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As a rule, I don't particularly like the beach. The sand is a pain, it gets everywhere and burns your feet. The water chafes, burns your eyes and throat and makes me ill. I know I do seem to complain a lot but my dislike for the beach will probably never go away. However, if it's with the right people and it's the right time, I suppose it can be enjoyable.

A few days ago I was messing around in the art room and found a cardboard gun someone had made as an art project from cardboard, in my head I thought nothing of it, a prop, I hadn't grown up around guns so I didn't have a moment of fear. I called over one of my friends, she'd moved over from America sometime last year and I showed it to her, again, thinking nothing of it. She thought I'd pulled a gun on her and the fear on her face was heartbreaking. This was in a situation with no harm intended, though no warning or such previous. So imagine the fear flowing through people when they get an email or see on social media that somewhere that is supposed to be a safe space for learning and nourishment is being threatened by some fuckwit with a gun who thinks that because he's got some form of mental illness (or not, depends who you ask. Professionals or the shooters' upper class white family) he's got some right to take away a life. Lives. Plural. Seventeen people have been confirmed dead, that's seventeen families where a young, growing, leaning individual has been stripped away. Seventeen holes in the lives of the people around them. Seventeen people stripped of their right to live. Someone's right to live far outweighs your right to own a gun, especially when when the amendment was put down the weapon of choice was a single shot musket. Get your shit together America or your country will turn into the wasteland everywhere else already thinks it is.

I can't remember when this was however it was a good day

I think this is from the last time I did the markets in Ferny Grove? I kind of miss the people I did it with and it was always great to go back to a place I used to live and see how everything changed - it was really weird driving past my old primary school. I remember I once saw someone I thought was someone I used to know but panicked and didn't try to talk to them which is something I really regret because I miss all of my old friends (except those who are now probably hoeing around). But now I spend my weekends waking people (including myself) the fuck up with coffee, so I suppose it's still a good deal.

Sorry I keep stealing your fan, it's just the sun is a bitch
//this photo isn't as half as good as I'd hoped it'd be but I still like it//

Dear the person who snuck a letter into my school bag today,
Thank you. I had an awfully horrible day and it really really meant a lot to me. I have an idea in my head of who you may be but I fear that may just be wishful thinking - though all the signs are there. I have neither the confidence or faith in myself to ask privately so this is me waving back.

this morning was pretty shit to be honest. i woke up late, my room's mess, I missed my bus, I forgot to water mum's plants, the bus timetables changed and I barely made it to school on time. jesus fuck, negative nancy. well I mean, it's good to get shit out. if this account ends up a desert island because I'm annoying people well oh well. I can live with rejection.

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