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My all time FAVORITE prayer journal y'all. It's so lovely and speaks to legacy and tugs on all my heart strings. Linen cover, gold foil, thick paper, all the things. It's divided into three sections: monthly prompts, conversation, and gratitude. And to know that at the start of 2019 I'll have 3 little girls to pray for, I definitely went with the blush option, although they have the prettiest gray and green as well! I share this resource 1. because I genuinely adore it, and 2. because it's the very best price it will be (it's $40 now instead of $47... and the price goes up in 2 days so JUMP ON IT). Click the link in my profile to grab yours! Or hop on over to @valmariepaper's shop to get a Christmas gift for yourself or a sister you love! #prayerwarriorsarentjustoldladies #valmariepaper

"You were created to hear your Creator." Those words have been resonating in my spirit since I read them in @lisabevere 's book Lioness Arising. Most of the time, it's not a question of whether or not He's speaking - it's a question of whether or not I'm quiet enough to listen. There's so much noise in our world today, we have to silence some voices to hear the one voice that matters. The voice I need to silence the most? My own. So take a deep breath today and listen. He's wanting to speak directly to you!

Confession 🙋🏼‍♀️: I don't always follow my own advice. Like that time I said "Hey e'rrrrybody! Organize all your photos once a month and it'll be greeaaatt!! That’s what I do!!" Then: two kids happened and once again I have 3,750 photos on my phone. But thankfully, I at least have a PLAN and am now playing catch up!! And because of my plan in place, I should be done and caught up by the end of this week. (If you want to know how I organize all of my own personal photos, go to the link in my profile! Or go to // @nancyrayshop and find the Photo Organization Guide!) So, solidarity if you too have 3,750 photos on your phone 🙈. Anyone else brave enough to comment and share the number of photos you currently have on your phone? 👇🏻😬 I might just giveaway a Photo Organization Guide to someone who needs it!!

We have been LOVING our new home (more pictures to come soon!), but what makes me happiest is knowing that there is scripture written in permanent marker hidden in the walls. Lord may our house be more about what is unseen than is seen!

THIS is the one they chose to have printed on a beautiful canvas in their new home. This. I just adore this image so much. It's the moment after they saw one another for the first time on their wedding day. Can't you just feel their adoration and excitement? #nrpweddings

This was Milly's very first craft she made in preschool. It's my favorite and I can't bear to throw it away! Anyone else feeling all giddy about school supplies and the prospect of school starting back soon? (Yes, even preschool!) You might just find me wandering the school supply section at Target for no reason because it's a thing. I looooove it. #millyraytoday

Over the last month the #nrpteam has been doing a simple "Plus / Delta" exercise during our team meetings that have been so nerve wracking and so life giving. Each person takes turns being in the "hot seat", and we all go around sharing a "Plus:" something that person is really great at, and a "Delta:" something that person can work on changing. Cue the sweatiness 😂. But because we are such a loving, unified team, we all thanked one another profusely and many of us cried as we talked through our weaknesses. Most of all, we grew together. I am so thankful for these ladies on so many levels, but I'm mostly thankful for how much life they speak into me. Since my own Plus/Delta (the rule is that the leader ALWAYS goes first), I can honestly say that I am more present and less distracted. (As the visionary and leader of my team, I can be quite distracted at times, which was a Delta I could work on.) Thankful for friends who see blindspots, speak life, and love one another through it all. // 📷: @allyandbobby

Handmade dolls for sisters 😍. I left all the details of how I hand stitched these sweet lovelies in my story today (& saving them in my family story too!) If you’re looking for the pattern, google “Black apple doll Martha Stewart” and you should be able to find it! I’ve hand stitched a doll for each of the ladies in my family who have turned one: Harper and Haven (my nieces), and now Milly and Lyndon, my daughters (pictures above). Feeling like I need to get started on little lady Ray # 3’s doll now because goodness it’s not easy finding time to do this with several littlest and a birthday party to plan, but goodness it’s worth it! #millyandlyndon

This little love turned one yesterday 😭. Her Daddy and I intentionally planned a day at home with her, and while we took her out to eat pizza and ice cream, the rest of the day I pretty much just stared at her and snuggled her and stuck to our normal routine. It was beautiful, simple birthday bliss. There is just too much sweetness in one square picture! Lyndon Ray, we adore the little lady you are becoming! #lyndonraytoday

A custom family home nestled into my very favorite part of North Carolina – the blue ridge mountains, the unique look of everything since this bride has such a keen eye for details, the rustic feel of the groom who loves sasquatches (pretty much the best most random thing ever), the gorgeous color palate, the location of the ceremony and how the entire bridal party was standing on a mountain, and how they incorporated squirrels throughout the day because the couple owns @thelocalsquirrel – an adorable shop in Raleigh.⠀

As a couple, they are confident and brave and they laugh so much! Rachael has that entrepreneurial go-getter zeal about her, and Jesse is so gifted in technology and the details they are the perfect fit. Who wouldn’t love a couple like that!? More of this beautiful wedding on my blog a few posts back. #nrpweddings #nrpbrides #nrpfeatures So grateful to be featured in the latest issue of @thecarolinasmagazine alongside the most amazing vendor team @gather_together @fuschiamossfloral @uggamuggabakery @muddytrailsfilm

It’s true! We are having another GIRL!!! 💖💖💖 I couldn’t stop laughing. Will is done for. We are so incredibly grateful!!!

10 month old Lyndy Loo! She turns 1 next week but I’m realizing I totes forgot to post this... we’ve been a little busy. This girl loves to crawl and laugh and kiss her sissy on the mouth. What a little joy! #lyndonmonthbymonth

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