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Naomi Laird  A Queer Vegan, Scot in London but really belong in a forest & a maker of unfinished tales. #alwaysneedcaffeine #antifascist #tarot β˜•


How true is this? I think this extends to our online life as well to be honest.
#repost from @justinbriceguariglia
#graffiti #streetart

πŸ’— this #repost from the amazing @aida_wilde

How can one human place such less value on another human beings life?
The blind will always lead the blind & the one eyed man will always be their King. & those with their eyes and hearts wide open will always win✌& πŸ’œ
#whatthefuckisgoingonintheworld #inthekingdomoftheblindtheoneeyedmanisking #whiteprivilege #life #peace #love #humanity #human #truth #openyoureyes
#eyes #shangrila #glastonburyfestival

Seriously considered not doing this, but since so many other have spoken up, I feel I should as well. I'm not ready to discuss the big ones, not sure I ever will but I do want to add this.

The countless times I have been sitting alone on public transport & some guy sits down beside me, way to close ( despite there being free seats available) & as he hits on me & I decline in the politest way possible he continues and I have to give a reason why I said No, it's just enough I am not interested in him and there are times when I feel scared & feel obliged to come up with an excuse - I am not shy but if I am pinned in the corner, how am I meant to feel?. Or the times when I am out on my own during the day let alone at night & I get hit on, I decline & start to walk away & he starts shouting at me, so of course people start to turn around & stare at you not the arsehole that's shouting at me, I'm lucky though I can usually walk off, rattled & shaky but I am pretty loud when I want to be so I usually humiliate them as well.

It's acts like this as well it's a drip, drip, drip effect that happens to a lot of women regularly that grinds you down & makes you feel less safe & small.

So if you are a Man and have been suprised by all these Women standing up I really hope you are starting to get a sense of the scale of what's going on.

Thank you for listening & THANK YOU & YOU ARE BELIEVED to all those who have shared so far & all those unable to share xx
#metoo #womensrights

☝ For Men everywhere ☝
Don't know who this Peter White is but πŸ‘
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#feminism #respectwomen

Morning! If we can't be Iggy we can still eat like him & strut around the kitchen like him πŸ’ƒ(or is that just meπŸ˜…) #strutlikeyoumeanit #mondaymotivation #iggypop #breakfast

Happy Sunday! - hope your day is as happy & playful as this rabbit #autumn #simplepleasures
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In honour of the season (& because I want to avoid doing some actual work 😜) I am watching probably my favourite witchy film Bell, Book & Candle it's an oldie but I πŸ’— it 🍿🍷 #passthepopcorn #andthewine #piewacket #witchy

#repost from the brilliant @refugee_community_kitchen

Come prepare & serve nourishing food to the hundreds of people living in horrible conditions in northern France!
We need:
Experienced/Inexperienced chefs
Vegetable Choppers
Salad Preppers
Rice Makers
Cake makers
Stock organizers

Whether it's for a day or a month, every minute you give will have a positive impact on the lives of the people living rough in Calais. Please spread the word & join us -> http://refugeecommunitykitchen.com/volunteer/
#charity #volunteers #volunteersneeded

To brighten all our timelines @jeffgoldblum
I am awe of this look, how does he make it work? 😍😜
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Its so fluffy! πŸ¦„
It's grey & miserable & our world is onπŸ”₯ so here is a ridiculously cute video of a cat /marshmallow hybrid!
#repost from @9gag #9gag #catvideosarethebest #videooftheday

I will always have issues with @eminem use of repeated derogatory terms about Women but this is just πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ #getridoftrumpπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #TakeAKnee #antifascist

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