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Becoming an Acrobat again in my fifties is now a huge part of my identity in the world. Equally as significant, if not more so, is my identity as a mother whose son is incarcerated. In a few weeks, I’ll be taking a week long Acro training that is centered on Social Justice. The fact that this training combines my two greatest passions in life feels miraculous and important. Week 1 of the pre-course work involves posting a visual of various facets of my identity and whether they provide social advantage or makes me part of a typically targeted group. It's been interesting to notice my discomfort in claiming my identities and which ones I'm willing to share versus what I choose to keep private. Noticing how vulnerable I feel in contrast to the advantages I have is also enlightening. Anyway... Here I am in a pie chart!

“Are you f#@*ing kidding me????” Bianca’s reaction to hitting her first attempt at standing H2H... and holding it forever!! Or at least long enough for me to run grab my phone to get this shot.
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Delicious, nutritious, and kinda pretty too! Beans and greens are never boring... at least not how I do!
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Can't believe this is my yard and this pic doesn't even do it justice. Eco Design Solutions made it look like a gardener lives here. #gardenerintraining #foodforest #veganfit #compost #happiness

I came down at 10 seconds because my mind didn't know what else to do. Eradicating mental limits is way harder than moving beyond physical ones. Can't wait for the next chance to work on this!
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Take note - This is prolly the best way to greet a friend at the park! #AcroJax #acroyoga #f2f #f2h #allthehugs

Who needs flowers when you have kale!
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So today is my fourth anniversary of being on instagram and this is my fourth post. Winning! Also... this was really fun! #acrosharefl

More than just a garden!

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