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Finding stuff buried in the ground makes Noah really happy. 😁 You’d be surprised how many weird little metal things are buried at playgrounds. 😳 Here’s a small portion of his finds, arranged by Noah and his mama. 😍 #naomigalcircleseries #noahandnaomicollab #naomigalmakesstuff

“The people we need most are right within reach, if only we’ll stop trying so hard to find “them”.” @shannanwrites
(I could quote Shannan all the live long day. Her words are food for the soul — the kind you didn’t know you needed, but once you taste truth, there’s no turning back. Inspiring, challenging, gritty, wise.)

We didn’t get to celebrate Father’s Day with @johnnygal.... because he happens to be in HAWAII. #lucky 😍 Our oldest son Zion joined him on his work trip for father/son bonding time! I’ve been giddy with excitement for him. Like, so so happy he gets to experience the islands for the first time with his amazing daddy. I made Johnny promise to send me pics of them together on Father’s Day, because of course we are missing him like crazy.
WE ADORE YOU @johnnygal!! Thank you for loving your children so well. Thank you for guiding their hearts with such grace. Thank you for your kindness, your patience, your funny-ness, and your calm. You hold our family circus together and we love you more than all the words! ❤️

Eight year old boys are the most darling creatures (I LOVE eight!) and sometimes, they still need naps. 😍😴

Last night before bed I asked each of the kids, “what are you thankful for today?” These are the answers they gave. I added “legs that work” because it hit me when I got out of bed yesterday that legs are pretty amazing and I’m grateful they carry me around wherever I need to go. I take so much for granted but I’m trying to notice the everyday gifts, like the kids do, and say thankyou. Thankyou God for this. I’m really, really grateful. Even when I don’t “feel” grateful, something happens when I choose to speak it out loud. Something changes on the inside, even if the storms on the outside stay the same.
(PS. I’m so proud of Kaia for including popcorn. #priorities 😆) #outloudgratitude

She brings me ‘flowers’ nearly every day. Joy in a handful. From her heart to mine. #outloudgratitude

Cutest metal detecting gang you ever did see, combing an empty beach at the end of the day, dreaming of discovering an ancient coin or a diamond ring... 💎😆 “Nonsense. Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older, and then before you know it, they’re grown.” ~ J.M. Barrie

Once a year, @johnnyandginger’s beautiful crew comes to town and we get to pick up where we left off. Never a dull moment when our two families meet up for our annual playdate.😄😍 We have tons of wild love for this family! Until next year, dear ones. ❤️

My Noah is a treasure hunter and this is a small example of the stuff he digs up while searching for old coins. 🤩❤️ Stay tuned for a collaborative arrangement of weird random objects, by Noah and moi! 😍

And that’s a wrap on her first official dance recital! 🙌🏼 Proudest daddy and big brothers. She was incredibly nervous for weeks leading up to this day. But she overcame fear, discovered courage, got on that stage (for TWO numbers: tap and ballet) and crushed it! Mighty proud of her for being so brave. 😭 #wecandohardthings

GIANT heartfelt gratitude to her awesome teachers for believing in her and for being soooo kind. ❤️

His favorite season is finally here. He doesn’t want me bragging about how many fish he’s already caught this month.... So let’s just talk about how ruggedly handsome he is... 😁 #fishingseason

My last post was 10 days ago but it feels like 3. Why is May so cray? 🧐🤯🤪 Also, I honestly don’t have the strength or stamina to try and “beat the algorithm” by posting on the daily. It’s too much. I want to just live, you know? Putting my phone down (and forgetting where I put it 👵🏼) is an everyday thing. I want to enjoy my children while they’re still children. I want to drink my tea in my favorite chair with my fuzzy blanket and watch a good movie. I want to drink in views like this one. I want to taste the warm air and listen to the kids laugh (and tune out the arguing 🙄😅). I don’t want to be remembered by my kids as the mom with the phone glued to her hand.

However, I also want to take a bunch of photos, because that’s just me. Ask my high school friends, in the early 90s.... I was the girl with a camera, documenting everything, developing film and making photo albums with words and quotes cut out of magazines, arranged all nice in those sticky albums with the plastic page covers. 🤓 I was often journaling, writing, taking pics, documenting, remembering. I’m sentimental, and I love history. This is my small way of capturing my own bit of history. My story and my family. Our life.

So what’s the balance? I’m learning. I’m taking more pictures for personal memories and less for sharing. I rarely (never?!) post instantly. I take my time, I enjoy the moments and maybe, post later. I realize this isn’t keeping up with the hustle we’re told to embrace. But I just can’t/won’t do it. I’m really really grateful for those who choose to follow here, who choose to engage. You are wonderful and I’m honored! Thankyou for being here. And I’m sorry if I don’t connect as much as I used to. It’s not you, it’s me. 😂 I hope you have a beautiful weekend, embracing your life and all its imperfections, being grateful for the small things, and taking care of YOU! Much love. Xoxoxo.

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