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Naomi Laird  A Queer Vegan, Scot in London but really belong in a forest & a maker of unfinished tales. #alwaysneedcaffeine #antifascist #tarot ☕

Just had a really interesting 1 card reading from @redthreadtarot the question being "how can I be a better advocate?" The answer is below, thanks so much @redthreadtarot #fooodforthought
"@naomilaird you pulled the six of coins ✨🔮 associated with the element earth & the astrological placement of Moon in Taurus, this card invites you to put aside fear of scarcity & enact radical generosity as an advocate 🏵🌺✨six of coins is a card of decision-making in terms of having/not having, giving/receiving, & power/powerlessness 🏵🌺 trust yourself & your resources as an advocate--the more you give, you will welcome abundance into your Loren🏵✨ this does not mean only financial support but tangible material resources as well-- sharing food, shelter, time & emotional reciprocity with those folks in your life who are marginalized ✨🏵 you will serve as a model for others how to be expansive in times of insecurity ✨🏵" thank you for donating! ❤️🙏✨
🚨 interested in an advocacy reading of your own? Click through for details & help me reach my $200 goal! #endwhitesupremacy #mywitchcraftwillbeintersectionaloritwillbebullshit #tarot #endfascism #trumpsamerica

Needed something beautiful & positive 😍😍 #repost from @tiff_net
Home movies are the archives of our personal histories. But by their very nature, they're reflective of an old world, and an outmoded set of values. In HOME MOVIES @kevmanrios imagines a dusty VHS tape whose contents reflect the queer world in which he lives and aspires to. Memory serves as an act of hope, power, and above all, resilience. #TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival presented by @uniqlocanada runs until August 20. Watch + vote for your favorites everyday at 6 and 9pm. .
#shortfilm #digitalshort #vhs #homemovie #queer #lovetrumpshate #samelove #lovewins #loveislove

Just seen Donald Trump's insane (even by his standards) latest speech both David Duke & Richard Spencer openly welcomed it & there is a rumoured further 16 neo nazi rallies now planned, this really is a point in history
#repost from @robineisenberg
#resist #resistfascism #trumpsamerica

#Repost from @anebrun 😍😍
Better than this (2015)
"We are better than this
this is taking over
this is breaking us down
oh we´re better than this
better than this
moving in fast pace
towards a tipping point
we must be better than this better than this
the signs are all around us
solutions already there
we´re all part of this same line-up
there is no one else here
we must be better than this better than this
I can’ t believe that we won´t learn from history
I can´t believe that we won´t learn from history
better than this
fate is always pending
let´s take the wheel and turn away
from that place there´s no returning
we´re overdue let´s leave today

we´re hoping for a windfall
to live in eternal spring
is this something we will die for
when we find out we can't win?
will we be better than this? better than this
better than this
we must be better than this
better than this
we gotta be better than this

Illustration by @waldersten for my collection of lyrics "Words".
#poetry #anebrun #wordstoheal

Just had a convo/spat over racism & thought this was really useful.
#repost from @verachok
#racism #fascism #standupandfaceit

Had to repost this 😍
#repost from @animaliberationfront "Thanks for liberating me, @wes_omar" - 🐷 #AnimalLiberationFront #vegan

James Baldwin being right (as usual)
Repost from @lgbt_history
"What is it you want me to reconcile myself to? I was born here almost sixty years ago; I'm not gonna live another sixty years. You always told me it takes time: it's taken my father's time, my mother's time, my uncle's time, my brothers' and my sisters' time, my nieces' and my nephews' time. How much time do you want, for your 'progress'?" - James Baldwin, 1983.
#lgbthistory #HavePrideInHistory #JamesBaldwin #Charlottesville #Resist
#racism #fascism #Trump #charlottesville

That this needs saying & it does repeatedly is fucking ridiculous but it does Words from @candacereels & #repost from @femalecollective
#racism #fascism #antifascist #endwhitesupremacy #america #trumpsamerica

Twitter is appropriately going nuts over what's happening at #charlottesville right now, even Trump's pitiful response was enough to get ex KKK leader annoyed
#trumpsamerica #fascism #antifascist #racism

Getting to know my heritage a little bit better #celtandproud #whoneedstogout #booksarebetterthanbooze 😂.

As Sophie Cannon @sophiecannon puts it on Twitter
1957: they gather with white hoods to hide there shame
2017: they gather openly & share their pictures on Facebook for their friends to like & share.

We have no reason to believe we are better here in the UK it's just not so overt & this is only getting to get worse everywhere if we (white people) keep quiet, I know it shouldn't shock me (white privilege at work here) but it's fucking unbelievable how far & how quickly we are going backwards.
#antifascist #trumpsamerica #racism #bloodyscared

A quick power reading this morning to get my day started right, coffee & card slinging can't top it!. Pulled from the awesome @slutist tarot & my new & so sweet @newagehipster333 oracle deck
So Power (the Emperor) Seems to me I need to own my strength & speak up today (this could be an interesting staff meeting today!) also where's my cigar? & Waterfall 🤔 time flows on & on forward & I am heading with it whether I am ready or not 😨 - also feel the need to go jump in one the ponds on the heath for a swim which I have not done in AGE'S after reading this card, thanks Vix from @newagehipster333 😂.
I am so happy these decks are in my life.
#timetoprepareforthatmeeting #tarot #tarotandcoffee #powertarot #slutisttarot #newagehipsteroracledeck #oracle

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