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Nanami  Name: Nanami Born on May 22, 2016 6lbs of yorkie ♀ cuteness Puppy at heart Too classy to πŸ’© outdoors Follow me to see more of me 😘 @unitedpawsgroup

My cousin Ciri would like to wish you a happy Sunday; she has grown so much 😁

Happy Saturday everyone. I got a bath today. I am nice and clean. Enjoy your weekend 😁

Happy Friday everyone. Just posing after doing my morning exercises 😁

Happy #tbt to last year when I stayed at a hotel in NYC with my mommy and aunt. I took my squirrel to keep me company and I slept like a baby 😴

We are halfway through the week. Can it be Friday already? πŸ˜‘

Happy lazy Tuesday, if there is such a thing 😁. I am going to be napping here if you need me 😴

Happy Monday. Gotta keep my teeth clean, so I chew on these tiny #nylabone toys 😘.

Oh no, where did the weekend go? πŸ˜”

Getting home late after eating some yummy sushi at #passionfin; I only ate the salmon in my mom's philadelphia roll, but close enough 😘

It is Friday at last. Any fun plans for the weekend? 😘

My cousin Damon wishes you a good night. Those of you that have followed me from when I was a puppy will probably remember him. We lived together for a while and both wore diapers because my mom didn't want us to pee on the floor. It is hard to hold it when you are a puppy 😁. Swipe left to see him as a puppy. He has grown so much. He and my uncle moved to another country; I plan to go see them at the end of the year 😘

Dinner time...finally. What do I have to do to get dinner on time in this place? πŸ˜–

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