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Naomi Gal  wife + artist + mama to four beauties β€’ living an adventurous, grateful, wholehearted life β€’ YEG canada

✨Find the light and stand inside it.✨ (Maxx, 7, found a sunbeam after a bath.)

Our baby's first day of kindergarten! #allthefeels. Oh man, her sweet little face! She was so nervous but also so brave. Climbed right onto the school bus and waved goodbye. After school she was happy & content, saying she made some new friends "but I don't know their names." Also: "We have two snack times and two outside play times and three indoor play times." She knows I love #allthedetails. πŸ€“
Oh Kaia, you darling big hearted spunky hilarious sweetheart. You may be little but you are strong and fierce and compassionate. You notice people. You care about people, especially the hurting ones. I love that about you. Here's to you, my wild girl. Always be kind, and always, ALWAYS, be YOU. ❀️

I love it when strong, creative women dream up great things and make them happen. And I couldn't be more thrilled for @shoptheskinny as they celebrate their grand opening this weekend at @southgatecentre in #yeg. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰You guys. This store is GORGEOUS. The vibe is warm & inviting, and it's perfectly curated with unique, ethically made pieces and I wanted every.dang.thing. If you're local, get your cute buns down there and check it out! Also - get in on some sweet $100 gift card giveaways (every online or in store purchase is a chance to win) and 3 Erin Cardigan giveaways! Congratulations @shoptheskinny on your new home, I'm so sooo happy for you. ❀️

And they're off. Grade 2, 6, 8. My beautiful babies! Zion and Noah don't need mom to help find their classrooms anymore.... 😭 but after helping Maxx get settled in his room, I went to their homerooms and peeked through the door like a totally normal stealth stalker mom and tried to make eye contact so I could blow a thousand kisses in their direction. Haha kidding. I absolutely 100% did the stalker thing but no kisses were blown. I'm not THAT embarrassing. πŸ˜…

Goodness, I'm proud of them, of who they are. I'm gonna miss them like crazy. But also β€” what a joy to let them spread their wings and fly. To celebrate as they learn and grow and try and fail and get up and soar and make mistakes and soar again. All within the environment of a great school, where grit, grace, and gratitude are taught and exemplified. So thankful.
So here's to you, my darling boys. Be all that you were created to be. I'm with you every step of the way. ❀️❀️❀️

Late night birthday selfies. Ummmm not the best idea... but we rarely get pics together these days so let's go with it?!
Yesterday my husband turned 45. Yup 45. "Halfway to 90", as our oldest offspring pointed out. We celebrated with a steak supper, his family surrounding him, just as he wanted. His dad surprised him and flew in just in time to join us. Such a gift that was.
I love you Johnny, with all my heart. You are the best partner to navigate this wild life with. Happy birthday to my favorite human, my partner in crime, my baby daddy, my best friend. Thankyou for your heart of grace and gold. Here's to YOU and all those shining years yet to come. ❀️✨

This is a quality photograph right here. πŸ˜†But seriously, I love it because this is us, with joy on my husband's birthday, after a beautiful supper out with our kids and Grandpa Gal. We forgot to take pics in daylight, so Zion snapped a few of us leaving the restaurant. So classy. πŸ˜‚ So us. 😍

This man in the hammock snuggling our boy.... he's pretty dang awesome and I'm so grateful to be his. We had the best family holiday, made a huge stack of new memories to carry us through the winter, all thanks to this guy who works hard and does everything selflessly and wholehearted. He rarely gets to chill in his hammock and the moment he does, a child is on top of him. But he never complains. He's just the best and sometimes I gotta shout it from the instagram rooftops. 😍 Love you forever Johnny Gal. ❀️ #galsdosummer2017

Mama+daughter bliss. ✨ (thankyou @johnnygal for this photo, I will treasure it.) #galsdosummer2017

😍🌲❀️🌳 #naturegirlsforever #wildexplorersclub #galsdosummer2017

My three sons. A rare moment of stillness last weekend – it lasted a whole 6 minutes.... πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜œ #galsdosummer2017

We're leaving this little piece of paradise tomorrow πŸ˜­πŸ’”.....it's been such a joy watching these kiddos thrive in the camping/cabin life for the past two weeks. #galsdosummer2017

My girl. My little bestie. We've been thoroughly enjoying our pockets of time together while the boys are off fishing. The other day we spent a good hour picking wildflowers and it was wonderful, listening to her chat while we wandered around, I just love being with her!

Last night Johnny took the boys to town to get worms πŸ›πŸŽ£.....so baby girl and I sat on the dock while the sun dipped below the trees, we ate watermelon, we brushed each other's hair, we kayaked over to the little island and walked barefooted across moss and rocks, holding hands and smiling big. Then, as the light disappeared we went for a swim, floating and laughing, eyes twinkling. I love my little adventurer so so much. Later, when we changed into warm jammies, she said, "mom, let's always be nature girls ok?" And I said, "nature girls forever!" Then the boys got home and it was loud and someone farted and the wrestling started and we rolled our eyes but we felt super happy. Because we love being just girls together but we couldn't imagine life without our wild amazing boys. 😍 #thisisfamily #galsdosummer2017

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