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Becky K  🌿🦆💦 Follow my birding acct @richmondbirder

River days are fast approaching- @bbcatt are you ready to spend as many hours as possible at the river again this year? 😅💦 #rva #instanature #nature_brilliance #naturephotography #canonsx60hs #canon

Okay guys! I finally made a birding account! Follow @richmondbirder for birbs and nature and @napwithacat for personal pics which will still probably be mostly nature but maybe actually have people in them too 😅🌷🌿💦

American Kestrel- America’s smallest falcon is getting smaller, having lost about 5g over the last 50 years (a lot for a little bird)! This is likely related to loss of habitat, less food, exposure to pesticides, and climate change. The American Kestrel population is estimated to have declined by 50% in North America over 50 years. To protect kestrels please support local conservation efforts and avoid use of pesticides.

This guy was repeatedly stealing materials from Albert’s nest (our tree’s resident squirrel) and taking them off to build its own! I am easily entertained by the antics of our local fauna 😅🐿🐣 #rva #americanrobin

This house sparrow colony lives in the bushes near our apartment. House sparrows are invasive, introduced to North America in the 19th century. They outcompete native cavity-nesting birds, and are known to destroy nests and eggs, and kill nestlings and adults while taking over occupied nest sites. House Sparrows have lived around humans for centuries. They are absent from undisturbed forests and grasslands, but are common in the countryside around farms. I’ve been considering changing our seed mix to something less appealing to these guys to help support native species but I don’t think these guys will be going away anytime soon . #housesparrow #rva #citybitds

Palm warbler- saw these guys for the first time a few weekends ago at the Wetlands. Looks like VA is in their winter range so I may have to wait til next year to see them again! #rva #palmwarbler

Bb painted turtle, so lil and cute. This guy was just hanging out in the mud 🐢☀️💦 #rva #paintedturtle #turtle #naturephotography #virginia #virginianature #babyanimals #instanature #nature_brilliance #canonsx60hs #canon #reptile

Another downy woodpecker, this time a male peekin in a tree hole 👁🌳 #downywoodpecker #rva

Two downy woodpeckers doing a dance 👯‍♀️ #twinning #downywoodpecker

Ruby-crowned kinglet. Wow! I was chasing these guys around thinking they were vireos until this one flashed its crest at @chovisworld. #rubycrownedkinglet #rva

My first Yellow-throated warbler spotting! Yesterday at Dutch Gap. There were so many birds out and chirping! I had some other first pictures, a tree swallow and eastern bluebird and @aquawerk collected wetland plants for his new swamp tank and the catio pond. Spring is great! 🌾🌸☀️ #yellowthroatedwarbler #rva

Wet and far away goldfinch (about 100 feet away). My first goldfinch spotting of the year. We are growing catnip this year in hopes of attracting these guys 😊 I guess the cats can have some too 😅😽🌿 #goldfinch #rva

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