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nana 🧿  jLd. 👸🏽💞 _ your energy introduces you before you even speak.✨ LDD. 3.12.19 ♥️♠️ •42706• #LongLiveLu #FindACure 🎗 @l0v_anais 🧡

April 27, 2006 - “Nana.. I want you to be my girl. I want you just for me” - What wouldn’t I do to go back in time &’ relive that moment with you. We take advantage of moments &’ don’t realize we only get it once.. we don’t savor &’ live in the moment because we think we have forever but we truly don’t. Lu I Miss You So Much but today hurts, It hurts so so much 😔💔 , We had our plans set for today but now I sit here &’ think back on our memories because it’s what makes me smile for a second even if I cry right after. I don’t know when I will see you again but I know that’s why you took half of my heart so I can find you when I get there. ♥️ Happy Anniversary My Love. I Love You Always &’ Forevermore. 13 Years of Us on Earth but Our love is F O R E V E R. ♥️♠️👑✨ #HappyAnniversary #13Years #IMissYou #MyKing #AForeverThing #April272006 #AlwaysUs #ThisWillNeverGetEasy #WhyDidYouGo #ThisHurts #27AlwaysinMyHeart #LongLiveLu

You were my partner in E V E R Y T H I N G !! We went through it ALL together. All the Ups &’ the Downs.. I cherish each &’ everyone of them. Everyone always told me “Nana you literally are his double”. My Twin Soul! I knew if I had to face a challenge you were right behind me, no doubt about it. There was no walk to far or an ocean to deep for me to swim to get to you. When the storms would hit I was your shelter &’ you were mine.. I am so so so blessed to have known YOU. The True YOU! I pray &’ light a candle for you EVERY day telling God to guide you to the peace &’ light that you couldn’t find in this cruel world. I Love You , My Other Half , My Confidant, My One &’ Only , My PIC , My ROD, My Light in the Dark, My Sun &’ Moon, My Forevermore, Infinity ♾. I will love you until the Sun rises in the West &’ Sets in the East, Until the rivers run dry &’ the Mountains blow in the wind like leaves. ♥️♠️👑✨#HalfofMyHeartLeftWithYou #ILoveYou #IMissYouSoFuckingMuch #WhyYou #INeededYou #LuisDeJesusDiaz #AlwaysandForevermore #April2706 #YouKhalessi #HowYouWouldSay #UntilWeMeetAgain #WeWillEatFromThePeachTreeTogether #SleepinPower #RestPeacefully #FLYHIGHBABY #LongLiveLu

Hoping you received all our special messages. 🎈 We miss you so much. I Love You My Nino. ♥️♠️👑✨ #InLovingMemory #MyNino #Nina #MaMoi #MitzaMoi #MitzoMoi #MyForeverLove #27AlwaysinMyHeart #LuisDeJesusDiaz #TeAmo #Siempre #AlwaysandForevermore #MyForeverLove #April2706 #LongLiveLu

“Nadie entiende como este amor funciona, no se quiebra no se dobla , nada lo destrozara. Les presto mi cerebro que examinen anularte de mi mente, ni quemando mis neuronas.”✨ Today &’ everyday forward will be different, difficult, &’ it’s something I will never get used to. It marks a month today officially that you left. A month that this emptiness took over my life, that my soul aches for you, that my heart is no longer whole. How &’ when will this get easier? They say with time, but time will only mask my pain, but this will remain with me until the day I take my last breath &’ I see your beautiful face again. I have become one with my tears at this point, they roll down my cheeks &’ it’s like I feel they belong on my face now ever since you left. Everything seems dull to me, the stars don’t shine as bright now that I don’t have you to stare at them with me, the moon doesn’t shine as bright now that I don’t have you to hug me under it anymore, my heart beats differently now that you’re not here. I Miss You , I Love You Forevermore. We All Miss You Lu. 😔💔 - ♥️♠️👑✨ #AMonthAgoILosttheLoveOfMyLife #IMissYou #March12 #IMissYou #ILoveYouForeverMore #AlwaysUs #April2706 #Inmortal #TeAmo #FlyHigh #SleepinPowerKing #MiRey #ReydeMiCorazon #Nino #Nina #MitzaMoi #MitzoMoi #MyBachataPartner #MyDancePartner #FemaleVersionofHim #LongLiveLu

As I lay here in bed , unable to fall into a deep sleep at 3:38 am... I just think of you. I replay the first day I laid eyes on you, the moment we first kissed, the instance we knew it was just the beginning of something that not everyone has the privilege of experiencing. I have found it all in you.. my best friend, confidant, my lover, my P.I.C, the one I shared my biggest hearty laughs &’ the shoulder I leaned on when I need to cry. Everyone sees us through a glass window but no one will ever know the details that make us who we were for each other. So when I say not having you here physically, not being able to hold , touch , SMELL , &’ just have YOU here is literally tearing me little by little please understand I mean that truthfully. April 27 will mark, &’ I say WILL because I will still continue to hold that date dear &’ true to my heart, 13 years of us together. 13 years of many Ups as much as Downs... but it was ALL with YOU. I fucking Miss You but you know that because like you showed me already “I’m always by your side”. Just help me through this Lu ‘cause this pain is not easy to cope with. I Love You Forevermore. ♠️♥️👑✨ #LongLiveLu #IMissYou #SeeYouThere #LuisDeJesusDiaz #TeExtraño #AmorInmortal #3amThoughts #ButWhyYou #April2706 #AlwaysUs #IllNeverGetUsedToThis #HurtsTooMuch

Angelite ; helps with communication with your angels 👼🏾 &’ spirit ✨ guides. It radiates serenity, helping you to shift into a peaceful state of mind. - After experiencing such a HUGE loss in my life, losing Luis I felt like my whole world crumbled down to my feet. I felt lost &’ completely out of place without him. I still do &’ I will NEVER be the same person I was with him but being surrounded by my Crystals I have felt a sense of peace. I decided to buy an Angelite crystal for my car , so I rub it every time I get in &’ out of my car, it has been helping me through these tough times , breakdowns &’ moments where I feel the sadness is becoming overwhelming. Affirmation: My Angels are always by my side. 💙✨ #CrystalHealing #Angelite #ConnectiontomyAngel #IMissYouLuis #LuisDeJesusDiaz #LongLiveLu

I was supposed to get this a while ago. Since it was meant to be matching tattoos ; I Miss You everyday more &’ more , I love you always &’ forevermore. ♥️♠️👑✨ #QueenStamp #KingStamp #ILoveYou #AlwaysandForeverMore #LuisDeJesusDiaz #LDD #April2706 #MyForeverLove #LongLiveLu

trying to get her mind off things. 💛✨ #ParkDate #Saturdaze #JazlyneLeeAne #JLD #MissDiaz #AvaLeigh #Jazlyn

One of her promises to her Dad was to continue making him proud even while he was in heaven. She promised to maintain Honor Roll &’ to turn the B’s she has into A’s. I am BEYOND proud of our babygirl &’ I know Luis is too. To go through such a tremendous loss of her father/best friend &’ still keep her head in the game. I Love You Jazlyne LeeAne Diaz. Let’s keep making Daddy Proud! 💕✨ #DaddysGirl #OurGuardianAngel #JazlyneLeeAneDiaz #JLD #MissDiaz #OurPrincess #ProudParents #LuisDeJesusDiaz #WeLoveYou #AlwaysandForeverMore #HonorRoll #5DaysApartinBdays #DaddysTwin #LongLiveLu

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