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Namirah Abdullah 🎀  ⭐ Hi,draw fashions is my passion @namirahabdullah • If you repost,kindly credit me 😊 • Business : • Youtube Channel : 👇🏻

Tudungrufflewonderaya2019 ❤️ I bet this Aidilfitri collections will become trends again! 😍 Thank you kak @nononesss for having me. Mira harap akak akan terus kuat & tabah mengukir nama dalam industri fashion Malaysia and international one day! Mira tahu akak boleh! Good luck akak and Tudungruffle team 😘 Love you 💕

Shoutout to all Medical teams all around Malaysia. Get this pretty planner and Pocket Money ❤️😃

Jeans Jacket with a bundle of roses, Yeah why not 😁Something about this illustration: Mira cuba apply natural look, with nude peach eyeshadow and light matte pink lipstick. ( swipe to feel like a runway )
#namirahsketches #fashionblogger #fashionillustration #hijabstyle #illustrator #malaysia #girlboss #fashion #jeans #flowery #hautecouture

This illustration inspired by @xolovelyayana , She's an annnngeeeelllll ✨ Pretty, soft spoken and smart 😍*I could make an essay to praise her. Okay okayyy..let's change topic, I saw in pinterest @marchesafashion 2015 runway collection and totally love all the details embroidery and silhouette. All the model looked like an angel walking in runway😻 and so i takes risk sketching in this version with @xolovelyayana pretty face. What do you thinks?
Should i make another attempt again 😂 I hope @xolovelyayana tak marah i lukis her like this.
#namirahsketches #fashionillustration #malaysianartist #fashionillustrator #hijabista #hijabstyle #fashion #marchesa

Mira selalu berangan nak pakai dress macamni, But you know how much it's cost right? Either buy it from designer or custom with local designer. I love to dreaming wearing pretty, fancy dress and attend any special events. * i draw things that i love and wish to have it.
Like recently rizalman x zalora fashion shows, All hail to king @rizalman71 for magnificent show! 😍
Back to this illustration,
Obviously girls it's spring time and i will sketch more flowers dress. Please don't get bored ya 😂
( zoom to see more details ) Playing with different brushes in photoshop totally exciting and i can keep on practicing my art style 😊
#namirahsketches #floraldress #fashionillustration #fashionillustrator #malaysia #hijabista

Spring collection is killing me! Semua flowery dress mira nak lukis😍
Saya perlu banyak bertenang, and take a deep breath. .
#namirahsketches #fashionillustrations

Cause it's spring time now! Let's draw pretty flowering dresses, starting with this one😄
Tell me which one your favorite? Kiri atau Kanan,love😍
#namirahsketches #fashionillustration #hijabista #fashion

Always wanted to draw red eyeliner (zoom to look )with cherry look 🍒What do you think about this look? Ok tak?

Finally finish this gal!
This file illustration been neglected since last year. Achievement for today! 😂
As artists, bila rasa inspired gila mesti excite nk lukis in one time. Bila energy slowly drain, click save! and Esok buat kerja lain😅Lepastu file tu terdampar kesepian. .
I'm happy today! This illustration inspired by @vieshantiekhan dress, Bollywood theme❤️ Adorable yet classy.
#fashionillustration #hijabfashion #namirahsketches

Congratulations for 1 Milion @muabellaz 😍 Hampa!
Semoga terus memberi inspirasi pada wanita-wanita & #happyinternationalwomenday🌹 .
#fashionillustration #hijabfashion #namirahsketches #muabellaz

wish to wear yellow suits!
😍 .
Plain or Stripe lovelies?
#namirahsketches #fashionillustration #suitwomen #hijabfashion

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