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18 years. Cheers to that🍾x

Scenes from a deinstall. About 17000 people's work packed up to live another day sometime soon. #hansart

They won Pot Plants of the Week from their owner and have just received their prize of a hectic dose of seaweed extract. I swear the aeonium grew a leaf in the time it took me to get my phone.

Done. I have lost all contact with my shoulder blades.

Stacking 3 tonnes of wood. The half way point. 🏋🏽‍♀️

The people have spoken. No more crazy hours for a while. I love them.

A nice but not always accurate article by the Canberra Times. Last night we had over five thousand people through making art to a rocking soundtrack that included M.I.A., the Ramones and Beyoncé. It felt good. #HansART #enlighten2017 #visitcanberra

It's the last night to be part of For the Record @oldparliamenthouse collaborative art installation. Craft your own Record from the Record or just hang around and listen to some of our great oral histories that are part of the experience. Can't come tonight? We're staying an extra week in King's Hall, swing by between 10am - 2pm to get involved. #hansart #enlighten2017 #visitcanberra #comesayhi #imsotired

To all the strong women that I know and have grown up with and the men who are proud to call themselves supporters of feminism: we give you ❤ and 💥 and 🙌🏾 as well as a bit of💃🏾 to round things off. #iwd #internationalwomensday #strongwomen

All the For the Record walls are starting to fill up with visitors responses, including this one inspired by a beautiful commissioned work 'Discussion of a Matter of Public Importance' by Kirsty Macafee 'Thread hand spun from Hansard Record concerning Equal Pay for Equal Work (1968) image of a Hansard reporter and typist, plexiglass (glass ceiling) gold links. Come and make your own #hansart with us this Friday and Saturday #visitcanberra #enlighten2017 @kootoyoo @oldparliamenthouse

A volunteer facilitator from last night's For the Record. She was the business. ❤ #HansART #enlighten2017 #visitcanberra

Discovering some of the best bits of Hansard in For the Record. #HansART #enlighten2017

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