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#tbt 😮😮TYRONE goes to the basketball courts! Lil homie wasn't gonna make the shot anyway. Tyrone love the kids. I was really try to stop the Lil nigga from getting dunked on and he gonna rush me. Bae Bae ass kids don't yall got curfew. Playing basketball In the dark with only a lamp for light. Go get your deadbeat daddy matter fact he should be here now supervising yall asses but he not. Absentee father's are killing the community #message Yall got heart though chubby ruxbin didn't say nothing just sized me up. Ten toes down! Future goon! Broke bread with them for fucking up they nba dreams. they wasn't trying to share with the baby youngin in the back. and-1 mixtape wannabes where ya mom at is she on birth control because she need to be. #BadAssKids #imtyrone #longdickstyle #whereyourmamaat

Trailer 3 Look👀in the sky! it's a bird🕊 it's a plane✈️ no, wait! is that....? Yup you guessed it! it's im Tyrone😏 and I came to fuck your wife👰🏽 #LongDickStyle now You're Going To Need More Than Electricity⚡️ And dead💀 People To Stop Me so don't get me twisted because I'll fuck a zombie wife too in a heartbeat!🍆👻 lmao mortal Kombat my ass👊🏿 I thought I told y'all motherfuckers I don't die I multiply @kazemotion are you ready because I know I am 😫😂 #2017 #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #Animated #adultswim #youtube #ontheprowl COMING SOON‼️#TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend Who loves animated!

This is the Last time Tyrone is Dating A Chick with #AfricanParents 😂😂😂 Skit with @iamdulo @isajallow #Don'tLetMeCatchYouOnTheStreet

Oh shit... what is he gonna do about it? 🤔 Check my YouTube & subscribe 👉🏿 "The Naphil Show" to see what these nerds got comin 😴 @arberi_ferraj @marlon_webb @chauncey_stubbs link also in my bio mothafuckas

#tbt because it's #420 smoking🚬💀is bad motherfucker‼️part 2 #compilation #imtyrone #420 #quitsmoking #CancerKillsAndThisDickWillKillYourWife'sPussy 🍆😏so quit now‼️

#tbt because it's #420 smoking🚬💀is bad motherfucker‼️#compilation #imtyrone #420 #quitsmoking #CancerKillsAndThisDickWillKillYourWife'sPussy 🍆😏so quit now‼️

#tbt When IM #Tyrone goes wrong #northphilly I'm just walking around, minding my business and boom #fadesession #countup #minimumwage ain't gonna pay for your medical bills! Buffy the Body in his highlighter vest decides he bout that life. I think he is the guy who sang YMCA. He came out that vest fast as hell but He still too slow, seen his right coming. Might as well call him #pacquiao But I'm to swift. Footwork like @dannyswiftgarcia , agility like a Bengal and I ain't from Cincinnati! Check my stance! #jiujtsu #grapplelife prepared for everything. #imtyrone #tyrone bout that action boss! I think he knew who I was! Time to find a new city! Boy couldn't connect! White folks always calling the cops! Cop asked me if I'm tyrone 😂😂 now that's real ish! I'm glad they didn't shoot me! Hands up but that man down!

Everyone is scared of rubber bands...😟 w/ @kanekongg @adamw (tag three people that's scared)

Caption this😫😏 #ontheprowl #imtyrone #LongDickStyle #adultswim #youtube New animated series COMING SOON‼️

Trailer 2 I thought I told y'all motherfuckers Tyrone don't die he just multiplies inside your wife's👰🏽 buns🍑 so get your popcorn🍿and soda ready because it's going to be one epic🤙🏿animated✍🏾 summer!💯 @kazemotion you crazy for this one😫😂 #2017 #I'mTyrone #LongDickStyle #Animated #adultswim #youtube #ontheprowl COMING SOON‼️#TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend Who loves animated!

#tbt LOST FILES When prowling the streets of Philly goes wrong. This black stretched Armstrong🙎🏿‍♂️must be mad because he crapped out on this dice game and lost all of his baby mama's 🤷🏾‍♀️ rent money😫ooooh you in trouble now! she about to take this Nigga Xbox away!🎮 from sun up🌞 to sun down🌝 he on #2K yelling at the TV talking bout fix your connection and this Nigga already on his third strike drinking up all her kids Capri Suns👶🏿👶🏽 Lil Nigga Faded off to the side talking about he bout to get the gap😒 bro needed an excuse to roll out because he didn't have no more money💵 to put up😫Caught a right hand👊🏿 but never off my feet 10 toes down always! slim hit softer then baby shit💩 no worries tho after his girl kicked him out she had 1-800 Tyrone on speed dial #LongDickStyle #I'mTyrone #I'mAround #215 #Philly #ProwlLife

Lmao😫😂 somebody had they Wheaties this morning, nigga went from 0 to 100 real quick💯 and where the fuck lil mama go? Her ass pulled a Houdini🙋🏿 #NowYouSeeMeNowYouDon't just because your car look like the Batmobile don't make you Batman! this Russell Westbrook looking motherfucker needs to be mad at the mechanic that sold him that car🚙🔥Engine was smelling like somebody was grilling chicken on that motherfucker🍗😫 10 toes down tho. camera went off shit got heated real quick 👀chill lil Nigga it's just a video for The gram don't make it a homicide for the first 48💀 Westbrook almost brought out the Philly in me but fuck all that back to the prowl it's sunny as shit outside and too many wives out here in their sundresses and you know what that mean 😏#LongDickStyle #tyrone #imtyrone #I'mAround #215 #badday #fuckallthat

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