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Be still...
To quiet my thoughts in a noisy world...
Stillness is a prerequisite to trusting God.
When I purposefully quiet and refocus He can calms anxiety because my attention is redirected to Him- His purposes and His plans and His sovereign control.
I don't have to worry because I know that He is good and He is able.
In He. If things and in the little He holds them all in His hands.
What are some of the ways you refocus and quiet yourself before Him?
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This past weekend we took a trip to the big city- the kids first time in NYC. The crowds of people could be scary to little kids but I am reminded of the scripture ...
Do not be afraid, for I am with you.” (Gen. 26: 24)
Do you feel fear wrapping you up?cutting off your spiritual circulation?
Maybe fear related to a new job, new school, new baby or new season of life. It might feel like you are lost in a crowded noisy city.
New things cause me to fear because I don't know what it looks like & feel like I don't know how to plan for what's ahead.
But God
My good father
Who says trust me
I'm in control
You don't have to plan it on your own
Life will be full of unexpected
It's ok
I'm holding you
Protecting you
Loving you as my beloved daughter
Have faith. Keep trusting our Father! #hopewriter #havefaith #helpwithanxiety #fearnot #donotbeanxious #christianlifecoach #followinghard

This little man in fearless in a big pool. Why?
Because he trusts his puddle jumper float? .
Why should I trust God? When I look at the life of Abraham - .
He (Abraham) considered him (God) faithful who made the promise. Hebrews 11:11 .
Abrahams hope wasn’t even in the actual promise of God but solely in the character of God. He trusted God. His obedience was based on relationship. He knew without a shadow of doubt that God is faithful.
What are you struggling to trust God with today? What is your favorite Promise of Scripture that you hold onto?
Let’s share in the comments below. #followinghard #christianlifecoach #faithofabraham #godspromise #godisfaithful #trustinggod #hopewriter #hebrews11
I’ll start😊

Yesterday I text a friend for prayer - I’ve been feeling so anxious this week! As I expressed my feelings to her suddenly I realized why...I’ve been staring at paper and duct tape invading my soul space. We are getting our boiler replaced (for which I am very thankful) but it has meant four workers tramping through my office. This place where I write, work and create became tracked with oily footprints and the sound of banging. Gone were all my silent moments that I treasure throughout the day.
Do you ever feel anxious and wonder why? Thinking maybe something is wrong with you and you should just man up to the pressures of life? That’s how I was feeling the past few days. But when I began to understand my source of anxiety I was able to tell myself it’s ok- just a temporary interruption that will soon pass.
How can you find the source of your stress and talk yourself through it? .
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Looking back over Fourth of July photos. It's not often I get a picture together with my love (except for selfies). .
This is the man who met me in the convenience store where I worked and asked me if I wanted a boyfriend - and I said no because I was seventeen and thought I had my whole life ahead of me - five years later I vowed to spend that whole life with him.
Who knew that God had a plan?!
How did you meet your spouse? I would love to hear your stories .
If you are still waiting for the one- how can I help you pray ? Don't give up hope - God may bring you together at the most unexpected time in an unexpected place.
#matchmadeinheaven #hopewriter #godhasaplan #loveofmylife #tenyearsmarried

'God gave you a passion inside you to reach for the stars and change the world.'
From a message I was listening to this afternoon by Pastor Chad Blake.
What passion is God stirring in your heart?
Have courage - reach for the stars - trust that God will use you to be a world changer no matter how big or small your sphere of influence .
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Morning after the rain.
Everything glistens.
The rain poured down hard in the middle of the night but morning comes again.
During the dark night in the middle of a storm it might seem like morning will never come but keep believing - keep pressing on- God makes all things beautiful in Him time.
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Do you ever wonder how to show appreciation for those who are serving you through church, music, children's ministry or in other ways? For that reason I've created these three printable cards just for you. Check them out on the temporary link in my profile.
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I didn't intend to read all night. I didn't mean for the book I borrowed just two days ago to make it to the top of my 'to-read' list. But it did and I crack the cover then couldn't put it down.
The story behind the song that I've heard on the radio so many times @laurastorymusic 'Blessings' that ministered to me over and over when my brother first cut himself off from our family. The song filled my heart - gave me hope that even in my tears God Is still at work in my story and yours.
#hopewriter #blessingsindesguise #goodreads #followinghard #brokentobeautiful #womensministry

What do you do when Gods ways are different than what you imagined?
From the words of @shaunaletellier in her soon to be released book Remarkable Faith ‘Oh Lord, In the midst of great suffering I cannot understand why you sometimes restrain your powerful hand. I have waited long. Asking, listening, doubting, and finally forgetting to ask. Remind me that even in your silence, you see. You hear. You know. Though I’d never choose suffering, you cultivate faith in the sacred soil of desperation. Your ways are not my ways.’
Think of the woman with the issue of blood who held onto hope for 12 years - when Jesus was passing by faith was stirred within her to believe again. Believe that with just one touch she could be whole. .
12 years of suffering doesn’t fit into our plan . The trials of life seem heavy and hard to bare. But don’t give up faith. Keep believing - keep reaching out to touch HIM! #remarkablefaith #hopewriter #christianlifecoach #followinghard #womensministry #joyinthesuffering #keepbelieving

Just an hour ago he was clinging to me trying to hold back this tears, facing this second day of soccer camp with apprehension and maybe a bit of fear. .
And I wonder how often are we all like that in the midst of something new? What is fear and how does it grab hold of us? .
I'm reminded of the words I wrote in Beyond Head Knowledge .."Fear is in the middle of the night when the downstairs floor creaks, jolting us awake; when the figure in the checking account is less than the bills; when a loved one’s health seems to be on the decline; when the political culture of our country seems bent on evil; or when the news reports of school shootings, child rape, and cold-blooded murder. Fear is the emotion grabbing our hearts like a wrench, tightening around the vessel flowing with our life blood. Fear closes our hearts off from the peace and strength offered us through our relationship in Christ.".
What about you? When do you feel afraid and where do you run in times of uncertainty? #dontbeanxious #keepbelieving #followinghard #christianmom #mamalife #soulcare #dontbeafraid #hopewriter #christianlifecoach #beyondheadknowledge

Do you ever find yourself weary?
Weary because work is not done, the calender is full, the obligations pressing- the constant flow of living keeps moving . And all you want to do is stand still for a moment to rest your soul.
Perhaps for us mamas with little ones the demands on our time and emotions seem never ending but I think in all season of life we could find that we are losing ourselves to busyness without caring for our soul. .
It is a work in progress learning about myself , what makes me tick, what fills my heart with passion and creativity, what stresses me...but still I’m learning I’m growing - acknowledging what doesn’t what and asking God to show me new ways.
Take time to pause in the midst of daily demands to cultivate your soul- learn who God created you to be and live on purpose. #workathomemom #seamstresslife #christianbusinessowner #christianlifecoach #hopewriter #homebusiness #findingbalance #createdwithpurpose #soulcare #followinghard #womensministry

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