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Imtyrone  TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS Or I'll F**k your wife! Facebook: onetyrone

@michaelrapaport You got some goddamn nerve!!🤬 Coming to my goddamn city! #NorthFilthy Thinking you run shit‼️#fuckallthat Never trust a motherfucker with freckles!!😒 #NoNewFriends You a Raggedy Ann in the face looking Motherfucker. #BitchAss I just started to like you too😠 And you pull some shit like this?🤨 #TyroneNation I need y’all to tell this motherfucker, what happens to people who disrespects #TyroneNation😏 Tell This Fake ass Napoleon dynamite I’m going to be paying his wife 🙋‍♀️ a visit. And I have a package for her #LongDickStyle I should Take your motherfucking down 17th and Susquehanna #TheHood And let everybody you know we got the opps out here.😳 #HidTheReggie You got the body shape of a goddamn hillbilly that’s five months pregnant with 🤰🏼her brothers kid.🧒 #Oops 🤫 And don’t ever disrespect the bandanna!😡 its vintage #TyroneNation #imtyrone #lds

Back to business‼️ Call of duty Black ops 4 had me hostage in the crib for 3 goddamn days!😩 But #fuckallthat Back on the Prowl‼️ And we got ourselves a cancer 🚬 smoker here!! #SmokingIsBad Motherfucker But as I got closer I noticed this nigga was proportioned all wrong.🤔 Now I know God makes no mistakes! #Amen But I think he put the wrong head on this fella! As he was creating him😳 I mean come on!😒 His head is clearly a 40 year old man’s head!! But the body of a 12 year olds body. This has to be black magic 😐 #Slap 👋🏿 Never mind all that shit‼️ You’re in a no smoke 🚭 zone. You Gollum, from the Lord of the rings looking motherfucker! You back here doing some Dennis the Menace shit! 👀 I know one thing; You might be able to ride a children’s bike 🚲 with ease. But you damn sure didn’t buy it!!🤬 So you have 3 seconds to return that bike or I’m going to pay your wife 🙋🏻‍♀️ a visit and give her a ride of my own #longdickstyle #TyroneNation #CancerKills #QuitSmoking #nochill #CigaretteBully

Big shoutout to the lil homie!! @yesitsmari_ 🔥🔥🔥🔥 She said She needed 2 Scary ape 🦍 like looking motherfuckers to play her brothers!😩 Lmao‼️So who Better than me and this curious George looking motherfucker! I told yall everything was cool between me and @casanova_2x #Don’tGetTheStrap 😬 But make sure to follow lil homie she up next‼️ #TyroneNation #fuckallthat #Rewind @s.a.s.h.a.i.n @diamondempireproduction

Now as you motherfuckers may know!😒 Tyrone loves his animals‼️ But god damn!! Not only does it smell 👃🏿like someone mopped this area with a bum!🤢 I got these goddamn insects 🐝 to worry about #fuckallthat It’s #Cameo time‼️And y’all motherfuckers are too old to be going on a damn field trip. All Cameos are back to $25 all week!! So book your goddamn Cameo now!!😒 motherfuckas‼️#cameo #imtyrone #TyroneNation LINK IN BIO

#TyroneNation Sometimes I come across the funniest shit when I’m live-streaming!😩 #fuckallthat Somebody come get their motherfucking father!!🤣 Nigga look 👀 like one of the grandpa’s from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 🏭 who never left the bed 🛏😳. Grandpa 👴🏼 is definitely a part of #TyroneNation with that attitude tho‼️ He probably on his way to 7-Eleven right now to pick up some of that good ol’ Viagra to fuck somebody’s wife #LongDickStyle Like a motherfucking champ!😬 Click link in bio to like my Facebook page and check out some of these crazy live streams‼️Motherfuckers! #imtyrone #prowling #lds

Lmfao!!!💀 When this young old nigga turned around he looked like a ghetto scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz Hood addition!😳 #FuckAllThat And just because you look like a caveman doesn’t mean you are one.😒 Have some damn sense #CancerKills and you in a no 🚭 zone ‼️You purple rain looking motherfucker #Slap 👋🏿 Tha fuck you looking 👀 at me like that for?😒 I’m just here to save you from lung cancer. #YouStupid Relax, My man had the Shocked look 😧 Like he Just got caught stealing some shit?🤔 That’s probably why he got all that mix & match shit on His wrist!😩#WhyAreYouRunning 😐 But seriously world! 🌎 I think we might have gotten through to this 4th heartbeat looking 🕺🏿 motherfucker. He knew exactly who the fuck I was at the end of the video!🤔 Which means he might also know that I will fuck his wife #longdickstyle if he ever sparks up another cancer stick 🚬 again. Nigga smelled 👃🏿 like a German Shepherd and mothballs!🤨 On to the next tho! I’m out before this nigga comes back with the rest of the five heartbeats.😩 #TyroneNation #QuitSmoking #SmokingIsBad #NoChill #NoPics #BetterLife

It took me three goddamn hours to prepare this motherfucking speech‼️ And only 30 seconds to fuck it up!🤬 #FuckAllThat What I’m trying to say is I really want to thank all you motherfuckers‼️ For being a part of #TyroneNation🚭 Seriously I mean that 😡shit!! I love y’all motherfuckers‼️ And if it wasn’t for this goddamn dog👀😤.....As a matter of fact. 🤔Imma take this motherfucker right down to the Chinese 👩🏻‍🍳 store!😏 Yup 🤷🏿‍♂️ #GeneralBarkChicken But If you think the shit you’re watching, is funny now?😏 Then sit back, pull your wife’s titties 😬 out, and you take a 10 minute drive because that’s all I’m going to need #longdickstyle you silly motherfucker. And I’ll be right over with the popcorn 🍿 because it’s about to be a fucking show!!🤟🏿 #TyroneNation #ThankYou #1m #BestFansEver #SmokingIsBad

The last memory I have of my father😢 #IWishYouCouldSeeMeNow #Goodtimes #tb

Smoking🚬💀is bad. Why so serious⁉️ Slap Cam edition‼️PART 20 #fuckallthat #smokingisbad #TyroneNation #quitsmoking TAG 3 MOTHERFUCKERS YOU WANT ME TO DO THIS TOO😏😩

#TyroneNation I don’t miss often but when I do I always make up for it. 😏#Slap 👋🏿 We got a man child 👶🏿 on our hands! 😩 He said DAD? Nigga look like somebody’s dad his goddamn self‼️But back to business, and as you motherfuckers already know...No smoking in the streets!! 🚭 #FuckAllThat Your other methods are not working. Time for some tough love‼️ #Cancerkills You JJ from good times looking motherfucker! 🤬 And just because I look like the father from good times don’t mean I’m your daddy. 🤨 How tf do you have a kill cancer 🚭 shirt on, smoking a damn cancerstick? 🚬 🤔 Instead of trying to go get your daddy 👴🏾to so called “beat my ass” LOL you need to take your confuse job core looking in the face ass back to the store and return that damn shirt. 👕 So the next time I 👀 you smoking a Cigarette or wearing that shirt again best believe we going to have some #Goodtimes Motherfucker 😒 #QuitSmoking #FuckCancer #SmokingIsBad #CancerKills #NoChill

LMFAO!!😩 I think We got off to a bad start‼️ @casanova_2x But #Fuckallthat Rules are rules!! And this is a no smoke zone!!🚭 You curious George looking motherfucker!! #Warning!! This nigga got the strap!! 🔫 For real! 😒 We supposed to be on set working together but I just couldn’t resist #Slap 👋🏿 When a prank Goes wrong!😩 big Homie Pulled the strap out a goddamn lady bag 💼 👀 But that ain’t none of my business.🤨 not gonna lie you got bars @casanova_2x But Won’t get no pass!!🚭 But Let me assure you motherfuckers we are still working together 😒 After 45 minutes of trying to Calm this mother fucker down 0 to 💯 real quick‼️ But come On now! In the back of his mind he knew I was going to try some shit!!😏 Hands up guns damn!! #TyroneNation #Cancerkills #SmokingIsBad #GetTheStrap

Smoking🚬💀is bad. WE GOT A RUNNER 2 Slap Cam edition‼️PART 19 #fuckallthat #smokingisbad #TyroneNation #quitsmoking TAG 3 MOTHERFUCKERS YOU WANT ME TO DO THIS TOO😏😩

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