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Pardon Me  Warning: Kpop Virus⚠️ BTS are fallen angels Say the name! Seventeen!! Noodel noodle🍜 Hoshiwoozi 🌸

I'm literally angry at everyone and everything right now.
Most bcs of school.
I just love this picture, and his glasses, beautiful💜

Hopes that everything will go well for Minghao, get better Minghao❤️

Yes I'm alive.
Ate pizza with some friends yesterday, I couldn't sit there for 3 seconds without laughing but then I got depressed and blamed my pizza.

Fluffy haiiir!!
@seokjinhugs just hyped over Vernon to much, I'm dying.

Why is this so cute? And his hair, it's so beautiful🎀
I think someone will rage on me after this post.. Hehe

I know someone who loves him, you're welcome.
Can everyone just sit down and take a moment and just look at this photo, look at that fluffy hair!!

FDDCXCVJCDDSRF.. I can't, help, to cute💝

Good morning sunshine!
I guess that I'll post Vernon pictures (to trigger @seokjinhugs ) later or I'll post The8 pictures 🍭

Hello hello, I'm awake at 4:00AM woo(zi)hoo!
And of course more pictures of my beauty Joshua

He just killed me, I can't anymore. Precious Joshua💘💘

How can someone be so cute? Help, I'm dying..💖

Gonna post some pictures of my beautiful boy Joshua💓

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