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@najeedetiege_ I only came to this event because you told me it was going to be wives here🙋🏽 I feel like I walked into The village people👮🏻👷🏾🕵🏼👨🏿‍🚒 casting!😩 with all this damn sausage around look you cousin Skeeter looking motherfucker if you don't find me a wife in the next 10 minutes I'm going to be fucking yours #LongDickStyle #She'llGoDownButWon'tComeBackUp #ontheprowl

Truth or Dare... w/ @marlon_webb @isajallow @amarielee_comedy @najeedetiege_ #TagSomebodyYouHaveGameNightWith Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook!!

The fight is literally around the corner. Could this be the biggest upset in boxing history!?🤔 #WhatsYourThoughts #McGregor #Mayweather #August26

Cheating death ⚰️💀 w/ @marlon_webb @isajallow #Tagacheater Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook #Awkward

If this Nigga is really my daddy then mama you got a lot of explaining to do😫 you told me my Papa name was Pedro and had good hair #lies if this is the man that created this legend then daddy I need to find you😢 sleepless nights and long Prowls without you father hoping that one day we would meet🚶🏿mama said that you ran off with a white woman from a cooking show on TV👩🏼‍🍳 when I was a young child and I've been devastated every since but I will find you dad and we're going to fuck wives together #LongDickStyle #HaveYouSeenMyDaddy #I'mTyrone #comingtoamerica

#tbt Tyrone finally got a smartphone!📱I'm on the come up, no more minute phones!📞 Nigga at the store told me this phone came with a chick named Siri in it!🙋🏼 Bingo bitches! Love at first sight! He told me she would always be there and she can find me anything! Wives on speed dial now! But how the hell do I work this shit.🤷🏿‍♂️ They should of never gave these niggas money! Finally figured out how to reach the bitch Siri. Playing hard to get as usual. 😫😂So I put her to test! Be a teamplayer and find me a wife! She put me on hold said she checking! I hate waiting! I just got her need some time to train her!😏 #Tyrone macks #siri #LongDickStyle

Whenever I see a pretty girl I feel like I'm in a music video!👀😳 w/ @najeedetiege_ @isajallow @melodycross @iwantmylauren @shaythebella @tonioskits @officialjennybabas Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook #TagYourSquad #TagAFriendWhoWillTagAFriend shoot by @joris_rollersteady

#tbt #TMZ #Worldstar #BET #EntertainmentWeekly #FoxNews #Univision all blowing up my phone trying to get the exclusive on what Tyrone thinks about the @meekmill and @champagnepapi situation! Well like I said this #lightskin vs #darkskin race war has gone too far! If yall can share the same wifey then I'm sure you can share the spotlight! Remember kids "Sharing is Caring" 😂😂. After my exclusive shit got real. Just in case you ain't know, I rep M.B.O.E (Mountain Bike Over Everything)! OG Bobby Johnson wit the Kangol ain't have one though. He reppin #schwinn So I pressed him. He almost ran over my cameraman. I thought I smelled 211 on em. Took a stand! Citizen's arrest! Where's the cops when you need em the most! He fought me for the keys to the bike! Threw his hands up like it was 1938 old head stance! Man boobs started to jiggle. All that 211 went straight to his chest! I was just trying to save ya life old head! No drinking while biking! M.B.O.E #tyrone #Meekmill #Drake #drakevsmeek #comedy

Almost out of it...😫😒w/ @theevelyng @marlon_webb Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook #TagAFriendWhoWouldTagAFriend

When you regret it... w/ @isajallow @marlon_webb Click on link in my bio☝🏿️to watch the full video on Facebook 😈Tag bae if this is y'all 😂😏 Music by justineskye 🎼back for more🎼

Lmfao they replaced the Ken doll with Tyrone!😫😱#NiggaWeMadeIt #LongDickStyle #imtyrone

I would never get behind something that I didn't believe was going to work out! A lot of you guys always asked me what supplements or vitamins do I take what do I do to get my arm so big how do I work out well here's a start @nuedgefitness you will never find anything like it something that really works it's universal it adjust to your workout program I've been on this for about a month now! and look great and feel great while yall sitting on your couch watching desperate housewives🤷🏾‍♀️ i'm getting ripped and shredded💪🏿 so I can fuck y'all wives #Longdickstyle @rampage4real thanks for the chain🤙🏿 Nu edge supplements use my promo code Tyrone for 20% off! PS you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink so don't just look good feel good‼️

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