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Nuno André Ramos  🇵🇹🇸🇪 Photographer 🇸🇪 Based in Stockholm, Sweden 🌎Ready to travel the world

Does this count as being properly barreled? Maybe @kellyslater could tell us what he thinks if he’s not too busy with his @officialflatearthsociety friends? 🤷‍♂️ 📷 @nampramos

When traveling to the Arctic Circle in winter time, you’d hope to witness the Aurora Borealis in full swing. Unfortunately, this time we weren’t that lucky with the weather and it rained pretty much all the time except this one night where we got to see a small demonstration. Yet, this is nothing compared to how beautiful and powerful it can really be. 📷 @nampramos

Strandvägen, Stockholm, Sweden is one of the prettiest streets in Scandinavia. A must do when visiting Stockholm, especially on a sunny day like this. From here you can catch several boats that will take you to the archipelago. 📷 @nampramos

How fantastic is Stockholms’s underground system?! Each station is totally different than the other and many of them can make you feel like you have just entered a different planet 👽 Shot on Sony A7RIII 1/8 f/5.6 📷 @nampramos

This metro station in Stockholm could very well be called HELL CENTRUM but don’t worry, it’s just Solna Centrum and the world isn’t (yet) ending. 📷 @nampramos

Stockholm underground is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city, especially during winter time, when it’s cold outside and relatively warm inside each station. You won’t freeze your hands and you’ll be able to see numerous examples of art spread all over the many stations that make Stockholm’s metro system. @visitstockholm 📷 @nampramos

Are you an ice skater? 🥶❄️😎

It’s hard to believe how different Stockholm becomes during the Winter vs. Summer. What’s your favorite: Winter ❄️ or Summer ☀️?

I don’t know why the last time I shared a B&W photo was in 2017, especially since I like it more than color. This one was taken on the 12th February 2018 in New Zealand’s South Island. @purenewzealand

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