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Destinee NikonNala  Shooter.. Photography📷📸📷📸 @NalaOptics Just a masterpiece... trying to master peace #NalaOptics

This little girl and her family would like to thank everyone for their prayers and positive vibes. Since March she's had a abnormally large knot on the back of her head that wouldn't go away and we found out (after 3 different doctors) that it was a cyst on her skull that could have resulted from range of things (as simple as fat build up, to even a cancer tumor) We scheduled for surgery and honestly for months I stressed and cried cause my baby can't really express on if she was in pain or not, and how we could even afford paying off the procedure. But as sure as I am standing here texting this, on Sunday I felt her head and that cyst was completely GONE y'all!! I just received confirmation from her surgeon that surgery is no longer needed!!! Like I'm so happy I cried. Amen

When I tell you... I found a new happiness.... I strive for satisfaction... This is why I love it

My dear I love and miss you so... you've grown wise and become so handsome. honestly I can't count how many times I've cried because I had to go through life without you. No matter what you always knew how I feel or what I needed to hear. You kept me in line when I was young and dumb by mere words over the phone, And you never had an issue handling ANY problems I couldnt solve on my own. Happy birthday big brother. I LOVE YOU Lemar

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Issa FULL course meal....


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