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Imtyrone  TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS🔝 Or I'll F**k your wife! 📩 Facebook: onetyrone

#TyroneNation! It's been 4 months, 133 days and 3192 hours since the last time I gave out some verbal insults! 😡#FuckAllThat It's @Cameo time ‼️So if you got something you want to get off of your chest, maybe even wish a motherfucker a happy birthday 🤔in a nice way? And by nice I mean...Say whatever the fuck I want! Then book your goddamn #Cameo now motherfuckas‼️#cameo #imtyrone #longdickstyle LINK IN BIO

Which one of you disrespectful motherfuckers is responsible for this?😡#fuckallthat yall know I'm looking for my daddy and Yall going to make fun of me?😒Now I'm going to show your wife some #goodtimes #TyroneNation #thehateisreal @guap_tyme

#IMTYRONE .... Back in the hood!😒To see what's good & ran into this fat build a bear body shape looking motherfucker‼️ Sitting on the stoop like Gerald from Hey Arnold 😩who swore I was coming for his wife 👀#LONGDICKSTYLE when I really was coming for these two Keenan & Kel looking Muthafuckers‼️it's breast cancer month but this fat nigga bitch titties is bigger then my last wife I fucked ... #longdickstyle So I decided to #smack 👋🏿 that 🚬 out his hand because it was making me have to take a shit... 💩These forest Whitaker & Michael Blackson clones just pissed me the fuck off! 😡especially the fact that he had on that nut ass kango conductor hat! Shit look like he had 5 packs of cigarettes stuffed in it ..... It's breast cancer Tyrone awareness month 🚭Muthafuckers... So save the smoke if u don't want ya wife getting fucked LONG DICK STYLE !!!! #SmokingIsBad #quitsmoking #TyroneNation #fuckallthat #tbt

#tbt Tyrone vs PPA. I finally caught this Pookie from New Jack City looking muthafucker 😡@chrisrock He got the hoopty taken last week, real shit he ain't got no chill! 😩Jeri curl juice dripping on his notepad. You see he kept his distance! Ticket my foot in his ass‼️#fuckallthat #TyroneNation #nochill

#TyroneNation this is for you motherfuckers‼️Im tired of these cheesy cartoons to!😒 #FuckAllThat Get ready for some wife fucking, cigarette slapping 🚬👋🏿fun. As Tyrone prowls in his New animated cartoon #OnTheProwl TAG 3 friends who love anime. 🎥 @kazemfitness 🔥

Today I decided to hit the hood to see what's good & ran into Mobb Deep SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS‼️LMFAO 😩 Nigga hit me with the shocked 👀look‼️ #fuckallthat Smoking is bad you fake Morris Chestnut looking motherfucker!😒 Tyrone hates cigarette 💨 --shit I hate all kinds of smoke! I hate Smokey off Friday cuz his name got smoke in it! Man fuck all that! 😒that's not the point. The point Is, this a no smoke 🚭zone. And that np behind you stands for not my property😡So I won't let you kill yourself! #CancerKills you dumb motherfucker on my side of town #SLAP👋🏿 didn't peeped old head wasn't even holding a cigarette🚬👋🏿 But from the way he looked 👀 At me when I walked up to him calmly, 😏to tell him there's a better way #QuitSmoking I think he might never smoke again. LOL hands up guns down!!! Had to get a close up! Of this blank man looking motherfucker..😩😭 That look was priceless. #TyroneNation #FuckCancer #YouStupid #SaveALife #Prowling #CigaretteBully

#TyroneNation It's time to let these motherfuckers know how we ride‼️#10ToesDown! 💯I'm going to let these two @WWE tag-team superstars @shadbeast13 @jtg121084 Do my dirty Work‼️While I work this finesse game.😏#FuckAllThat Tag @wwe and tell them none of their wives 👩🏽‍🎤are safe. And that we are coming for that gold🥇#Tyrone2.0 Lil mama wanted me tho! @msannieparker So I had no choice but to sweep her off her feet! #longdickstyle I always wanted to know what it feels like to be a WWE world champion 🤔Guess I'm about to find out! #crymetyme And I also heard some of them smoke them nasty ass cancer 🚬 sticks 🚭#SmokingIsBad Motherfuckers‼️ So after we're done putting these so called champions!😒In rehab, we're going to put their wives 🙋🏼through the long dick style workout plan #TeamSexyAsFuck Jimmy neutron @kevycass 🙍🏻‍♂️had a lot to say, before he had a foot put up his ass! 😡Get ready #TyroneNation! And let these motherfuckers know we're coming‼️#TyroneNation #wwe #TagTeam #imtyrone #impactwrestling
#RingOfHonor #ROH #MajorLeagueWrestling #MLW @dereksulek
@impactwrestling @ringofhonor @majorleaguewrestling

#tbt Granny got hands! 👊🏼Tyrone gets checked! sewellwells this the only time I let your T-Pain looking ass set up a run down. Never knew your grandma was that gangsta!‼️ This Pint-sized pocket rocket packed a big punch! 😩 Granny put them paws on me! I'm sorry! I should no better guess what grandmaxgrandson I ain't never had no chill so why start now. 😒Granny keep ya mutha-effin hands to your self‼️ Granny mouth reckless but she damn sure hit harder then a Mac truck ‼️ #tyronenation #tyrone #hardbody #longdickstyle #lds

#tbt Out prowling the city just trying to meet my wife quota‼️ One per day keeps the pain away! 😏 Then I remembered wives love studios & rappers! 🤔 So I prowled my ass right over to the studio & caught Triple OG to the 3rd power @gillie_da_king coming out the building! Just like I thought, Mr. K.O.P. had to 2 👀#Cinnabuns 🍑Cinnabuns were fresh out the oven too! And smelling right! She smelled like fresh money! Just how Tyrone likes em, hot, fresh & ready to go!‼️Yup Im bout to lay this frosting on both of them. But first I needed to know if Bossman was cuffing or not. So I pressed him! #hardbody 💯 Welcome to my Jungle Lil big man! He stood tall even though the chains & diamonds too heavy for his little ass neck! But he passed right off #kingshit! He said cuffing season ain't until winter! The Bigfoot looking nigga in the back @realabliva wasn't happy about it. 😒He just mad that he lost his chance for crew booty! You wasn't loving them right anyway!  Big Daddy TY gonna take it from here, Rightttt #tyrone #longdickstyle #whereyawife #philly #northphilly @lidbux

#FUCKALLTHAT Cancer shit‼️today made me realize how much my comedy and effort affects another life. Brain Cancer is no Joke . You guys only get one body so take care of it ‼️I guess I just hate cancer. So let me try to make this world a better place by saving a life one slap 👋🏿 at a time‼️ @chieflotto_mtsb When ever you need me you just call me you're a part of #TyroneNation Now 😏And if the rest of you are down with Tyrone Nation #FuckCancer In The Comment Section‼️let's show Noah that we care and that he is not alone in his fight #Fuckcancer #TyroneNation

Want to give a big shout out to my lil bro @chieflotto_mtsb he's a true fighter‼️ #fuckcancer it's time to make a difference World‼️ And it starts today I need everybody to say #FuckCancer to show lil dude were in his corner #TyroneNation #fuckallthat #atl #SaveALife

#TyroneNation We're taking back the streets‼️#SmokingIsBad And you can't do a goddamn thing about it!😡You fake ass Jackie Chan looking motherfucker #fuckallthat I wasn't going to say anything until I saw this fool smoking 🚭only a few feet away from a women with phatt booty and her baby!😫 in the stroller! 👼🏽 #MommyBuns🍑But that not the Point, The Point is getting you motherfuckers to stop smoking 🚭And realize how stupid you look!😒 And if you're not trying to stop? Then fuck all that‼️#SLAP 🚬👋🏿 RIP ⚰️That nasty ass cancer 🚬 stick. You motherfuckers going to learn today! #SavingYourLife Jet lee 🥋wanted to hit me with a spin move!!😫 But then quickly realized size does matter #AskYourWife as a matter of fact 🤔 I'm on my way to your house right now‼️To see if she can love me long time #Longdickstyle #QuitSmoking #fuckcancer #imtyrone #ontheprowl #TyroneNation

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