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Christopher Obuali Naomi 

I am perfectly imperfect
With bruises that can leave scares for all eternity. Flaws everywhere and all over. Bash with the pain and joy of life. Yet He still loves me The same, always from the baby I was to the woman I have become, Not a day did He forget that I'm the apple of His Eyes, gradually processing me into A Proverb 31 woman, made of a rib with a heart of Gold .
Reasons to my existence up till now is within Only His wit. Christopher Obuali Naomi It has been God Alone
Happy Birthday Echo of The Ocean Waves
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Happy birthday bro more happiness and money. I love you #birthday #softguy #5th #king #party @frosh_hype

Jady: Yesterday's dust still blows into my eyes as I reminisce the monster who stole the red rose around my neck The anguish and pain within my heart causing me to go into cardiac arrest My bones broken into fine dust, my soul weak yet hopeful
Garnished with multiple tears Fallen
My body melts to the ground, I waited Yes I did wait
For you, for your promises and for every fantasy I had in my head about you, me, Us Not withstanding the voice of the ocean and the roars of the storm in the nights you ought to be by my side
I flinched at the sound of the mighty thunder you created Fallen
It is the fall of spring and my red rose is not found
What is left of me? If not this old memories

Bill: Hey, I'm sorry but I just had to go
Jady: Why? Because I don't fit anymore?

Bill: You know I told so many lies thousands times over and over, And one of those lies is I love you. You see, I really did loved you but it wasn't enough was it!
You can't satisfy even if I cut out my heart for you yo feed just so you can survive

I use to think you are the Eve made from my Rib....
The one I will gladly eat only her apply all the days of my life
The one I will count my grey years with
The charming rose I will smell at night and plug in the morning
But No, it wouldn't satisfied you anyway I made you my Achilles's hill look what it got me now
My gently heart is crumbled by the valley of your evil cleavage
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Please Drop comments if you want me to

HBD Bae God Bless you
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God is good, He created you and I as a beautiful package
We are like pencils in the hand of the creator TRUE?
But what you don't know,
is that the lead inside is your Abilities, Skills, Talents, and Gifts
The more you use the lead, The more you unveil who God designed.

You have to sharp those edges for your lead to be seen by the world you are created in
God has already blessed you, But you need him to help you with a sharpener
There are procedures, you need to align with the beauty of creation.
If you don't strive to use all your lead inside, you will be kept in a store full of your type of pencils waiting to be used for manufacturing new sets of pencils....
Have you heard of recycling?
But if you exhaust your lead, you die empty, You wouldn't die with all your gifts,
You used them to design the world with patterns, drawings (beautiful drawings), illustrations and you did give back to your world.

So do you want to be recycled?
Or You want to use all that lead?
If yes, start today

Christopher Obuali Naomi
(Echo of the ocean waves)

This is not my real face but I love my natural hair lol...
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MY name is Daisy
Life has been Dizzy
With ups and downs
Most times the downs never stand up
I was born to fit this world
But the Burns in my background
Has made me a scare to this world
The first things I came to recognize is poverty, shame, neglects, starvation and molestation
I drink my tears day and night for food
As the year goes by
I am 8 with responsibility of a 45
The texture of my Palm so strong to fit the hardship I represent

I was born with a dark hair
Now it looks brown like dead leaves
My brothers nakedness is known by every one in the street
And my flat chest is touched by every one that desire the honey of an 8 year old Isn't it true that it is said:

Train up a child in the way he should go?

Am I not a child?

Is it because I'm not your child?

Even in my little you still price my Orange
You tell me to put jara
And your son's and daughters don't even understand the word Jara

School is mighty for my lips
It's an abomination in our basher house
So Ovie, Goodluck and myself don't consider it At all
Mama tries very hard, so we can sip garri
But hustle don't come easy I am a child
To fit this world
My laughter heals broken heartsv
My smile Is hope for the future
I play away my sorrow
I stand up for my younger ones
I have torn clothes that fit my world
I represent that starving child I am a child
With hope that will never fall
A strength that can't be destroyed
I just need your love to stay alive
Please keep me safe from the horror by day
And my fears by night Feed me and care for me For I will grow to help one day

Christopher Obuali Naomi
(Echo of the ocean waves)
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Dull cloudy morning of the 10th
Soft wet dues of the 5th
Keep my bae calm at work
As I await the splendour from his scent

Divinity please be his back borne
While I await the title of his missing rip
Strengthen him for the responsibilities ahead

Warm heart, worm body
In anger and cold
Sweet nectar of my lip
Await your soft touch
We are endless forever after

Christopher Obuali Naomi
(Echo of the ocean waves)
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