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do you wonder sometimes how things get to the places you see/find them. If something catches my eye I can’t stop my mind from making up stories about it. Also when I sat on the bench in PE I always wondered about the story of every gum someone put on the wall. If it was in the 70‘s, how long it has been there, which flavor, which brand. #shotwitholympusmju2 what could be the story behind this flower.

one of the rare occasions wearing make up again. I honestly feel much better about myself without make up now after using it very rarely the last two months. Still I do have days I feel too pale and not pretty also because a lot of people ask me if I am sick, because I look pale. I also use less make up when I do and it’s fun again to get ready as it’s something I take time for an enjoy as I don’t feel the urge to do it every day in the morning to not feel bad about myself. I also really like that I can rub my eyes and wash my face whenever I want. I also tend to not look in the mirror as much as I did before which I feel brings me a lot more self confidence than I thought it would. You just think less about your appearance. Still there are a lot of things I feel weirdly uncomfortable with and I hope to let go of that over the time.

I really want to read more - I always admire people who are well-read and I always feel like reading really calms me down - I can escape from my own (mostly totally unnecessary) worrying ☝🏼but still often I feel too tired or am to lazy to start and then it can take me months to finish a book 📖

sommer wird vorbei sein bald - es wird wieder früher kalt • Wanda - Old picture ... some tattoos are missing 👌🏼

Advertisement | Werbung 🌲🌳🍂postcard from Helmeroth, where we spent some lonely days in a cabin over my birthday. Reading in the rain, hiking and wine in front of the oven. Packing only some cozy stuff for a few days and not thinking about what to wear. @eastpak @zalando #eastpak #zalandostyle

me and miguel (Anzeige | Advertisement)?!👋🏻 but vacation mode is over now - still need to finish uni projects and also a lot of moving stuff and renovating and doctors and all the stuff that comes at once when you did not care for about 2 weeks - but batteries are reloaded so I am kind of exited to get my life sorted out 👧🏼 #shotwitholympusmju2

we found the perfect James Dean vintage leather jacket for him yesterday and got pretty drunk again and took some very drunk photos at an analogue automat again. Already ate pretty good bistecca florentina and wrote down the biggest entrys in our travel diary - still wondering if we should dedicate a whole account to analogue travel pictures and information/tips ☝🏼👦🏻👧🏼 and woke up from a really needed nap and will go for dinner of course - maybe 🍝

Advertisement unpaid promotion | we went shopping some super nice vintage pieces @momovintage7r and they offered us a discount because we found so many things 👧🏼👦🏻👋🏻 thank you | also a very good choice for mens vintage

Anzeige/Advertising #innogymoment - einfach mal (auch der Umwelt zuliebe) das Auto stehen lassen und sich die alten Inliner aus Kinderzeiten an die Füße schnallen (die habt ihr doch bestimmt auch noch im Keller) und damit in die Stadt zum Essen fahren. Macht einen riesen Spaß, man lacht den anderen aus wenn er fast hinfliegt und legt sich dabei selbst fast hin. Wenn man in der Stadt wohnt, hat man so viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten sich umweltfreundlicher fortzubewegen (E-Roller, Fahrrad, Carsharing, etc.). Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Wie kommt ihr umweltfreundlicher von A nach B?
#innogy #innogized.

we decided to surprise each other at our birthdays with a small travel. Unfortunately I am super bad at these things and keep dropping hints all the time so he already knows where we are heading 👋🏻👧🏼 #shotwitholympusmju2 can you guess where we are going? It’s Italy and we will stay in two cities that are 30 min away from each other by train 😬☝🏼 not Rome (I mean the photo I obviously taken in Rome but we are not going there)

what are your favourite artists that work with collage technique? (old or contemporary - doesn’t matter) 👩🏼‍🎨 Werbung | Advertisement •unpaid• photo @thibilosoph wearing @belleroseofficial

Werbung | Advertisement 🥣letztens sind wir auf dem Rückweg vom See in der Eifel an einem kleinen Bio-Bauernhof vorbei gekommen und haben uns dort frische Milch gekauft. Die gibt’s jetzt zum Frühstück im Bett mit Beeren Crunchy von @Verivalbio. Was gibt’s bei euch heute zum Frühstück?

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