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When the music keeps you moving... w/ @isajallow @marlon_webb @adamw @_careyboy Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook #TagAFriendWhoWouldTagAFriend Music by @neyo another love song

#tbt Tyrone's twin brother Mr. sing ya wife panties off aka NAPHIL‼️Mack game so smooth‼️Yup I sniffed her hair👃🏿👃🏿Smelled like loud packs and herbal essence 😁😁My type of woman 💃🏼 But Queen Latifah stole my lady though 😡 She sounded like Rah Digga‼️ She thought she was #brucejenner I mean caitlynjenner⁉️Hell I don't know I'm confused 😫 These wives ain't loyal‼️ #naphil #mrsingyapantiesoff #imtyrone @toosmooth_91 #losangeles #philly #TagAFriendYouWouldDoThisTo 😫😏

#tbt Yall know Tyrone all about causing confusion! Get over it! In this fake ass world feels good to get real reactions, good or bad! Tyrone dared too go where no hood nigga ever TRYS to go ... A nice, safe, clean neighborhood, we gotta do better #message ! Uncle fester and Frankie J smoking cigars on some cumbaya shit! Never seen a whole cigar before, only the guts on my cot damn stoop, fucking block boys about that litter life! #tyronenation #215 #imtyrone #blacchyna

#TMZ #Worldstar #BET #EntertainmentWeekly #FoxNews #Univision all blowing up my phone trying to get the exclusive on what Tyrone thinks about the @blacchyna & #RobKardashian Well like I said I don't give two flying fucks😒 like damn you coming between my me time‼️ I could've seen that robbery coming from a mile away👀🏃🏾congratulations you just officially played yourself👏🏿🥇besides I done fuck every Kardashian anyway and all that shit feel the same fake like plastic but I still put icing all over them sweet cakes🍆💦🍑 lil mama smart tho she got a bigger payout from yo ass then the Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight😫😂 but hey that ain't none of my business besides I like it when miss China suck me long time😏 #LongDickStyle I got some where to be tho so if you don't want to become a part of this tire print I suggest you move over‼️ #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #tyronenation #robkardashian #blacchyna #tagafriendwhowilltagafriend

#10ToesDown Tyrone Goes Wrong😏 Lil Nigga tried to hit me with that Hulk Smash👊🏿 #Pause 😏😂 i'm just here to save your life and then your wife but will save her for another time💁🏽 don't you know smoking is bad🚭 for you you Gary Coleman Buster Douglas looking motherfucker😡 Mighty mouse🐭 Knocked the back piece of my earring out‼️ damn Nigga all that for 10 dollars💵 fuck that Loosie🚬 and that Chihuahua you got biting me and fuck my cameraman too fuck you standing there for🤔 get these too lil Niggas off me! motherfuckers came ready locked and loaded🚶🏿🚶🏿just because it's the 4th of July don't mean You 2 Ren and Stimpy looking motherfuckers got to wear the colors To match😫😂 but fuck all that I'm just doing my job👋🏿🚬 I made a commitment to save lives fuck wives and I'm damn sure going to follow through with that💯 happy 4th of July💥🔫💀 Lmao because you know black people when they get together on a hot ass day😫😂 #QuitSmoking 🚭👋🏿😡#SmokingIsBad #TyroneNation #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #independenceday #TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend

I'm only in Philly for a couple more days‼️ before I head back to LA where you can get all the fake titties and big bootees you can handle🙋🏼🍑 ain't that right you Montell Jordan/Carlton from fresh Prince looking motherfucker😏 but one thing you can't get Over there is a real cheesesteak and not just any cheesesteak a jerk chicken cheesesteak don't believe me come check them out yourself!🇯🇲 @grubaholics
Weekends at girard and frankford. 33rd and market during the college school year
contact 267-246-8105

#tbt M.B.O.E Tyrone about that bike life! Yall all know by now that it's all footwork when I prowl! But a nigga feet got tired! I saw Omarion popping wheelies on his foreign huffy! I asked for a ride, he act like "he got a icebox where his heart used to be"! Selfish #message I think someone stole his bike before! He squared up quick, M.B.O.E, mountain bike over everything! Lil guppy got a way! Ride hard young bul! #tyrone #longdickstyle #prowllife #idontgettired #tyronenation #215

Shit since I'm heading back to the West Coast might as well try to save some lives in Philly now. The smell of Black & mild and trash truck juice always help me get through the day, 😬especially when I'm on the prowl. Now I made a promise to myself that no man will kill them self by their own hands lmao😫😂 so let me help you out. French Montana over here must be about that life😒 but fuck all that I sent this Nigga cigarette flying #AllTheWayUp Aww isn't that sweet taken his family on vacation motherfucker you not the only one that won that free Taco Bell sweepstakes to the Atlantic City beach where the ocean water is browner then baby shit💩 but lil mama cute tho she riding for you but not for long if you keep smoking those cancer sticks🚬⚰️and like I said before I'll be right there waiting with Long dick🍆 and a im sorry for your loss card 😏do yourself a favor and quit now‼️🚭#I'mTyrone #SmokingIsBad #LongDickStyle #I'mAround #215

If she tells you it's your she's Lying😏#I'mAround #LongDickStyle #MauryIsNotAlwaysRight

Tyrone vs debt collector.... w/ @marlon_webb @dgarciadenise Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook tag a friend who hates Bill collectors!📞😡#stopcallingmyfuckingphone

#tbt Tyrone hits the hard streets of Philly😂😡💪🏾 before I had some of the best captions on Instagram #I'mAround #CaptionGame #philly #LikeIfYouRememberThisVideo

Tyrone ain't got no picks😏 w/ @michaeltrapsonofficial @ecomog @jaeblk @nbb_looks @missladyc267 Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook

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