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Hiking through the Regua forest in Brazil in the early hours of the morning. I loved seeing the sunshine rays coming through the trees. So so pretty. I woke up between 5:30 and 6:30 the whole week! That doesn't sound like a holiday! Haha. That's because it is too hot to hike later in the day. Everything is more beautiful in the morning also. I'm learning to be an early riser on my travels. Finally. Lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

The Brazilian Forest. Just admiring the details in God's beautiful creation

Copacabana Beach in Rio and one of the many volley ball teams

Just when I thought Brazil couldn't get more beautiful and memorable I came here. Regua. Here forest restoration is a priority and they are doing a fantastic job succeeding in getting the land back to its original form. It has been a magical experience staying here to stay the least. Incredible birds, wildlife and forest, hospitality and incredible company. I will NEVER forget galloping on the horse with my friend Tom through the beautiful fields with the misty covered mountains and admiring the big old trees, and discovering hidden waterfalls and waterholes to swim in. Photos to come. Eventually. This is #heaven #paradise I will miss Brazil, for more than one reason. #Obrigada. A big thank you to all my friends I have made along the way and some of have been kind enough to put me up and support me when needed, you have made it ever so memorable. And most of all thank you to my travel companions for the past 4 weeks Mum and Dad. You're both awesome. I didn't mean to make this into a speech lol but I just wanted to show my gratitude. Feeling blessed! God is good. Now I am off to Ecuador... the journey continues... πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜„

Exploring Rio and it's beautiful botanical garden. Just having fun black and white and texture. It is a lovely garden. There were about 15 pregnant women getting a photo shoot done there. It seems to be the place for it!! Maybe I will be back some day to do the same hehe. One day.

Christ The Redeemer

Rio's amazing Botanical Garden

My first day in Rio #excitedmuch #rio

Tarzan with many clothes on and a yellow van. This is Brazil. #Tarzan #belohorizonte

The protest in Belo Horizonte. I participated in a part of history yesterday. So so many people gathered together for the cause of a better future for their country, Brazil. #Brazil #protest

Walking through the park and I come across this. It is a park in Inhotim where they have all of this amazing architecture, and in the buildings are very modern and interesting installation artworks. Unfortunately we were prohibited to take photos of the art. They had dark rooms you walk into across a bumpy ground and several hammocks in another room, arty swimming pools with lights and musical in another, speakers of a choir singing surrounding you (sounded heavenly!) and photos projected onto lots of material hanging from the ceiling in another building. This dome had a huge dirty tractor inside of it holding a large white plastic tree as you would expect to see in a dome in the bush hehe

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