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Naomi Fata  Brokenness to healing. Victory in Jesus. Author. Life Coach. Business owner. Christian Resource Ministry Inc


Even in the beauty of sunset I meditate on this verse in Psalms
Psalm 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. .
Our hearts don't want to rest in Him. We long to be constantly productive. But to say from our soul - it is good to wait on the Lord!
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'Loving people is Christ’s agenda, and surrender of my own agenda makes me available for His.' -Bill Johnson
So often I can become hurried by the demands of life, business, kids, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, meetings and so much more. But God calls us to surrender our agenda just so He can love someone through us.
Earlier this week I had someone call with an emergency dress fitting. She is a bridesmaid for a wedding this weekend- her dress just came in and didn't fit. It didn't fit my addenda. I didn't want to say yes - I thought I should say no but found myself saying yes and wondered why. When my mentor reminded me that this is what it looks like to love someone when they are in need. No one else could help her and God was using me. .
As you go through your day remember He might interrupt your plan and bless someone through you.
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In the crisp morning air that brings in the autumn coolness but reminds me of the summer days not far gone, I walked my little one to nursery school and #iwentlookingforbeauty and found these.
Beauty that reminds one to give thanks. Whispering a prayer of thanks for the friends we were praying for who made it safely through the Hurricane. Thanks that God answered for our children at school. Thankful for His peace that overflows my heart.
What are you thankful for today? Have you stopped to rejoice in His beauty?
#hopewriter #thankfulheart #godisgood #rejoiceinthelord

On Grandparents Day I'm so blessed to have these grandparents for my children!
Though relationships aren't always perfect I always knew I wanted my children to have a good relationship with both their grandmas . But Because both my husband and I both lost our fathers as children I didn't know if they would ever have a grandfather. But God through unnatural means that my spiritual father became Papa wally to the kids! #happygrandparentsday2017 #grandparentsarespecial #thankfulheart #godisgood

I opened my inbox to find a message from one of my sewing clients to ask if I was the Naomi who writes God's Corner for the Hudson River View . He proceeded to tell me that If I was, he appreciated it. .
Wow! .
Sometimes I get discouraged wondering how this sewing, writing mama is making any difference in the Kingdom and then in little ways God tells me that it is worth it. Here and there one heart is touched one person at a time. It might be the words of Scripture that I speak over my child, which they repeat back to me days later, or it might be a client who walked in the house and felt the Presence of God or it might be a message from someone I never met saying they can relate.
It isn't the missionary life I imagine I would have as a teenager but it is the life God called me too.
Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference for God's Kingdom? God can use you right where you are in ways you never dreamed of. He has a special job for you. If you wonder what it is just ask Him and be available in everyday life.
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Off they go into the big world. And I wonder have I taught them enough. Will they be strong? With the face too much peer pressure ? With they be kind? .
And I thought what do I want them to remember as they go through each day ...
I want them to know
I am loved by God. I will be confident because God is always with me. God has given me a sound mind to learn my school work. I will choose to be a blessing to someone today.
This has become our daily school morning proclamation to say as they walk out the door because as they speak these words of truth it instill important values into their hearts and minds. At the end of the day if this is all they remember it is what counts.
Would you like a printable copy of our school day proclamation click the temporary link in my profile.
#trainupachildinthewayheshouldgo #christianmom #speaktruth #schooldays #hopewriter #youareloved #godlovesyou #teachyourkids #lifecoachmoment

Ephesians 5:2 and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma. .
All day we come in contact with others. Whether family, friends, or coworkers. How do you walk? .
When we treat others with love it is a sweet smelling sacrifice to God.
#walkinlove #loveoneanother #ephesians #lessonfromnature #hopewriter #youareloved

How many anniversaries do you know of in the summer and fall? It seems like every week we know of friends of family who are celebrating an anniversary.
That's why I've created 3 unique anniversary cards just for you to bless someone with.
Follow the temporary link in my bio for access to the cards.
Be a blessing to the couples you know!
#happyanniversary #anniversarycards #beablessing #cardministry #freecards #hopewriter

When life is changing and I can hardly wrap my mind around the schedules of work, school, activities and meal planning I look for creative ways to solve my problem of organization.
#1 priority is that I have to be able to see what is happening . The calendar app on my phone only works so well- I need the visual.
But regardless of how well I organize - how well I make planners or schedule reminders I'm increasingly aware that I am not in control. I can't control every moment. I have to trust - trust that God will make each day according to His plan.
#hopewriter #homebusiness #freedomfromanxiety #workathomemom #mamalife #christianmom #organizeyourlife #followinghard #godisincontrol

It's a full shop! Wedding dresses, formal gowns, men's alterations and 5pieces of furniture to slipcover. Work that will keep me busy for the next several weeks.
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, Colossians 3:23
Lord guide my hands to do each project, may I work with patience and diligence. Amen
#hopewriter #homebusiness #seamstresslife #workersprayer #workforgod #christianmom

"The renewed mind is the result of a surrendered heart."
From Bill Johnson's book When Heaven Invades Earth
When we surrender our will - our ability to see life through the natural and begin to take on the mind of Christ we see through His eyes. #renewyourmind #billjohnson #themindofchrist #hopewriter

If you are like me you probably struggle with doubt..
Doubt whether you are a good parent
Doubt whether you are a faithful Christian
Doubt whether you are doing the right thing.
The enemy wants to torment our minds- wants us to dwell on lies.
Grab onto truth- onto the character of God your Father who is good and who is for you! He will fulfill His good purpose in you! Focus on who you are in Christ. Find a Scripture that speaks directly to your doubts speak it to yourself silently or outloud every time the doubts come. #thedevilisaliar #godisgood #godisforyou #victoryinjesus #beanovercomer #christianlifecoach #speaktruth #selftalk #followinghard #womensministry #hopewriter

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