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Sewing Into Your Heart  Faith. Family. Business. ✝️ Sewing Tips. Coaching work at home moms for the glory of God. Col. 3:23

We wake to a snow filled world. Today is a new day for Dad, there is still life in his body. Still he slumbers peacefully in ICU. Still there are not many answers. But yet by the grace of God he has been given another day. Since that phone call at 2 am on Monday when they felt he was bordering on life or death, there has been no further bad report. The only report is that he is remaining stable.
Back in November and December before Dad knew that he was sick. He and I had a lot of conversations about Psalm 41:3
In the NIV this reads “The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.” And the New Living Translation reads “The Lord nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health.” Dad kept bringing up the part about being sustained on a sickbed, it seems God was speaking that into his heart and preparing him for this journey....
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Many of you know Walt and the close relationship that we have had for the past 14 years. After having lost my father when I was 7 I always prayed for a dad and Walt was an answer to my prayers. For years Walt had longed for children but was never able to have any. I was an answer to the deepest longing of his heart. Now I fondly refer to him as my dad, or simply ‘Dad’.
On Wednesday morning, 2/28, at 5:45 I picked Dad up at his house to drive to Vassar hospital for an outpatient surgery. On our drive he talked to me about how God had been reminding him of a little miracle many years before. If you know Dad he is always talking about miracles and God’s work in our lives here and now. He recounted to me how many years ago he had been weed whacking in his yard and the weed whacker hit a power cord, causing some damage to the cord. He went into the house to get something and came back out to get the damaged cord. When he picked up the cord he fully examined it and was not able to find any damage what so ever. I had heard the story before but was glad to hear it again. Dad said, “I have wondered why God showed me a miracle with such a little thing, if He does not also intend for us to have faith for something bigger.” We continued to converse about this on our drive.
Now five days later many of you know that surgery did not go well. There were complications, bleeding, a stroke, then another stroke, kidney problems, and cancer. Now he sleeps in a room at ICU.
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As I sit in the waiting room while my spiritual father goes into surgery I want answers.
I want to know the out come.
I want to know that everything will be ok.
And yet God doesn’t always give answers, sometimes He just says ‘I AM, because I am good trust me, because I am faithful that means I am enough, because I am love you can rest in Me.’
No matter our circumstance or situation, even when we don’t understand, the mystery of God can satisfy more than the answers we think we need.
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Little helpers in the kitchen. 💜😊 #mamalife #littlechefs

The house was quiet as I stitched a new zipper in this glamourous dress.
Quiet, as a little boy sleeps upstairs.
For a while the machine hummed, but then I had to sew the lining to the zipper by hand. In and out went the needle and I breathed deep, soul space. In the quiet my heart finds peace and rest, and I ponder the words of psalm 23 - “He restores my soul.” Is your soul weary? You too can find restoration in silence as His presence feeds your soul. #seamstresslife #workathomemom #zipperreplacement #hopewriter #soulcare #inquietnessandconfidenceshallbeyourstrength #psalm23

God is so good to constantly put His Word before me right when I need it. The past few months have been filled with doctors appointments for both my mom and spiritual dad. In the next few weeks both will be having surgery. Looking at the circumstances i can give way to fear but God reminds me to stand firm in faith. To be brave. To be strong.
Maybe you too are wrestling with fear. Maybe there is an area of your life you have to be brave and be strong. You are not alone in the battle. He is with you. #havefaith #hopewriter #donotbeanxious #donotbeafraid #breakthefear #agingparents

Restoration is one of my favorite aspects of my business. It gives me great joy to take something old and tattered and make it beautiful again. .
God has given each of you, in your own way, a gift of restoration. He restored you to Himself and pours His love into you so that you can pour into someone else. Through this you take part in His beautiful plan of restoration.
What is it that needs to be restored in those around you? May the presence of Jesus living in You touch someone else and bring restoration. #allthingsnew #beautyfromashes #seamstresslife #restorationproject #hopewriter #bejesus #homebusiness #workathomemom

Sometimes I get discouraged and feel like I don’t measure up- as a mom, a business owner, and a wife. These feelings inadequacy can cause me to forget God’s great love. .
I am reminded of who He is by this excerpt from Larry Crabb ; “God offers us a richer joy than anything else provides, the joy of listening to him sing to us with sheer delight in spite of all our deficiencies and then singing to another with the same passion. But our unnecessary yet inevitable struggles with adequacy, confidence, and safety create so much noise that we don’t hear the music. And that leaves us empty in the place within us that longs to be in a relationship of mutual delight. Our emptiness becomes a problem. We experience it as soul pain, a profoundly empty space that demands to be filled. 1But because we don’t listen to the Lord’s music, because we don’t drink from his well, we settle for lesser satisfaction, for anything that relieves the infernal ache within.”
Don’t settle for less - remember His great love #hopewriter #workathomemom #godslove #christianlifecoach

As the oldest sometimes I don’t get to spend as much time with this boy as much as I would like. It seems his little sister and brother are always more needy.
I have to make a purposeful effort to make sure he has some quality time as well!
#kindred_mom #hopewriter #mamalife #qualitytimewithmom #workathomemom

Joining the book launch for Breaking the Fear cycle by @mariafurlough . Love this quote which reminds me that I have a choice whether I am going to engage in the battle against fear -
We all have a choice - will we fight the fear or will we be victims.
Fight the good fight! God is for you! #breakthefear #fearnot #booklaunch #christianmom #lifecoachmoment #hopewriter

Growing up in the Christian world I felt like I was taught that peace in your heart was an automatic result of daily quiet time, church attendance, serving in the local church and being a good person.

I have learned that though Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and that when you receive Him as Savior you have access to His peace, you also must pursue and receive His peace continually.

Peace doesn’t mean the absence of trouble. Peace means that even during life the heart is hidden with Christ in God, (Colossians 3:1-4) untouched, undisturbed by the world around it. Peace is resting in the One who calms the storm within. Only when we let Him calm the storm within can He begin to calm the storm around us.
For more check out todays post in the temporary link in my profile and enter to win @drdaltonsmith course.
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Four years ago Janet came to my book signing. She said she was just beginning to write her story of how she survived a massive brain tumor. Over the years I have run into her several times at MOPS and other events.
Yesterday I attended one of her local book signings. Congratulations Janet on publishing Whatever Happened to My White Picket Fence? It is her memoir of she handles life with the brain injury from her brain tumor. Janet’s story of strength and courage will give us all greater empathy for those who struggle with a disability especially those with brain injuries.
Janet wrote her story because she wanted to help the community understand people with disabilities.
If God has put a message on your heart to share. Don’t hold back. Persevere! You can do it! #hopewriter #braininjury #braininjuryawareness #newrelease #whateverhappenedtomywhitepicketfence #janetjohnsonschliff

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