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Narayan Silva  β˜… plant-powered β˜… nomad born in Rio de Janeiro β˜… walking the path of awakening β˜… hosting conversations that matter

After 3 quiet months in Taiwan and Bali, I arrived in Hong Kong to complete my retreat period. I'm on my way to a Vipassana center for 10 days of absolute silence, lots of meditation and no internet. See you on the other side! :) #meditation #retreat #vipassana #hongkong

After a month of lots of rest, yoga, meditation, dance, singing, reading, good conversations with lovely people, it was time to say goodbye to Ubud, Bali and the ashram Munivara. I felt so welcomed and at home there, with the environment and freedom I needed to just be. I will come back one day! πŸ™

#ashram #ubud #bali #indonesia #yoga #meditation

My favorite environment for silence, relaxation and contemplation. #river #waterfall #ubud #bali #indonesia

Ubud has the largest concentration of raw food offerings I've ever seen in my travels. Most veg restaurants have many interesting options, and even in random non-veg places you can find raw dishes. I've never been the biggest fan of eating everything raw, but in Ubud I found a nice balance of mostly raw but with some elements of cooked food that made eating there healthy and super yummy. This was an amazing chocolate mint raw cake by @sayuri_healing_food, one of my favorites in Ubud. #rawvegan #ubud #bali #indonesia

Wherever I am in the world, I find it a beautiful experience to immerse myself in different spiritual or even religious practices. Even though I consider myself to be walking a rather secular path, spirituality and curiosity for the mystery of life is what I breathe. Therefore I welcome every opportunity to appreciate different devotional and heart opening environments that can help me remember the unity that we forget so easily. #ashram #bali #indonesia #prayer

Welcome to Tempehland! πŸ˜‹
I only discovered recently that tempeh was created in Indonesia, and even if I didn't know, I would find out soon after arriving here. Probably every day I had a meal that included tempeh, and I loved it every time! Actually the first times I ate tempeh (my partner @vegan_kitty_cat is crazy about it) I didn't like it very much, but it's been growing on me and now I love it!
And it's not only yummy, it's an excellent source of protein, and it's supposed to be healthier than tofu. It is also made from soybeans, but it's fermented and it keeps the whole bean, giving it a higher content of protein, fiber and vitamins.
Have you ever tried tempeh? Do you like it?? I especially like it when it's roasted! 😍 #tempeh #ubud #bali #indonesia

We are far from each other, but in our hearts we celebrated today 3 years of an amazing partnership filled with love, learning and joy. This amazing woman constantly helps me to expand my boundaries of compassion and remember who I really am. I am so grateful to have you in my life Hailey @vegan_kitty_cat !! So happy we'll be celebrating in person in just 2 days! 😍 #happyanniversary

I almost left Bali without seeing the ocean, which would be funny to say the least. But thanks to the surprising possibility of a family gathering after many years with @_danypatury_ @nanapatury @thais_patury and @fabiopatury I headed South to Uluwatu to spend a couple of days at the beach.

It was a short but lovely family reunion, and I've been to some beautiful beaches today. And it's so funny that in 1 day I have heard more Brazilian Portuguese here than in the last 4 years living in Asia. There are so many Brazilians in Uluwatu!! #bali #uluwatu #cliff #naturephotography

This is the early morning view from my room at the ashram I'm staying in Ubud...After almost one month here I got a bit spoiled and I'm gonna miss waking up to this view every day...πŸ’š#ashram #ubud #bali #naturephotography

I woke up today missing my beloved @vegan_kitty_cat ...I am having some very peaceful days in Bali, and what prepared me to be able to fully rest was having 2 lovely months with Hailey in Taiwan, decompressing from some intense years of work. I'm so happy that in less than a week we'll be together again in Macau and Hong Kong, for some days of introspection together before heading to Shanghai for times of lots of doing. #taiwan #taipei101 #elephantmountain

Adventure of the day: help my friend @brandonspratt not to fly away from the wildest swing I've ever seen in my life. He survived! And we celebrated the magic of this place by breathing deeply and sharing our gratitude to life for letting us experience such beauty. #indonesia #bali #ubud #naturelovers

Living a plant-based life in Ubud is not only easy, it is such a delight! There are some amazing vegan places, and even random (and cheap) restaurants have at least a few very yummy vegan options.
This is the photo of the most common dish you can find everywhere, the Nasi Campur. It's a scoop of rice surrounded by small portions of other dishes, and that can always be made vegan. I've tried many different Nasi Campurs, and none has disappointed me so far πŸ˜‹
#ubud #bali #indonesia #nasicampur

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