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First time at the 'G

Hey Melbournites - who wants 2 tickets to see Hannah Gadsby's encore show of Nanette at 5pm this Saturday 29th?? We are dying to go but double booked... they cost us $109 so if you'd like to contribute any portion of that we'd be happy... (aka this is not a scalping exercise). It's her second to last show ever!

There's a pot of gold somewhere in Richmond

I haven't lived in a place with an actual autumn for years. I'm pretty excited.

Visiting aunties are the best @she_dreams_in_underglaze

Oh Melbourne, you're just flaunting it now with your gorgeous weather and your painfully lovely cafes...

Nothing really mattress #notmyjoke #stillfunnythough

By popular demand, an interior

A strangely curvy and tangled, Eugene von Guerard sort of gum tree

Pooh bear has a pretty plum spot

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