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Not my usual posts, but please read.😊
To All My Friends,
On the occasion of my 19th birthday, I would like to speak up my mind and share the year that just faded away to give birth to the new one. It feels like just a moment ago, when I celebrated my 18th birthday…..just kidding, this year was awfully long because of my board examinations. As I begin living the first day of the last year of my teenage life, I look up to the one just gone by – look up to all the important β€˜life’ lessons I learned, think about all the beautiful moments which made my heart beat faster. I play back the memories which have kept my heart captive until now, even though they come to me in flashes and in blurry visions, as if in a dream. This was the year when the long journey of my school life came to an end. And along with it, ended the pleasure of wearing those boring blue uniforms, ended the fun I used to have in tackling my friends in football matches or the way I loved to wait for some of them early in the morning at the school’s entrance. And the saddest of them all, it ended up the friendships that I thought would last for years and years to come. And even though I didn’t like school much – they were the people I kept dear to my heart and will keep on holding them in the same place. This was also the year when I stopped being β€˜me’ and became someone I didn’t recognize – an insensitive, egoistic and a selfish person. But let’s cut to the good things. This was the year when I crossed out one item from my bucket list and completed my first book which I was hoping to write from the past three years. This was the year I began focusing on my poetry again and gained the unexpected love and support. (thanks to you.) This was the year when a bunch of people told me that I inspired them, in one way or another. This was also the year when I stepped into college and met a dozen of lovely people which made my college a beautiful place to be in. This was the year when I faced some hardest choices and went from being good to bad and then somehow, turning out okay. And lastly, on my 19th birthday, there is a gift I ask from some of my friends. (Continued In Comments)

I have been studying Greek literature at college. So I came upon the story of Icarus.
Icarus was a Greek Mythological figure who had wings of feather and wax. He was in love with the Sun (or we just assume that for the sake of this poem) and dared to fly too close to the Sun, which eventually became the reason for his destruction.😊 [Icarus] - Naman Meena
Self Composed Poetry #177
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And Keep Smiling, You're Beautiful!❀
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