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nano (ナノ)  Singer/lyricist/songwriter. 💿11/21 10th SG Release 🎤 12/22 LIVE 『A Thousand Stars』 ✖️FB: ✖️Twitter: @nanonano_me ✖️#nano5th

Thank you for my first ever ANIMAX MUSIX LIVE!! So blessed and so proud to have been on that amazing stage, in front of that amazing crowd. #animaxmusix #osaka #KEMURIKUSA #nano #TRUE #鈴木みのり #‪澁谷梓希#PoppinParty #伊藤美来 #寺島拓篤 #Machico

My first ever Japanese castle experience!! Breathtaking sight. See you all tomorrow at Animax Musix Osaka!! #animaxmusix #osaka #大阪城ホール

Question to my fans worldwide 🗺 What country do you live in? My wish is to broaden my musical horizons and connect with you more. There are so many countries I want to reach out to. Your Voice will help make that possible. So let’s make it happen!!

Belatedly went to see #BohemianRhapsody. Have you all seen it? To be honest, my knowledge of #Queen or #FreddyMercury is no more than average, but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the film at all. People who achieve great things in life are afraid, and vulnerable, and human, just like anyone else. But their hunger, and curiosity, and passion exceeds all that. Even in this generation, humans live to be accepted and understood. I think that greatness can be achieved by anyone, anywhere, as long as they keep the humanity inside them alive. Keep rocking on.

‪🎥🎬 #KEMURIKUSA 撮影時にモニターチェック中のワンカット(音無)。動きでどの部分かわかるなかな? A raw cut from my new music video (no sound). During monitor check.‬

ANIMAX MUSIX OSAKA のリハーサルは順調です。Rock on.

“KEMURIKUSA” music video offshots! I hope you’re enjoying my new video!! 🎬

🎬My new MUSIC VIDEO “KEMURIKUSA”. This is my pain, my hope, my passion. And it’s only the beginning. #KEMURIKUSA #nano #ナノ #musicvideo 🎞

Big day ahead tomorrow. Stay tuned! #nano #ナノ

First rehearsal and interview of the year. Welcome back, voice. Rock on. #nano #ナノ

First sunrise of the new year!! May your happiness rise like the brightest sun. Did I tell you how much I love you all?? #happynewyear #sunrise #happiness #love #thankyou

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Together, we’ll rock this year!! All my love to you! #happynewyear #2019 #明けましておめでとうございます

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