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Hadassah Agbaps  🔼Nigerian Natural Hair Blogger 🔼Christ Redeemed 🔼Efiko of life (PhD in view) 🔼Lekpa foodie ("Abacha" is bae) Dry WashnGo video @nappygirlhaircare

Trying out a vintage updo... For this style, I started with an old wash and go.
I divided my hair into two from ear to ear.
FRONT: Loosely braided the tips of my hair and tucked in the ends. Then I sprayed a little water and patted into shape.

BACK: Left it loose and used bobby pins to hold it down.

Daz all!

#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #vintageupdo

Wigging it Monday.....and finally mustered the courage to go for a center part instead of my usual off side part.
(Wig made by me 😊😊😊) #naturalhair #wigs #protectivestyle #bbloggers

Good morning guys! Wishing you a pleasant #humpday today!

Hair deets: Two week old wash n go in a #fineapple.
I rehydrate my wash n go's by spritzing with clean water, scrunch in leave in and pat on oil.

Guess what??
I'll be holding a whatsapp class soon with details on how to care for your natural hair type and grow it long while living in Nigeria!
Note: It'll be a small class (<20) so I'm able to focus on whatever hair issues you'd like help with.

Stay tuned!

#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #growthoil

Without a problem, there can be no solution.

Without a solution to a problem, there can be no business.

Without business, there can be no ....(fill in the blank )

PS. New post on blog (for FREE) about the solution to a problem I've been struggling with!!!
#naturalhair #motivation #bbloggers

Let go and let 'fro....sorry flow.
I wish I could leave my hair like this all the time but my texture won't allow me.
What do you wish your hair can do?

PS. I think 'in between' length stage is the best stage to rock a big, wahala free fro.

#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #bbloggers #naturalhairbenincity

Good morning guys!

Power Puff Girl....shrinkage and 🌻I did this style on a 2 week old wash n go.
I used an Ouchless band without metal to hold it up and I just placed it once without folding so it's not tight on my fine hair. 🌻...Because I have fine strands, I try not to manipulate my hair as much as possible. 🌻I can't protective style with extensions because they weigh my hair down. 🌻My favourite protective styles for my texture are - wash n go
- kinky twists with little to no extensions
- simple updos

#naturalhair #nappilynigeriangirl #bblogger #nigerianblogger

....You can either allow the boat take you anywhere it wants...... or you can row it to your preferred destination.
If you choose to row, you'll need
🌻 A Map (prayer, bible study and meditation)
🌻 A Guide ( God)
🌻 Nourishment (determination and positivity)
🌻Strength (perseverance in the face of opposition)
🌻 Binoculars (focus, faith and vision).
It also won't be a bad idea if you have a rowing buddy (someone who understands your vision or mentor)

Happy Rowing!!!⛵⛵🚤 #naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #bbloggers #motivation

It's officially the first Sunday of the second half of the year...hope you have a spirit led week ahead!

Hair deets: Braidout from four braids done on blown out hair.

#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #bbloggers

Can you spot the silver strands??!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 Who else is in love with grey hair??? #naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #nigerianblogger

Thank God for ushering us into another favourable second half of the year!

God's got ya back!

#naturalhair #nappyhaircare #nappilynigeriangirl #bblogger

Slickity, slickity...
Wash and go packed into a low bun. 🌻Do you know that 'wash and go' styles can be done on dry hair with great results?????? 🌻Do you also know that 4c hair can achieve a wash and go? 🌻Do you know that 'wash and go' is a low maintenance protective style and can last 2-3 wks.

I have several posts detailing how to achieve a wash and go on 'Nigerian' natural hair including products you can use.
#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare

The high bun life...
Going back to the basics and have been using fresh aloe gel to condition my hair and scalp to reset my hair to default!
*Helps improve elasticity and reduce breakage
*Great for detangling
*Helps reduce shedding
*Helps improve lustre.
*Great for high porosity hair and fine hair as it doesn't weigh it down.

The only downside is it's quite messy. Cutting up the leaf and extracting the gel isn't something I'd do in a hurry so I leave it for weekends preferably Sunday.

#naturalhair #nappygirlhaircare #protectivestyles

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