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New Basketball Aquisitions... NBA

@ohsnapitsvsj lamping with her aunts new dog. Double beauty!

Remember egging my lil cuz to drop in at evolve skatepark. Now the cat is doin big thangs... mad props to @abqsucio

Stay tune, the real tre flips come at halftime... 📷@ohsnapitsvsj

"So, michael, are you scared that russell westrbrook is going to come into your home court and steal the show?"
"Yes ernie, im a bit shook"

My beautiful wife is cooler than your wack girlfriend.

Tempe classicals 03

Dwight park classicals.

Steak. Shrimp. Broc. Salad. V day dinner.

Monks is a good restaurant.

Heres a deuce deuce, bang yourself

Hype cubes are rad, so go n buy a cube or two (or ten)! Hit up @sharkbaitbrad if you like icy curbs

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