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i luv joob  Ocean, desert, the world. Everything is the same thing. 151114 ♡ 함께

preach it geoffrey

happy lunar new year everyone! ♡

why he gotta b so fine for

not to be that person but me too if you know what im saying

uM YES!? thank you!? i love you!? you’re amazing, beautiful, and talented and i’m so proud of you !?!? and i love his signature one closed eye cover by finger™️ thing

wow i love stanning, they look so badass

i’m late but wow i’m so in love with joon, the way he corrected himself and his cute lil embarrassed giggles !!! i’m happysad

this has been a sad & rough day in many ways but we, as people, persevere nevertheless. gn everyone, stay safe and take care of yourselves

i miss

love is shown to us in many ways, some ways we may not even realize there is love behind it. i hope you find love or show love to someone or something today, or at least appreciate what love we have already been shown. someone loves you even if you don’t know it. take care guys ♡

y’all chloe kim is so cute and so empowering, the youngest female to win gold on half pipe like that’s amazing. im not even into snow boarding but watching her snowboard was just unbelievable. it takes all your guts and all the courage and strength you can muster to do what she did. just so empowering. i love it.

just curious, what’s the longest time you binge watched something and what was it?

a worldwide cutie !!

doki doki ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

i wonder if the cake actually smashed into joons face

happy anniversary to the release of one BTS’ best mvs and songs. this song (and overall ynwa album) has touched my heart in ways that no other song could so thank you for that.

i am loving the asian representation in this year’s winter olympic athletics. it makes me feel so proud? my race is: thriving !!

hello everyone

i love the sound of the card packs opening in superstar ugh anywqys goodnight ♡

hey world, i miss joon and his singing voice is beautiful. it’s no alicia keys but it still deserves appreciation bc we all know he’s more comfortable w rapping and he tries his best to put out a good vocal quality. also gil is a beautiful song and i think it is the epitome of what debut bts represented, their uncertainty and their hope for the future of being idols, and wow look where they are now. they make me so so proud.
cr. sugamilky

oh hey look! i’m in love with namjoon!

lmao it looks like he was confused for a sec and then realized oh it’s one of my fan sites and then was all :)
cr. probablytaehyung

im just saying stuff but it’s amazing to see what inspiration can do to a person...or a glimmer of hope. maybe that’s why people look up to people who are hopeful. when hope is gone you find yourself looking up to someone who you know will take on a challenge. we all can’t be motivational people so if you do see someone like that maybe give them credit cause it’s hard to be positive nowadays. anyways, i hope that you guys have someone you can look up to in your life ♡

when he started fluffing his hair i got so soft ugh

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