcore #FreeDownload

Nareku's channel has reached the unbelievable number of 100 MILLIONS of views!! Summing all the views of all the videos I have upload during these last ten years since the first upload in 2007.

For me it's a special number that make me feel very proud of it. It means that I have contributed to generate 100 millions of views of underground music with my channel: with my dedication and effort, without earning any money, just for pleasure, for the love of music.

Millions of plays of tracks of all genres and artists that made people have a good time listening them during these years. I want to say thank you everyone who participated in this insane number of views. Maybe I'm a little channel, but knowing I helped to give people (around the world) little moments of happines listening music with my uploads, it makes me feel great and also that all this time and dedication it has been worth it, thank you :D

I uploaded a new mix on my channel "NAREKU - RAGGA MIX": 2 hours full of good vibes with ragga music (Reggae, Raggastep, Dub), it's something different that I usually upload, but I'm sure if you love ragga sounds you will love this mix! and it's free download ;) #Nareku #Reggae #Raggastep #Dub #GoodVibes #FreeDownload

Nareku | Raggatek Megapack πŸ”Š
50 free Raggatek tracks for you! Get it on the channel πŸ˜‰ #Nareku #Raggatek #FreeDownload

100k Youtube Play Button, Thank you guys for all your support :D

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