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Imtyrone  TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS🔝 Or I'll F**k your wife! Bookings: tyronephilly215@gmail.com Exclusive videos on Facebook ⬇️


@boonk.ig What did the five fingers say to the face? #Slap 👋🏿 #I'mTyrone #TyroneNation come out come out wherever you are 👀@alistairs_artlife you a fool for this one😩💯

@boonk.ig you talking bout whole lot of gang shit but all I'm seeing is a whole lot of hiding👀 #WhereYouAtBoy come on lil man I just want to talk to you😏 lmfao!😂😂 I see why you're not responding this nigga letting other men put food coloring in his hair 😐trying to look all pretty and shit. Nigga its 2017 and you still rocking braids I should slap👋🏿 the magic marker off your face! The difference between me and you is when I press people I stay at the scene! But you run like a nigga who accidentally left his phone in his girl car when she drop him off😩 but fuck all that you don't have to respond I will find you and when I do I'm going to break you apart!! @rampage4real sorry about your car I got a little excited and motherfucker I gave you your five dollars back #NoWorries @boonk.ig keep thinking your life is a comic book and and I will rewrite your story‼️ #ontheprowl #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #Tyronenation #WhereYouAtGeorge

#smoking is bad‼️ You can thank me later America!🇺🇸 Yall know cigarettes make me want to take a shit!💩 so whenever I see one🚬 SLAP 👋🏿 #quitsmoking first victim of the day DMX! So if you motherfuckers need another reason to #quitsmoking just think of me. This old five heartbeat looking motherfucker looks like he steals all the chains out the collection plate at church👀 when no one is looking😩 And button your got damn shirt up looking like a well dressed cricket! Smoky from the PJs must've been calling for reinforcements #10ToesDown if you are smoking you're eligible to get your cigarette smacked in the air and get your wife👰🏽fucked #LongDickStyle I feel like I'm making the streets safe by fucking wives👰🏽and stopping punks from lung cancer!💀but don't take it from me when you're laying on your deathbed🤕 holding your wife's hand! I'm going to be at your crib in your bed with just a du-rag no draws and Chuck Taylors on👟waiting for her to return for some🍆🍆🍆 #LongDickStyle so go ahead smoke your wife away I mean life away! #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #OnTheProwl #SmokingIsBad #SmokingIsBad #TyroneNation

Because of this nigga, all my du-rags and wife-beaters are on backhold😡 because this nigga want to be floating in the air like a roach with no wings #wegotraidforthem this nigga face look like balled up homework😫😫if this nigga wanted to cheat on any written test he would pass that shit with flying colors!😂 all them goddamn words on bull face look like the map that Indiana Jones used to get the fuck out of the cave😧 but fuck all that! I'm taking too much time writing this shit. I'm supposed to be balls deep in somebody wife!🙋🏼 #LongDickStyle tag mighty mouse @boonk.ig for me and tell him I said hi😏 #imtyrone #ontheprowl #TyroneNation

#tbt Tyrone ain't with that romantic shit😧😂 #longdickstyle #imtyrone #classic

That one nigga that role the el nasty asshit 🤢w/ @tizz_215 (TAG 3 nasty motherfuckers) #imgood

#fbf Tyrone vs PPA. I finally caught this Pookie from New Jack City looking muthafucker @chrisrock He got the hoopty taken last week, real shit he ain't got no chill! Jeri curl juice dripping on his notepad. You see he kept his distance! Ticket my foot in his ass!

Judging a book by its cover... w/ @meechiehoe215 @greggmartin Click the link in my bio to watch the full video on Facebook!!☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿#BodakYellow

#tbt Tyrone back to business! Everyone knows that I workout on the last lane! No exceptions! But this nigga wanna build a yellow brick road in my lane, well where ya wicked witch of the west at! Those ain't push ups, nigga you playing hopscotch. #curlmore Tell your golden Grahams looking trainer to grow a couple inches before he step to me, Fake ass Steph Curry @wardell30 Check out the nigga in the back on the track he was bitchinnnn for what though?he tried to hold his man's hand I seen it! Finished handling my business #countup so I got more time for wives #longdickstyle Yall high yellow niggas always cuffing them bad ass wives anyway! #lightskinned shit! #tyrone #imback #prowllife

Y'all think I'm playing. Some niggas will never learn 😩💀 #cheatingdeath #kevinyoureintroublenow

Tag You're IT... w/ @isajallow @najeedetiege_ @mattvansmithdaily @crissa_ace #it #ontheprowl #longdickstyle Click the link in my bio to watch the full video on Facebook!!☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿

Wrong Place, Wrong Time....w/ @isajallow @imactionjacksonn @diamondbfilms Music by @vory Try Click the link in my bio to watch the full video on Facebook!!☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿

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