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If she tells you it's your she's Lying😏#I'mAround #LongDickStyle #MauryIsNotAlwaysRight

Tyrone vs debt collector.... w/ @marlon_webb @dgarciadenise Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook tag a friend who hates Bill collectors!📞😡#stopcallingmyfuckingphone

#tbt Tyrone hits the hard streets of Philly😂😡💪🏾 before I had some of the best captions on Instagram #I'mAround #CaptionGame #philly #LikeIfYouRememberThisVideo

Tyrone ain't got no picks😏 w/ @michaeltrapsonofficial @ecomog @jaeblk @nbb_looks @missladyc267 Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook

#tbt Out prowling the city just trying to meet my wife quota! One per day keeps the pain away! Then I remembered wives love studios & rappers! So I prowled my ass right over to the studio & caught Triple OG to the 3rd power @gillie_da_kid coming out the building! Just like I thought, Mr. K.O.P. had to 2 #Cinnabuns  @jayda.christie & @redbone_babycakes2 ! Cinnabuns were fresh out the oven too! And smelling right! She smelled like fresh money! Just how Tyrone likes em, hot, fresh & ready to go! Yup Im bout to lay this frosting on both of them. But first I needed to know if Bossman was cuffing or not. So I pressed him! #hardbody Welcome to my Jungle Lil big man! He stood tall even though the chains & diamonds too heavy for his little ass neck! But he passed right off #kingshit! He said cuffing season ain't until winter! The Bigfoot looking nigga in the back @realabliva wasn't happy about it. He just mad that he lost his chance for crew booty! You wasn't loving them right anyway!  Big Daddy TY gonna take it from here, Rightttt #tyrone #longdickstyle #whereyawife #philly #northphilly @lidbux

Let's see you moonwalk your ass out of this one!😏 w/ @michaeltrapsonofficial @ricanbull @qdub__ @ace_power Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook

smoking🚬💀is bad motherfucker‼️#compilation part 3 #imtyrone #ontheprowl #quitsmoking #CancerKillsAndThisDickWillKillYourWife Pussy 🍆😏so quit now‼️#TagAFriendWhoWouldTagAFriend if you hate smoking🚭

Why is it every time I'm minding my business y'all motherfuckers always up in my shit💩 like damn can I live?😒 Sometimes I just want to do me and maybe your wife🙋🏽@Jerrica_lau LOL without any cameras📸 being around. Fellas please take note! If you look hard enough for something you will find it. Wood wives👩🏻‍🌾 are the best except they might have occasional termites here and there but you could just brush them right off and get straight to fucking🍆🍑 #LongDickStyle Yeah That's Right I Said It Ain't Got No Chill but back to you dummy. Who the fuck do you work for child social services?👨🏾‍🏫 popping up on me like that. I take care of all my kids all, 53 of them👶🏽👶🏻👶🏿👶🏼👶🏾+ well maybe not Little Greg he came out with blue eyes and blond hair👶 but I guess he still mine though🤔 #Message anyways how about you make like a tree and split wow that was actually a pretty corny line to say but fuck it I say what I want😏 #DidYouCatchThat if you don't want your wife to get this wood🍆 next, you better get the Cutten you Billybob looking motherfucker😏#LongDickStyle #I'mTyrone #215 #ontheprowl #TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend

LMAO😂😂 These cigarette smokers are getting out of control over these damn cancer sticks🚬😒 now I know a box of cigarettes nowadays cost more than a cheap piece of pussy😽 but come on! Going for my neck like a neglected pitbull🐕 is just plain wrong you Usher Raymond Tyson Beckford looking motherfucker😫 fuck is wrong with you. fuck you and that broke ass transformer you trying to fix that must be Optimus prime's crackhead cousin primless😏 this is the thanks I get when I try to do you motherfuckers a favor. Now I must say I love fucking wives but I get a better kick out of smacking the shit out of these portable Lung traps👋🏿🚬 I swear you're making it so easy for me once they pull the plug on you from dying of lung cancer💀 your wife will be a widow and here comes Tyrone "Hey baby sorry about your loss"🌹😔 SIKE😈 i'm just trying to fuck #LongDickStyle yeah jackpot💁🏽🍆 do yourself a favor and put the cigarettes down🚭 before your wife ass goes up🍑 #NiceTryThough #OnTheProwl #I'mTyrone #longdickstyle

Tyrone will never surrender...😏🖕🏿w/ @jacobbergeractor @msdiamichelle tag a #savage friend !😈#TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend

#tbt Breaking News! Tyrone squares up with the #roughest and #toughest Muppet goonie in the world @peanutlive215 ! Heard he put them bandz on #Kermit head and been hitting Ms. Piggy old ass ever since #boss ! His G-Code still ain't gonna keep me from pressing his lady! Whoever said "Another man's #treasure can't be somebody else's #pleasure lied 😂😂! I'm snatching everything including puppet pum pum! Face it Lil nigga, She was to happy to see Big Daddy TY! Turns out he wasn't ready to let her go that easy! King Muppet tried to press me about It! I feared for my life! Thought I seen the baby .380 on his hip! My back was against the wall! Thought he was reaching 🔫🔫 boom #straight right to his chin! Bodied him on camera, worldstarrrrrrr! Top puppet goon down! He was gonna do me if I ain't do him first. #bodycam gonna prove I'm innocent #blacklivesmatter #tyrone #nofilter #comedy #stillaround #nocill #instamood #like4like #amazing #tattoo #longdickstyle #imtyrone #215

Lmao😫😂 I think I might've took it a little bit too far! This better close the doors and turn the lights down low looking ass motherfucker must of had a really bad week😡 and to top it off here comes Mr. fuck your wife😏 #imtyrone that had to be his last cigarette🚬 I can tell from the vibration of the slap that this motherfucker was about to lose it👋🏿 #SmokingBad now how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood🤔 well I guess it's too late to ask him that😬but calm down my friend I'm doing you a favor saving you from a lifetime of lung cancer😷 you should be more grateful like your wife🙋 was last night when we played hide the log inside her cabin🍆🏕 and by cabin I mean vagina🍑 and by vagina I mean your wife's pussy💦 and by pussy I mean....well you get the Point. Anyhow, would love to stay and chat but I think your wife needs a refill on this love shake #LongDickStyle #Imtyrone #SmokingIsBad #QuitSmoking #OnTheProwl #memorialday

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