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One of my favorite images of all time. Seriously though... how is Milly almost two? 😭 Elizabeth captured this in my favorite ever mini session. This girl works MAGIC in 20 minutes, I tell ya! And guess what? It’s that time of year again! May 6th is Spring Mini Session Day! $200 includes a 15-20 minute session with @elizabethtate_ , 10 high resolution images with the rights to print and the option to purchase the full 30 image gallery for an additional $100. Email if you want to reserve your spot! #nrpfamilies #nrpsessions #nrpminis #nancyrayphotography #millyraytoday #rayfamigram

YOU GUYS! I was interviewed on the Goal Digger Podcast today! My friend @jennakutcher is someone who I look up to immensely. She’s brilliant, real, and just plain fun. Her brand new podcast has EXPLODED on iTunes, and it’s really my favorite go-to thing to listen to now on runs, while I’m doing the dishes, or when I need some business inspiration. Today she interviewed me all about my associate photographer team (Episode 34), and I’d be honored if you listened! (& if you left a review on iTunes because, well, that would be so nice!) So grateful for this opportunity. Let’s keep being ladies cheering other ladies on, because the world is better for it! #nancyrayspeaks #goaldiggerpodcast #nrpteam // @goaldiggerpodcast lovely hand lettering by @jennakutcher

That time sweet Milly girl fell asleep while we were hiking 😂😍😴 #millyanddada #millyraytoday

Do you know what I don’t ever do? Just lie on my bed, in complete relaxation, listening to the Lord. Do you know what I did several times during the Return to Rest Retreat? Yep - I rested on my bed, just listening. It was beautiful. We worshiped, we discussed wonderful, beautiful truths, and we rested. AND delightful little snacks and meals were prepared for us all weekend. It was such a dream! I’m missing that place and those women already. More on the blog today. #returntorest2017 #workhardsabbathhard #returntorest 📷: @rutheileenphoto

Happy national puppy day from the cutest, tiniest little puppy around 😂. New favorite image by the amazing @ginazeidler #winstonthedane #millyraytoday

Don't get overwhelmed by your massive to do list. Instead, write it all out on paper. It really only takes about 15 minutes at most to make a game plan, but that's usually where we get stuck - in the overwhelm. Don't let life happen to you, friend! HAPPEN TO YOUR LIFE. You absolutely can. Once you start writing out the things that have to be done, and the things you want to make happen, it will become clearer. The next step is simply to assign time in your life to tackle ONE of those items. That's it. Start with one, then move forward. And if you get overwhelmed again? Take another 15 minutes to sit down and write it out. Re-make that game plan. It will inspire you to move forward.

I just gave myself permission to stand up, stretch big, get some lemon water, go to the bathroom (WHY do I not allow myself to do this when I'm working!?), and get a tiny bowl of grapes. I took a step back so I could take another step forward. I have 2 hours left in my day and even though I'm sleepy, I plan to OWN them. Two hours until I hang with Milly! Let's make them count. Let's make every hour count.

Thank you, @mthconference , for reminding me it's all in the small, important, little steps. Goodness I needed that reminder. #MTHConference #nancyrayspeaks

Even though I've been peed on 3 times today and she's still scared of the potty, I'm realizing THESE are the good ol' days! I'm relishing in them. I count these days of potty training as my first opportunity to really speak life over my girl as she struggles (and myself - let's be honest), to show her that she is capable of more than she thinks, and that she CAN do hard things. I want to be THAT mama. Even though she's little and this whole thing might take longer than I think, I can simultaneously love her unconditionally and not rush her growing up WHILE calling her up to new heights. I will continue teaching her when she doesn't want to change and is comfortable where she is. I'm catching just a glimpse of the years ahead and the new phase of parenting I'm about to enter, and man does it make me so excited and thankful. For a few years, I get to instruct this little lady during the most formidable years of her life. Goodness, I adore this little chicken. #millyraytoday

This February marked the beginning of a new annual tradition for the #NRPteam : our NRP Team Retreat! I’ll be honest: I was pretty nervous hosting our first ever retreat. I invited @calliepittsdavis @oliviasuriano and @elizabethtate_ along with their husbands, and of course @willrray and #millyraytoday came too! But I kept thinking to myself, “Can I really make this valuable for them? What do I even plan? Will they even want to take a weekend away from their personal lives to hang out with the team and talk about work stuff?” I love leading, but I think every leader struggles with self doubt every now and then.

I used my nervousness to be really intentional about building a schedule that would make me excited – something that I felt would be truly worth it and enjoyable for everyone. I wanted this retreat to be 3 things: challenging, refreshing, and just plain fun! I also wanted it to be enjoyable for the husbands, so I made an intentional effort to include them in every aspect of the weekend except for 1 team building exercise.

It's all on the blog today: photos, the exercises and fun activities we built into the weekend, and 3 types of activities you could include in your own retreat! Link in profile!

Wish us luck!!! Entering my mama rite of passage this weekend and potty training this girl. Super thankful for my sister super mom @hopefilledhome in these times when I feel like I have NO clue what I'm doing. I've read and prepared, I've cancelled all my plans, and there's no turning back now. Here's to sweatpants, t-shirts, lots of patience and no make up (for me), 20 pairs of new princess undies, stickers, cookies and a brand new potty (for Milly)! Here we go! #holdme #pottytraining #millyandmama #millyraytoday

Last year I took on the most intimidating project: organizing my own personal photos. One thing I learned was that my digital photos were scattered EVERYWHERE. Yes - even me, a professional photographer who organizes photos as part of my job. There were hard drives and CD's and my laptop and desktop and my outta control phone with 2,856 photos on it. It was a mess. Well, I blogged about how I organize all of my digital personal files!! Thankfully they are not scattered anymore and I love my system. I hope you enjoy!! Link in profile!

It's a GOOD day when we welcome a new member of the #nrpteam !! Coffee + brunch + team meeting + learning all about @annadimock : our new spring intern!! 💕 We love you lots already, Anna!! #nrpintern

Its time to announce the WINNERS of these 3 incredible prizes! 🎉 •
Prize One goes to Nadine!!: Everything pictured above
Prize Two goes to Bethann!!: 1 seat to @theschoolofstyling in Richmond, VA
Prize Three goes to Allyson H!!: A collection of faith building books, home decor, and a guide to Personal Photo Organization

You will be contacted via email to claim your prizes, so sit tight!

You guys, giveaways are just so fun. Just for the sake of GIVING!!! To everyone who entered, THANK YOU. We are so grateful for you.


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